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Monday, November 12, 2007

Westchester family seeks audition on Jerry Springer

Suburban Life (Ellyn Ong Vea) reports on the prosecution of a Westchester woman who had sex with her 15 year old step son when she was 25.

The back story is that the woman married a 34-year old man when she was 18.

What rubs me the wrong way about the Suburban Life article is that it comes off sympathetic to the father cuckolded by his son.

Leaving aside the law, is it creepier that a 25-year old woman has sex with her 15-year old stepson? Or that a 34-year old man with children marries an 18-year old?

If society is going to untangle these "Jerry Springer Show" cases, shouldn't it be in family court, not criminal court? Does it help the child to incarcerate the mother? Doesn't the State's Attorney have some dogfighting case to prosecute or something? Isn't there some Black guy beat up by some out-of-control police department who needs to be prosecuted for resisting arrest?

BTW, when the family does go on Jerry Springer the show has to include Mark King, the pastor who has custody of the baby. It's not completely explicit, but the article reads like King was the one who married the 34-year old guy and the 18-year old girl.

"Pastor Mark, do you think your premarital counseling was effective? Knowing what you know now, would you have married these two?"

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