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Sunday, September 03, 2006

PO-PO, fired Northlake cop in trouble again [NL]

Daily Herald (Christine Byers):
During an interview, [Claudia] Murphy admitted she was fired from Northlake for being "argumentative and disrespectful," but later was allowed to resign after a legal battle....

Elgin's fire and police commissioners voted Thursday to fire Officer Claudia Murphy after receiving a memo from the police chief wrought with incidents of misconduct - including the mistreatment of an Elgin couple in June.

[UPDATE: Courier News (Nathaniel Zimmer):
The city's board of fire and police commissioners was not "fully apprised" of the employment background of Officer Claudia Murphy before she was hired last year, officials said Wednesday.

[What constitutes an appropriate background check for a police officer who has served with other departments?]


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