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Proviso Probe

Friday, July 11, 2008

Who writes the Proviso Insider?

Myron Mackoff, the lawyer for Emanuel "Chris" Welch and Emily Robinson, in the matter of Odelson & Sterk vs. Proviso Insider have filed court documents that reveal the identities of all the people who write on the Proviso Insider blog.

Drum roll please....

The first two names you already knew:

Welch and Robinson (duh!)...

More drumroll...

There are two others....

More drumroll...

Ron Anderson, a member of the District 88 board of education and, last I knew, a D209 employee.


Agarnon Stamps, D88's director of technology.

One time I was research all the cases of Proviso Insider defaming local figures. The person who was attacked the most on Proviso Insider was not Karen Yarbrough, Charles Flowers, Arnie Bryant, Mike Manzo, Tony Peraica or myself. The person who was attacked the most often, and arguably the most unfairly was, Nichelle Rivers, the D88 superintendent.

In hindsight it makes sense that two and a half D88 people were involved, since there was so much written about D88.

I believe Odelson & Sterk's strongest argument that Proviso Insider defamed Welch is regarding the claim Sterk counseled Melrose Park police officers to lie under oath to the federal grand jury that ultimately indicted seven, including then chief of policy Vito Scavo, then deputy chief Gary Montino and officer Ric Cervone, a member of the District 89 board of education.

From the response to the interrogatory:
Algarnon Stamps told Chris Welch in a casual conversation what he had heard about SD89 Board member Ric Cervone and attorney Mark Sterk. Welch mentioned this information to Emily Robinson in a casual conversation.

Earlier the interrogatory said Robinson wrote the entry in question.

I guess the interrogatory makes it necessary to depose Stamps. Stamps saying he told Welch the original story doesn't get Welch and Robinson off-the-hook so much as it puts Stamps on-the-hook.

I suppose I can see a scenario where Stamps thought he was making some conjecture or floating a scenario.

(I was in a room where a politician who was backing the late Penny Severns for Secretary of State was floating the scenario that Tim McCarthy, one of her two opponents in Dem primary, was not shot protecting President Ronald Reagan, but instead was at a hot dog stand at the time of attack and shot himself to cover his negligence. So, there's a tradition of circulating some scurrilous rumors in Illinois politics.)

And Welch played the game disseminating the rumor. But maybe Stamps did have a source for his information. It's still clear from the interrogatory Welch did not contact Stamps' source, and he doesn't seem to have cared enough to ask who it was. But this might be covered in a later interrogatory.

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  • Why can't Welch "JUST GROW UP"!
    I mean, this guy is just so ridiculous! He try's to play the Proviso Insider as a concerned citizen from Forest Park.Who does he think he's kidding?
    Then Welch has 209 pay for his attorney fees because of his slanderous remarks against Odolson and Sterck!
    IT seems to me that Welch has lost it and needs to go back to his real proffesion,which is class clown!

    By Anonymous welch's neighbor, at 7:33 PM, July 15, 2008  

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