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Friday, October 26, 2007

FP cop indicted for brutality against homeless Black man

The U.S. Attorney Northern Illinois District has indicted Forest Park Police Sgt. Mike Murphy for misconduct in beating a Black homeless man, Sidney Hooks. See Forest Park Review (Josh Adams):
According to Hooks' civil complaint filed in February 2004, Murphy arrived at the tail end of a police response in which two officers were attempting to determine whether Hooks was panhandling. The two other officers responding to the call were satisfied that an arrest was not necessary and explained as much to Murphy, the suit contends.

After walking approximately half a block from the scene, Hooks was allegedly apprehended by Murphy, who was exiting his squad car with pepper spray in-hand. Hooks was allegedly sprayed in the face and then struck repeatedly with a baton, resulting in a broken wrist. After being kicked and handcuffed, Hooks was transported to the police station where Murphy "dragged Mr. Hooks approximately 20 feet," according to the suit.

Murphy acted like a criminal. What did Forest Park Police Chief Jim Ryan do? What did State's Attorney Dick Devine do?

BTW, at least one supporter of Mayor Anthony Calderone is characterizing the prosecution as a castration. See Forest Park Forums. From the perspective of this Calderone supporter, I guess it's removing the intrinsic masculinity of "White" cops to hold them accountable for using pepper spray and a police baton against a Black man.

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  • I've read your comments on forestparkforums. I won't disagree that this report is disheartening and looks bad for the police department, I have to wonder why you keep harping on the racial element of this. Nowhere in the indictment does it indicate that race was a factor. Why your obsession with race? It seems like you're trying to pile on here by adding an aspect that so far does not exist.

    By Anonymous just wondering, at 11:18 PM, October 26, 2007  

  • i find it hard to believe race isn't relevant. of course, there may be some incidents i don't know about that lean that way, but it isn't likely. produce them, if there are. naturally there's a lot of silencing and denial around issues and facts of race in this race-stricken country.

    By Anonymous sadderandperhapslittlewiser, at 6:59 PM, October 27, 2007  

  • That's simply what leftists do. Carl is a leftists and also is charmed by racial overtones. It is some type of silly perversion he has. Keep on writing Carl

    By Anonymous Debbie, at 12:27 PM, October 28, 2007  

  • According to the Chicago Tribune, the indictment did make mention of race, it said that the investigation failed to show that race was a factor. I don't know what goes through the officer's mind any more than you do. Perhaps race was a factor in his mind. Point is, there's no proof of it, and it is irresponsible to assume that it was. And that is what Nyberg is doing, assuming race is a factor.

    By Anonymous just wondering, at 8:21 PM, October 28, 2007  

  • Has any explanation yet been offered concerning why that homeless man had come to Forest Park that day?

    Even if he had been caught panhandling, that would have been no excuse for beating him.

    But we should show at least as much compassion for that public servant as he should have shown for the homeless man.

    By Blogger chris miller, at 7:44 AM, November 08, 2007  

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