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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BLOG, House rules

This entry will be modified as I modify the rules.

1. You need to post under a name. It can be a pseudonym, but I will delete "anonymous" comments.
2. I will use codes in the titles of entries.
3. Don't attack people with stuff that's personal, like their sex life, unless it is in some way relevant to their public persona. Just because you disapprove of a sexual practice, like infidelity, doesn't make it relevant.
4. Don't make personal attacks based on rumors alone.
5. When quoting someone, link to the original. And use no more than 10% of the original document. You can quote gov't records in full.


  • Hey Carl:

    What gives? I posted something on the 28th in the afternoon but tonight it wasn't on there. I saw it this afternoon.

    By Blogger thisisahoot, at 10:18 PM, March 28, 2006  

    P.O. Box 1086
    Wheaton, IL 60189-1086

    Press Release
    Contact: Raymond Bartels
    Phone: (630) 424-8851

    WHEATON, IL, APRIL 4, 2007: The Illinois Prairie Path not-for-profit corporation's Annual Earth Day Trail Cleanup will be held on Saturday, April 28th, 2007 starting at 9:00AM, rain or shine. Start times are flexible and adjusted per city, village and trail section. We are asking for your help by rolling up your sleeves and picking up litter along these trails. Bring friends and family (and garbage bags to fill) on Saturday, April 28th. Start times are flexible and adjusted per city, village and trail section. There are 62 miles of trails in DuPage, Kane and Cook Counties watched over by The Illinois Prairie Path not-for-profit corporation. To participate in the cleanup please contact Raymond Bartels at 630-424-8851 or e-mail Rbartel399@comcast.net

    For more information about The Illinois Prairie Path not-for-profit corporation and our year-round activities which support the trails by keeping them safe, natural and clean, check out our website: www.ipp.org

    By Anonymous The Illinois Prairie Path not-for-profit-corporation, at 3:19 PM, April 04, 2007  

  • new at this -- not sure if I've 'commented' repeatedly w/same comment.
    Anyway: Could No. 2 in this list of guidelines be a typo? It just does not seem to fit with the spirit of the other guidelines:
    I'm not sure I can describe all the ways comments can be disrespectful, but here's a partial list.
    1.No talk of people's sex lives, unless there is direct connection with professional duties
    2.Do discuss people's bodies
    3.Don't discuss medical conditions, including mental health issues, except in cases where mental health is central to the story (e.g. Westchester case and Hubert Thompson)
    4.Do not engage in name calling and insults
    5.Do not attribute motivations you can't know

    By Blogger ll-schmidt, at 3:53 PM, May 08, 2007  

  • The New Broadview Tea Party would like to know why the structure located at the North East corner of 17th Avenue and Roosevelt in Broadview, formerly Hollywood Video, is still an eyesore to the community ! On February 2, 2009, at the Broadview Board meeting, the question was asked then and the response given by the Mayor was "The owner was having permit issues to demolish and that has all been resolved now. The property will be demolished and cleaned within a week." This was over 2 weeks ago and no action has been taken yet. Whats going on?

    By Blogger New Broadview Tea Party, at 11:13 AM, February 19, 2009  

  • The New Broadview Tea Party made a report to the Broadview Police department that the street lights along Roosevelt Road, West of 17th avenue were not on. This problem has existed for quite some time now and concerned residents view this as a major safety issue.
    God forbid someone gets mugged, robbed or killed in this area. Who will take the responsibility if something like this should happen? When questioned, the Broadview Building Department pointed the finger at Public Works. Public Works is without direction currently due to the Director's recent resignation. The Mayor stated that the reason its been so long to repair is because they want to make sure they find exactly whats causing the short in the wiring. Does it take this long? How many village employees does it take to change a light bulb? And how long does it take? Concerned residents want to know!

    By Blogger New Broadview Tea Party, at 11:18 AM, February 19, 2009  

  • There have been stories about harrassment from the Village of Broadview to local residents campaigning for the April 7, 2009 election. The New Broadview Tea Party, headquarters located at 1707 W. Roosevelt Road have been harrassed for a window covering. Broadview's building department should get familiar with the code that they are trying to quote. This code has restrictions on outside signs and yard signs, not a window covering ! Spend your time serving the community instead of harrasing good citizens trying to run a clean campaign to make positive change in the Broadview community !

    By Blogger New Broadview Tea Party, at 11:25 AM, February 19, 2009  

  • Last week, I was informed that Westchester Library Trustee, Eleanor Cervan, was serving on the Library Board, but not a resident of Westchester. She bought a condo in Hinsdale in April of 2008.

    I verified her residence through public records of the property transfer. I also fouind her phone listing at her Hinsdale address.

    I notified the Westchester Library Director, Ruth McCrank, of the situation and stated I had proof that Ms Cerven was NOT a resident of Westchester.

    Within minutes, I received a reply that Ms. Cerven was no longer a trustee and that the position was vacated.

    They didn't remove her from the Board until they were caught.

    My question is, why did the Director and other Board members allow her to serve?

    They absolutely knew she moved. They attempted to deliver documents to her Westchester address and found someone else living there.

    Can they be brought up on any charges for allowing it?

    Are the votes Ms. Cerven cast while she was a non-resident binding?

    Who do I report this to?

    By Anonymous Legal Beagle in Westchester, at 10:22 PM, February 25, 2009  

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