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Sunday, October 21, 2007

video details how Daley's organization uses clout

A Proviso Probe reader sent me a link to a video from the blog/video blog Chicago Clout. The video is titled, "Connecting the Dots Patrick McDonough" which isn't very self-explanatory.

McDonough is a whistleblower about corruption in City of Chicago contracting. If I followed the story correctly in the video, McDonough was the person who got the ball rolling in the Hired Truck Scandal.

The video portrays Sen. Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) as a politician who is being influenced by campaign contributions to vote against his constituent's interests.

The northwest portion of Harmon's Senate district included Bensenville. Bensenville is one of the communities that would be adversely affected if O'Hare Airport were expanded.

(The Harmon-O'Hare connection does provide a reason why Harmon was carrying Mayor Richard M. Daley's water on legislation affecting Midway Airport.)

The video explains how Daley or his allies used union members as political workers under the auspices of the unions having their own political operation.
Q: What did you have to do politically, Pat, to keep your job?

Pat McDonough: We were expected to work precincts. We mainly worked through Plumbers Local 130. We were sent to assigned targeted areas which is called the Political Action Task Force of Plumbers Local 130. So we were sent to any area throughout the city that was targeted by what the Mayor wanted.

Union members who did the political work were rewarded with promotions, overtime and benefits.

To me this sounds quite a bit like the unhealthy--illegal?--relationship between SEIU 73 and Eugene Moore and Emanuel "Chris" Welch. Moore is the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, former Proviso Township Democratic Committeeman and political boss with significant influence at Proviso Township High Schools (District 209). Welch is the president of the D209 board of education.

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  • Anonymous said...
    This is crazy. The district mismanages all the funds and they expect to make it up on the backs of the workers. I am with the Electritians Local and when i heard about this bullshit I was outraged. What are the community laeders saying about this? What are the parents saying about this? You guys need to stand up to the District and stop this kind of crap.Stand string with your UNION and make these clowns aware that you remember the $40M and the $20M for the PMSA. Get real Proviso Board, Unions will never fall for your bullshit. The WSTU Local 571 will be all over your ass. Tell all Union Members that you all know to call and support our workers. Bring Proviso to the courtroom so justice can prevail. Send the crooks to prison who have taken from our children for the last time. CALL NOW>>>>

    West Suburban Teachers Union
    500 Oakmont Lane
    Westmont Illinois 60539

    LONG LIVE UNIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:29 PM, October 23, 2007  

  • I may be out of touch but didn't the unions get a sweetheart deal with these chumps and now they have turned the tide on them?
    I mean didn't the unions support these thieves, take this deal and now the board has reneged? What can the unions do? What can the community do? What can parents and teachers do?
    We thought we had a friend in Lipka but he's gone over to the dark side.

    We thought the new board members would make a differene, but they have gone over to the darkside.

    We thought the principals would not stand for what goes on here but they are muted.

    The employees are the patronage army who have to kick back part of their salary and now they have to take a two week sabbatical?

    Bring Local 571 to the table and see what the can do.

    Oh, yes I forgot the kids. So did these theives.

    By Anonymous the dark side prevails, at 8:31 PM, October 24, 2007  

  • Welch and Moore have been at their unmoral deeds for quite sometime now. I hope the Union stops this circus act before it gets to far. Welch tried to be smart and brought his now lovely fiance into the mix to help cover his tracks while him and Moore rack up all the money in their little business dealings. It's sad to see our systems suffer over someone elses selfish way. Funny thing is they are always the ones crying broke and saying our kids don't have anything. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Make a move now

    By Anonymous Concerned Citizen, at 9:58 AM, October 25, 2007  

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