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Monday, January 21, 2008

the rumor about Sterk vs. Proviso Insider trial being soon is NOT true

There's a rumor circulating that the Sterk vs. Proviso Insider (aka Welch, E.C. & Robinson, E) will start imminently. I spoke to Mark Sterk Friday and he said this is not true. The trial is far enough in the future Sterk declined to give a specific estimate of when it would happen.

See Proviso Probe.

BTW, this what Proviso Insider originally wrote:
Will Odelson & Sterk Be Indicted Next???

Sources tell the Insider that Burt Odelson and Mark Sterk of Odelson & Sterk, Ltd law firm will be indicted next by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Sources tell the Insider that Mark Sterk was the attorney advising SD89 Board member Ric Cervone on how to lie to a grand jury. Sources also say Sterk was passing on fees for helping Cervone to Maywood SD89. According to sources close to the situation, all the parties involved knew the indictments were imminent, and the indictment is one of the reasons why Odelson & Sterk has been getting fired by all of their clients. In recent months, in order to help save face in numerous govermental entities, Odelson & Sterk has been fired by SD89, SD209, the Village of Oak Brook, the City of Berwyn, and many other places. Sources say Cook County Board President Todd Stroger will be the next to dump Odelson.

Are Burt Odelson and Mark Sterk crooks? Will they be indicted next?

Sterk has denied coaching Melrose Park police officers to lie to the grand jury and Proviso Insider backed-off the claim once it was challenged. Proviso Insider initially responded to the lawsuit by removing the defamatory claims. Now the updated entry has been removed.

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