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Sunday, September 03, 2006

N06, Dick Simpson on Peraica and Stroger

Sun-Times (Dick Simpson):
There is actually a race for Cook County Board president in the fall. This is the first election a Republican could win since Richard Ogilvie was elected 40 years ago....

Why should Stroger be ducking debates if he is qualified for the office and has positive plans, programs and a platform? Maybe he thinks the patronage precinct captains can still deliver the election for him and he doesn't have to have a platform or debate.

I thought some about the 1,300 people hired after John Stroger had his stroke. Would John Stroger have hired them?

If the answer is "no", what does this mean about Todd Stroger's candidacy? Does it mean that Todd Stroger will act as even less of a restraint to members of the bureaucracy helping themselves than his father was? Will senior members of the county government walk all over Todd Stroger?

[UPDATE: Earlier in the week CBS2 (Mike Parker) had a story titled, "Democrats May Ask Stroger To Step Aside". I suppose if it's fair to run these kind of stories against Alexi Giannoulias, it's fair to run them against Todd Stroger.]


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