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Thursday, September 07, 2006

N06, Glenn Harris GOP state rep candidate died [8TH REP]

Wednesday Journal:
Glenn Harris, a three-time candidate for 8th District state representative, died this past weekend. Harris, 47, was a Chicago resident and Republican opponent for the 8th District seat, which covers portions of Oak Park. Harris was set to challenge Democratic opponent LaShawn Ford in the November election.

The district also covers North Riverside and Forest Park south of Roosevelt.

A couple comments on the article.

Since the Greens have a ballot qualified candidate and LaShawn Ford of Chicago is not the incumbent, wasn't Harris running against both Ford and Nathan Paul Helsabeck of Oak Park?

How do you feel about the line, "Harris' autopsy results awaited a toxicology report"? Doesn't this imply Harris died of a drug overdose, suicide or poisoning? Unless the paper has reason to believe these are the causes of death, wouldn't it be better to write, "Harris' autopsy results awaited lab results"?

I don't know, but it seems like a thorough autopsy would include more lab tests than toxicology if the cause of death was truly unknown.

[UPDATE: Oak Leaves (Chris LaFortune) explains Harris will not be replaced on the ballot. The Republicans missed the deadline.]


  • Thanks for pointing out that I am also on the ballot. I have thought about calling the Wednesday Journal about it, but didn't want to seem petty in the wake of such sad news. It is interesting though that I have not seen any other coverage of Mr. Harris' passing.

    The 8th does include North Riverside, part of Riverside, the southern section of Oak Park (where I live), 4 Wards of Austin, a small section of Forest Park, and North Berwyn.

    Please keep us informed if you hear anything else about Mr. Harris.


    By Blogger Nathan Helsabeck, at 8:22 AM, September 08, 2006  

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