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Proviso Probe

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

N06, meet Todd Stroger TONIGHT

The Proviso Democratic Organization is hosting Ald. Todd Stroger tonight at 7 PM.

Stroger is now claiming he's a "Bill Clinton Democrat" according to Chicago Tribune (Mickey Ciokajlo).
Stroger promised to outline his positions in a number of areas in the coming weeks, including health care, public safety, property-tax relief, social justice and domestic violence. He started Tuesday with a proposal to broaden the powers of the county's inspector general because "we need to restore people's faith in government."

What's it mean to you to be a "Bill Clinton Democrat"?


  • Bill Clinto Democrat ? What, Toddler? Bill Clinton is first a self made man, who came from a trailer park and succeeded,first by achieving outstanding success in his education endevours, such as attending Georgetown and Oxfard, then poltically winning twice for Governor of Arkansas.
    He also was defeated after his first term as Governor, and came back won the seat again to prove he desire to succeed. For a Democrat to be Governor of Arkansas he compromised many current Democrat ideals and basically was more a moderate Republican than a Democrat!
    His presidency was the begining of the dismantaling of the FDR legacy of a saeftynet for Americans, and he was the big corporations man, and he sold there BS to the poor and working class,along with NAFTA, and basically created the building blocks for DUBYA to finally srew the middle class!!!!
    As a democrat I look for one who wants to be an FDR democrat,who looks out for the poor and middle class and makes sure the corporations don't rob us blind!!!!
    Mr. Stroger you have just lost my vote!!!

    By Anonymous FDR DEMOCRAT, at 3:19 PM, September 06, 2006  

  • Mr. Stroger you have my vote!

    By Blogger welch_is_an_ass, at 10:32 PM, September 06, 2006  

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