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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welch gets D209 to pay his legal bills

On Monday the Proviso Township High Schools (District 209) board of education approved paying over $22,000 in legal bills to the law firm representing board president Emanuel "Chris" Welch. Forest Park Review (Josh Adams) has the details.

There are seven members of the board of education. There are six votes in the block controlled by Welch and Eugene Moore. There is one member of the opposition: Theresa Kelly.

I know that a number of "Whites" who follow D209 matters are suspicious of Kelly. They argue that she's just like the political hacks running the district; the difference is that she's not on their team.

Kelly deserves credit for being on the board of education and raising issues. If Kelly didn't get elected in 2007, the Welch-Moore block could conceivably have a 7-0 majority.

Being in a 6-1 minority is a lonely place. And Kelly could have just given up. Instead she keeps reading the information presented to board members and she keeps asking questions.

Illinois law prohibits school board members from being compensated for their service. Also, they are supposed to spend the taxpayer's money educating students, not paying their personal legal bills.

While Welch's behavior was almost assuredly illegal, let's not overlook the board members who voted with Welch. Are they clueless?

Also, the Forest Park Review article shows what a toady Libka is.
Superintendent Robert Libka said he did not question Welch's attempt to pass the expense on to taxpayers, but said after the meeting that Kelly's argument against paying the bill merits a second look. According to Libka and Kelly, Welch informed board members several weeks prior that he intended to seek reimbursement. With Kelly offering the only objections, Libka said he did not see a reason to disturb the apparent harmony on the matter.

"It seemed appropriate at the time," Libka said of reimbursing Welch's legal bills. "I probably have more questions now, but I still feel the same."

Go read the FPR article for further details.

Libka simultaneously claims paying Welch's legal bills seems appropriate because it was somehow related to his duties as a board member and that Libka didn't know the details of the case.

Here's a quick recap.

Welch was blogging anonymously as Proviso Insider.

Proviso Insider accused attorney Mark Sterk, of Odelson and Sterk, a firm that had respresented D209 in the past, of counseling Melrose Park police officers to obstruct justice.

Sterk filed a defamation suit against Proviso Insider. See this Proviso Probe entry for a starting point.

Libka's explanation for paying the personal legal bills of a school board member shows that the man is ignorant of the law and just a go-between. When Libka is speaking on issues of import he's a wind-up toy given words by the board president.

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  • WOW! About time Welch and his board of dummies,along with Libka get caught with there hands in the candy jar!
    The sad part is that neither the State Board of Education,The Cook County State Attorney's office, Lightford or Yarbrough or Charlie Flowers will do nothing! It's just spininng our wheels.I wonder if Charles Flowers will do the right thing and remove this 209 board from there duties due to derliction of duties? I bet, Flowers won't do anything because he is more interested in cutting deals with Welch and Moore, so he can keep his job!

    By Anonymous Kelly busted Welch, at 8:20 PM, June 18, 2008  

  • I hear ya Carl. Chris Welch is an absolutely dispicable character who has solidified his rank as the most incompetent, cowardly and hands down, the worst District 209 board president ever!

    He needs to trade in his presidency for a jail cell.

    By Anonymous Welch is the worst president ever!, at 9:59 AM, June 19, 2008  

  • anywho said:
    Perhaps the board members listen to Mr. Welch's advice, since he is a school attorney. Does this mean Proviso Township High Schools will now pay any board member's personal legal fees? Maybe even legal fees of the staff... Is Proviso now liable for the settlement (if any) of Welch's personal lawsuit?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:02 AM, June 19, 2008  

  • How Does Chris Welch do it???
    I mean, this guy has pulled so much shenanigins at 209 that he makes Manzo and Cogliniese look like choir boys!
    I believe Welch does all his dirty work because of his supporters,especially Brian "dumb as rocks" Cross and Danny Adams,who both vote as "their told"!
    Along with Bob Libka,whose career as a superintendent is an absolute joke, Welch and his concubines are guilty of stealing from the taxpayers and our childern.Let's hope the Feds say something about this latest caper from Welch's gang of thieves!

    By Anonymous Welch must give the money back, at 5:40 PM, June 19, 2008  

  • Where does one go to make a complaint about this? The states attorney or the attorney general? Is it advisable to go directly to the US Attorney? What can I do?

    By Anonymous Want to do the right thing, at 10:51 PM, June 19, 2008  

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