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Friday, July 11, 2008

Westchester Fest

Anyone go to Westchester Fest 2008. How is it? Was it?



  • This years Westchester Fun Fest has experienced tremendous changes.
    Under the Casey,Fox,Bielman and Boyle regime,led by Carl Goldsmith,the budget was over estended by at least $20,000 thanks to Carl's insistance in getting rid of Westchester electrician's(who do charity work and offer low bids) to hiring his buddies who overcharged and could'nt even provide electricity!
    Fox and Casey,along with their stooges(Carl Goldsmith,Boyle and Bielman) have in less then two years ,have broken every promise made to voters and have shown us that for them ,CHANGE is about there cronies getting contracts and services not being rendered!!!
    I could'nt believe my eyes when I saw Fox,Casey,Bielman and Boyle walking around the fest with there politician buddies from Maywood!

    By Anonymous Can't believe it, at 8:26 PM, July 13, 2008  

  • Carl,if you can allow me to please make a few points about the current political problems in my beloved Westchester,I would appreciate it.
    Since the election of Casey,Boyle, and Fox in Westchester,in which the promised everyone postive changes for our village and its residents,up until today I and others are still waiting to see the "promised changes"!
    I believe that Casey,Boyle and especially Fox decieved the voters and residents with their false promises and have instead governed this village with their style of cronyism and corruption.
    If one was abreast of their promises,of new development,better schools and roads and services,one would see that nothing of the matter has occured or is even being considered!
    If one would read there campaign literature and see what they have done ,you would immediately see the lies.
    They said they would work and not allow "The village should also take a long, hard look at its zoning and perhaps create even more zoning categories to guarantee it gets the kind of boost it desires from this economic road map.
    Dollar stores, hair salons and nail shops going into prime retail space, such as has happened in Broadview and other towns, has to be avoided."
    But yet the only new bussinesses in town have been nail salons and hair salons!
    Fox,Casey and Boyle also stated if elected they would stop paying a lobbyist for the Westchester-Broadview Water agency,"agency – which is funded through your water fees – has chosen to spend $30,000 on a lobbyist. Perhaps as interesting or more – another $15,000 was budgeted for conferences!"
    but yet continue to pay for it now.
    I have lost all confidence in the words of these three charlatans and will work to defeat them in there next election!
    Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Anthropologist Margaret Mead

    By Anonymous the ryan's, at 8:16 PM, July 15, 2008  

  • Westchester has experienced many changes since my wife and I made it our home 24 years ago. Throughout those changing times we have invested all that is important to us right here in Westchester. We are raising our three school aged children here in Westchester. We have become active participants in our community,in our church,in the Chamber of Commerce and of the P.T.A. and Boy and Girl Scouts. We have also invested financially in Westchester .
    Much progress has been made in our village and I am proud to have been part of that progress. However, with progress also comes a need for change. The time has again come for a change of leadership at the highest level in Westchester.
    As the inappropriate activities,actions and relationships forged by our current Trustees Fox,Bielkman,Boyle and Casey with the Village Manager there actions continue to negatively affect our village both financially and from a public perception point of view, the residents of Westchester need to know that they will soon have a choice; old school political business as usual or new school back to basics public service based on one simple principle, ethics. I hope that the voters and residents of Westchester can change there behavior by voting for others who can offer us the latter. That will be our choice in 2009 and I hope you chose the latter.
    Our village is under siege by self-serving special interests in the form of do nothing consultants being given no-bid contracts,Lobbyists, campaign contributors looking for political favor and getting it and developers being handed quick, high-density profit at the expense of and with no consideration to the long-term effects on our community(Westchester Prairie). Infamous political power brokers from outside and inside our community only looking to feed themselves and their friends at our public trough are here in abundance. Unfortunately for Westchester, our political majority lead by Casey,Fox,Boyle and Bielkman have welcomed them all in and placed their needs, greed and special interests over the best interest, wants and needs of our community. This must, and will change with the election of good,honest,inidivudals who care about the community, not about only a few inidivuduals
    I believe in good government, honest government, fair government and above all, ethical government. No entity or inidivudual or family should be have any entitlement because of whom they know. We will not bury our head in the sand and claim ignorance about who is really making all the decisions in our village as our trusttees have. We should make the Mayor and ALL the trustees be accountable to the residents of this village, not those(Carl Goldsmith) who are telling the trustees what decisions to make.
    There has been a complete failure of leadership and an inability to direct this village and it’s financial resources away from all that are bad with government today. The corrupting influence of certain inidividuals has created a class of professional politician whose primary concern is to maintain their power. Rick Fox and Casey are leading by example. In order to fully accomplish this goal, I believe we need the village hall meetings telecasted, as well as a formal review on our Village manager's handling of this years Fun Fest!Also the other point is, why do we need to pay for a lobbyist for the water agency?Mr. Fox,Casey and Goldsmith need to explain why all the inaccuracies .
    I can no longer believe Mr. Fox,casey,Boyle or Bieklman, since everything he promised to do if elected he has reneged and not done!
    Unless someone can convince me my impression of our trustees Foz,Casey,Bieklman and Boyle and Goldsmith, for whom I voted for, is that he Lied not only to me but to Westchester. Fox,Casey and Boyle, I and westchester can't trust you, or can't trust what you say!

    By Anonymous Westchester resident, at 8:28 PM, July 15, 2008  

  • Carl, I heard that there's petitions going around Westchester to change there form of Goverment from a Village Manager form to a strong Mayor form.
    Seems to me like a great idea,since Westchester seems to be going the way of Maywood!

    By Anonymous what is going on, at 8:31 PM, July 15, 2008  

  • Carl do you remember when Rick Fox and Casey promised to televise Westchester Board meetings on local TV? What has happenend with that?Did Fox and Casey lie to the public and voters again???

    By Anonymous Fox and Casey lied again, at 6:16 AM, July 17, 2008  

  • I heard a large Credit Union wanted to buy the old McDonald Building on Roosevelt Rd. ,but Carl Goldsmith gave them such a hard time that they decided to go to Broadview and bought another property and are investing $2 million dollars into there new property in Broadview.
    Thanks Carl, and also thanks to Rick Fox,Casey,Bieklman and Boyle for holding out for another NAIL SALON!NOT!
    Also I heard Trustee Bieklman's son destroyed a village truck,but neither Carl Goldsmith,Ricky Fox,Casey,Boyle or Bieklman thought it was important to annouce what had hapened.I wonder how much this will cost the taxapyers in Westchester???

    By Anonymous Casey and Fox lied again, at 6:25 AM, July 18, 2008  

  • The worst Westchester fun fest of all time,was this year.Everyone was lost and no leadership in the running of the event.People were commenting how poorly run was the fest this year.
    Who was in charge?

    By Anonymous Worst fun fest this year, at 6:27 AM, July 18, 2008  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 11:25 AM, July 19, 2008  

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