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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

reader participation requested: list the active litigation

Dear Proviso Probe readers,

I was trying to think of a list of active litigation involving local units of government or local public officials in Proviso Township.

The following is the list I came up with:
  • Sterk vs. Proviso Insider, aka Welch and Robinson
  • The federal prosecution of the Melrose Park PD
  • Greg Jackson's civil suit against District 209
  • James Graham's civil suit for wrongful termination at District 88
  • Clarence Davis' civil suit against the Forest Park PD

Has Dan Harder's suit against the Forest Park PD been resolved or did the judge merely rule that the firing was bogus?

Is there anything involving Proviso Township? The Proviso Township Mental Health Commission? Memorial Park District? Any of the villages? School districts?



  • Also, Mr. Ed Brownlee is suing District 88. He was an administrator when Dr. Mack was supt.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:53 AM, July 08, 2008  

  • A few more cases currently pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County --

    1. Donna Novickas v. PTHS - libel and slander

    2. Jarrett Northern v. PTHS -- intentional tort of some kind

    3. Josh Adams v. PTHS -- Chancery matter (can't tell the nature of the case without looking at the file)

    4. Melvin Berry v. PTHS -- Chancery matter (same)

    5. Pawlik v. Sanchez, et al. (This one is a riot. Alleges that the Stone Park Police Dept. set up a prostitution sting at the Blue Dolphin car wash. When the female undercover police officer solicited male customers getting a car wash, she would arrest them even if they said "no" to her solicitation. Interestingly, these cases are prosecuted as some kind of administrative ordinance violation in Stone Park and are heard by an arbitrator or hearing officer, not a judge. According to the suit, all defendants are found guilty and fined a few hundred dollars, even if they rejected the "prostitute's" offer.

    By Anonymous Deke, at 8:14 PM, July 08, 2008  

  • I heard Charles Flowers and his office are being sued for unlawful termination of long standing employees and of discrimination towards white empolyees.
    Also Flowers office recently had to go to the Cook County Board and request over $300,000 to pay over budget expenses,due to Flowers misspending and bloated patronage eployees!

    By Anonymous Perry Mason, at 8:27 PM, July 08, 2008  

  • Interesting, 3 out of 5 active litigations are related to Chris Welch.HMMM,Hmmmmm,maybe Welch is the problem!
    I heard Proviso Township Supervisor Kathy Ryan, is suing the TOWNSHIP itself,because of her husband's recent spill inside the old Broadview office causing him a sprained ankle.
    Chris Welch and Kathy Ryan are Two of Kind!

    By Anonymous Inside, at 8:51 PM, July 08, 2008  

  • I find this whole beat up on Chris Welch thing kind of comical. When people sue District 88, Welch, as the lawyer, gets rich. When they sue District 209, Welch's friends get rich. Lol!!! Welch is getting the last laugh on all of you.

    By Anonymous Welch getting the last laugh, at 12:03 PM, July 09, 2008  

  • Arian Wade VS. Village of Maywood Cook County, James Collier, Donald Mobley, Jose Masariegos, Dewayne Wheeler, Theodore Yancy, Jeffrey Markvart, Maurice Macklin.

    By Anonymous Corruption Exposed, at 7:12 AM, July 10, 2008  

  • I heard the FBI and the US District Attorney,Patrick Fitzgerald are investigating 209,Melrose Park Police Maywood Trustee Rich Lopez.

    By Anonymous Lucky, at 6:11 PM, July 10, 2008  

  • To: Welch Getting the Last Laugh

    I don't think he is getting the last laugh, but actually the prison sytem is getting it. Why? Because of Welch's irresponsible spending, giving to his friends and cronies and not putting that money into educating the youth. Because of Welch's over billing school districts for his less than competent work, the youth suffer. Money that should go into educating the youth goes into the pockets of hacks, patronage hires, and cronies. So, the last laugh goes to the prison system because of Welch and other irresponsible elected officials who sit by and let him (and his board: Foreman, Adams, Henry, Coxs, Cross) continue their shanigans while the children of this community suffer. Welch and his majority on 209's board, District 88's board, and 89's are setting our youth up for the prison system!
    No one should laugh when our youth are dying to senseless violence.

    One day we will laugh..when will Welch becomes an inmate in the very prison system he has sent so many of our youth to.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:39 PM, July 10, 2008  

  • Is Dylester Palm's lawsuit still active?
    Not sure of the status of these or if they are still active
    1. McCaffrey communications v District 88
    2. George Sollitt Construction v PTHS
    3. Shirley Lewis v PTHS
    What about Human Rights commission and Equal Employment Opportunity commission filings? I hear there are plenty of those. Are the boards of 88 and 209 even aware of the extent of their liability?

    By Anonymous Homeward, at 2:15 PM, July 11, 2008  

  • Some of these posts are ridiculous; many of these cases neing rumored are either non-existent or long resolved.

    By Anonymous Get your facts right people, at 1:04 AM, July 14, 2008  

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