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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

N06, Gun toting Green

The Illinois Green Party has qualified for the ballot. Rich Whitney is the candidate for governor. His running mate is Julie Samuels of Oak Park who ran against Rep. Calvin Giles two years ago.

Apparently Whitney is open to Illinois passing a conceal carry law. And this really frosts some liberal Democrats, like Bridget Dooley of Bridget in the Sixth (new the to blogroll).

As a strictly calculating political move it's approximately the same coalition that Sen. Meeks was trying to assemble for his indepedent run for governor. Attract liberals who want to act forcefully on school funding issues and anti-establishment Right Wingers who have been pried away from the Dems on social issues, like abortion and gun control.

The main reason given for gun control is to reduce crime, right? Now that we have a history of implementing some incremental gun control policies we have data to evaluate these policies.

My take is that gun control laws that cannot be shown to reduce crime should be repealed. Conceal carry--whether you like it or not--seems to reduce crime.


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