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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

conflict of interest on school boards

Daily Herald (Bob Susnjara) reported Illinois Association of School Boards is lobbying to exclude students from being eligible to run for school boards because of "conflict of interest" issues.

I found the story linked from Capitol Fax Blog where Rich Miller asked readers for their opinions.

In April one high school student in Peoria was elected to the board of education. While I think that reducing conflict of interest in school politics is a good thing, I think IASB is behaving badly in this case.

If one added up all the conflict of interest problems in the whole state of Illinois that are caused by students serving on school boards, it would be far less of a problem than the conflict of interest issues at any one of a number of Proviso school districts.

IASB should quit wasting its energy on straw man problems. The fact that IASB can overlook serious problems and waste time on non-issues detracts from the credibility of the organization.

I made some comments at Capitol Fax Blog.

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  • Does anybody have a count on the number of positions at Proviso, particularly administrative positions, that have gone to relatives, friends, spouses, fiances, or business/political associates of board members (or administrators who were already in place)?

    By Anonymous Mad Taxpayer, at 11:06 PM, November 06, 2007  

  • At Proviso West I can think of 10 people who work with at least one relative. This includes the principle who is the god mother of welch and her sister(dean), the former asst. principle now dept chair and her daugher who is a worthless teachers aide.

    Thats 10 that I know about, Im sure there are many..many more.

    By Anonymous dissapointed teacher, at 9:25 PM, November 07, 2007  

  • Stop complaing these people are simply people who happen to be related to some of the board members. they need jobs too! who you gonna hire, your enemy? now, just stop it because those who got shall continue to get and those that not shall loose. get over it already. ithink peoples here are jealous cause uncle tommie got it going on in district 88 and now we's got some jobs after freezin us out all this time. uncle tommie jest like Mayer Dalley, kiss his missel toe.

    By Anonymous The nephew, at 9:33 PM, November 11, 2007  

  • A teacher that works at West can't spell "principal"! WOW! No wonder Proviso is 90 out of 90.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:24 PM, November 25, 2007  

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