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Saturday, June 28, 2008

baby birds squeak for money in Maywood

On Thursday, June 26, Cook County Board President Todd Stroger and Maywood Village President Henderson Yarbrough led a meeting that had the nominal subject of community violence. The cynical perspective of the meeting would be to say that county employees were preening to justify their jobs and a number of community members were asking for money for their own ideas about how to reduce violence.

Almost all the discussions about violence concentrated on youth violence. Proviso Township, which includes Maywood, already spends vast money on its children. We have this program called the public schools.

The public schools serving Maywood are horribly mismanaged. No amount of putting church ministers, deacons and local busybodies on payroll to implement “violence reduction programs” is going to change that the schools suck.

The Maywood community has consistently voted to put corrupt people in charge of the schools. And these elected officials have provided jobs and contracts for their cronies while neglecting education for students.

What sort of message does this send to the community? If the community respected their own children they'd spend the money for educating the children on the children, not launder the money through contractors, including lawyers, to make the politically connected rich.

Many of the speakers thanked Stroger for getting their project money. And others kissed his ass just to suck up. Reverend Sampson said "God bless" and bowed to Stroger.

I think it's weird--and un-American--to treat public officials as royalty. The term I like is "public servants". The elected officials and the people they hire work for us. We don't have to prostrate ourselves for basic services. We, the citizens, elect them and pay the bills.

Along these lines, a woman called out that the county employees all got to speak before the citizens and wannabe county employees. (This is a feature of county meetings that is standard. The meetings are to present the perspective of county employees to the chumps who attend these meetings. The ordinary taxpayers are the last to speak.) As the woman observed, a large number of the county employees left before the actual citizens got to comment.

Feel free to discuss, comment or ask questions.

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