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Thursday, April 19, 2007

OBIT, Don Stephens, Rosemont Mayor

Don Stephens served as mayor of Rosemont since 1955.

As I understand it, two deals defined his life and shaped the growth of the western suburbs.

Mayor Richard J. Daley
wanted some land from Rosemont to connect O'Hare Airport to the City of Chicago. Stephens struck a deal to bring city water to Rosemont.

The next deal Stephens struck to benefit his community was with Sam Giancana, an organized crime figure. Stephens bought a mob hotel being used for prostitution as part of improving Rosemont.

The FBI became suspicious that Stephens was participating in organized crime as a result of the transaction and ultimately Stephens was prosecuted by the U.S. attorney. Stephens was acquitted, but blamed the prosecution for his declining health.

Capitol Fax Blog (Rich Miller)
and shsilver have blog entries.

Stephens has two sons involved in politics. Mark Stephens is the chairman of the board of Triton College. Bradley Stephens is the Leyden Township Supervisor.

See Daily Herald (Ames Boykin and Eric Krol) and Chicago Tribune (Richard Wronski with Rick Pearson and Michael Higgins) have more.

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  • Ms.Coffee said: I drove by the Rosemont theater about 8:15 pm. There was valet parking for Stevens' wake. The man was a true legend. He took a little tiny town and made it an empire. He will be missed.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:17 PM, April 22, 2007  

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