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Friday, December 14, 2007

Forest Park cops uses say attorney as "Joey The Clown" Lombardo

Forest Park Review (Josh Adams) reports federally indicted Forest Park Police Sergeant Mike Murphy will be using an attorney famous for defending Joseph "Joey The Clown" Lombardo at the Family Secrets trial.

I'm outraged Murphy is on paid leave while being prosecuted. The Forest Park PD placed Sgt. Dan Harder on unpaid leave for a series of frivolous charges (the chief claimed Harder lied in a private phone conversation, Harder used the f-word and Harder took three Fridays as sick days in a relatively short period of time).

Cops know lots of attorneys or have access to lots of attorneys through their network of contacts. Doesn't it make Forest Park and Forest Park's political leadership (Mayor Anthony Calderone and Village Administrator Mike Sturino) look mobbed-up that Murphy connected with a high-powered mob attorney?

How many Assistant State's Attorneys has Murphy worked with in his career that are now doing private criminal defense work? A dozen? More? Why wouldn't Murphy use one of these defense attorneys?

It seems possible to me that some powerful people want to keep Murphy from being squeezed by the feds. Again, it kinda makes Forest Park look mobbed-up, especially since the leadership is paying Murphy to stay at home and do nothing keep his mouth shut.

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