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Proviso Probe

Friday, September 01, 2006

N06, what candidates should Proviso Probe invite?

I'd like to invite candidates running in the November election to make statements on Proviso Probe.

What races are most important to you?

Below is the draft letter I'd send candidates. In addition to posting candidate responses, I'd invite them to take questions from the audience. I plan to require questions include the questionners name and village.

Dear Candidate,

You are invited to participate to Proviso Probe, a blog covering Proviso Township happenings, including politics. The site receives over 9,000 hits per month and is read by most local politicians and activists. The blog is one year old and traffic continues to increase.

The amount you contribute is up to you.

Proviso Probe invites you to answer the following questions.

1. What personal connection do you have to Proviso Township?
2. What have you already done for Proviso Township and the people who live there in your career (life)?
3. If elected, how will you make a difference in the lives of Proviso residents?
4. For what goals should voters hold you accountable? For example, about what can you say, “If I don’t accomplish ____ then voters should replace me at the next election”?

If you are willing, I can create a thread for the Proviso Probe audience to suggest questions. You and your campaign can then answer these questions posed by local voters.

BTW, the Green statewide slate has qualified for the ballot.
The Illinois State Board of Elections, operating in its capacity as the Illinois State Officers Electoral Board, has just ruled unanimously, 8-0, to place the Green Party state slate on the November, 2006 general election ballot. September 1 is the certification deadline, so our candidates will be duly certified tomorrow.

Phil Huckelberry
Co-Chair, Illinois Green Party


  • 1.Duckworth and Roskam
    2.Bean and MkSweeny
    3.Kirk and his afircan-american opponent
    4.Garza and Dart
    5.Blago and Topinka
    6.Peraica and Stroger

    By Anonymous let's hear them, at 4:23 PM, September 01, 2006  

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