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Proviso Probe

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Township will vote on tax increase tonight

This morning I received a call from Proviso Township Trustee Jesse Martinez who says there are two tax increases on the agenda for tonight. The township wants a 4.8% tax increase and the Proviso Township Mental Health Commission wants a 12.5% increase. According to Martinez the township is currently running a surplus.

The Proviso Township office is in Hillside. The address of the PTMHC is 4415 Harrison, Suite 334. I assume the township office is in the same place.

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  • I'm sick and tired of Jesse Martinez and his "running of his mouth"!
    If Jesse was so concerned about taxes,why is Stone Park the highest tax municipality in the state? If Martinez was so concerned about the people,why does Stone Park lead every town in Illinios in having the most strip clubs and adult bookstores in the State?
    Jesse Martinez is the biggest hypocrite in Proviso!
    Martinez was angry because his town,Stone Park was'nt getting anymore Mental Health money ever since his Boss,Danny Cogliniese was kicked off the Mental Health Board.Now he acts like he is worried about the Township money,but remember when he tried to get the Township tax payers to fund a soccer program,to have the taxpayers pay for uniforms and balls for a soccer league in Stone Park for illegal aliens? How about his silence when District 88 taxpayers got stuck up to fund a Stone Park trustee with a job($88,000 for Joe Burdi) as transportation director at the school district? What about his double dipping in Stone Park,while living in Melrose Park???Why does Jesse allow Benny "The rat" Mazzulla stay as mayor of Stone Park and allow him to hire all 109 family members, and not say a thing about the mexicans of his village getting ripped off by there taxes to pay the Mazzulla family to live in Luxury in Oak Brook?
    Jesse Martinez does'nt care about the taxpayers,he does'nt care about Stone Park, and he sure does'nt care about Melrose Park, he only cares about himself and trying to make himself rich ,just like his buddy Ben "greasyball" Mazzullo.
    Jesse,"Who you crappin"?

    By Anonymous telling the truth, at 9:07 PM, December 23, 2007  

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    By Anonymous Barack Obama fan club, at 7:54 PM, January 01, 2008  

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