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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A07, what's up in Melrose Park? [MP]

I figured there would be more noise out of the campaigns running for the Melrose Park board of trustees.

What have you heard?



  • Nothing can be said, the oppostion ticket has no credibility. Jesse Martinez and Ben Mazzulla are so dumb and corrupt , that nobody can believe a word from there mouths.
    This campaign,was to see if Mazzulla or Martinez can possibly run in two years against Serpico.Both of these guys, after snorting so much cocaine became delusional and thought they can conquer Melrose Park.Melrose Park will make a change, but never will go for these two pieces of shits, one a greasy idiot and the other a wetback moron!!
    But, now the real truth will come out, after tuesdays devasting defeat of the Mazzulla and Martinez clowns, Mazzulla will drop Martinez.He already has reached out to Serpico, telling him he had nothing to do with it and blaming it on Martinez.Mazzulla also gave Serpico information regarding Martinez secret move into Melrose Park, that way Mazzulla can blame Serpico when he has to force Martinez out of Stone Park.Mazzulla can't afford to lose his paycheck in Stone Park, because he never graduated from High school and is a known illiterate(Mazzulla can't read above a 2nd grade level).Mazzulla would kill Martinez if he had too, so Martinez will be forced out of Stone Park and Mazzulla will try to stay in power any way he can. If Martinez was smart, he would run for Mayor in Stone Park and he would win, but he is to afraid to admit that his good frined, Benny Mazzulla and Joe Burdi have already screwed him.
    Prediction: SErpico's ticket wins big, Martinez becomes a has been and will be spoken in past tense and mazzulla will struggle to stay in Power!

    By Anonymous stone park, at 9:54 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Sunday morning, 209 Board President and Attorney, Chris Welch announced at the Hillside Holiday Inn the formation of “The Welch Group”, a real estate and development company that will seek to engage in partnerships and joint ventures to acquire, develop and promote select projects across the Chicago land area.
    The first project for The Welch Group is in partnership with MRM Development’s project. The project,a billion-dollar project which will be located in the historic Bronzville area, includes more than 1,100 residential units, among them the 866-foot Met 3, the tallest residential tower south of Downtown Chicago, an office tower, luxury hotel, entertainment complex, and the area's first Whole Foods store.
    Welch said creating The Welch Group formalizes his interest in real estate. Welch described his portfolio as already reaching more than $50 million in residential and commercial property.
    "Our primary focus is on landmark locations and real estate offerings that positively impact the way people live. Mixed-use developments with integrated living and `intelligent' designs -- such as The Met - are the prototypical examples of what we hope to accomplish," said Christopher Handy, Welch Group executive vice president.
    This is the largest residential development project in downtown Chicago proper, and it sits on the site where the historical Bronzville Hotel used to be. I am excited about our involvement with The Met and proud to be part of the area's comeback."
    Although financial terms were not disclosed, The Welch Group has a financial stake in The building and will be providing support for the project, the first of many such relationships the company expects to secure. The Welch Group will assist with the sales and marketing of the development, which includes engagement of the Welch Group as part of The Buildings sales team.
    Welch also stated that he is in negotiation to acquire property in Proviso Township, to develop affordable mixed housing.

    By Anonymous Hey, Welch, can I invest with your group?,please, at 10:23 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Time to say goodbye
    To Chris Welch and Gene Moore and Brian Cross and ben Mazzulla and jesse martinez ,who never
    Saw and shared with us,
    now, yes, I shall experience them.
    I’ll see you out the door
    On ships across seas
    which, I know,
    no, no, exist no longer,
    without you I shall experience them again.
    We'll go with you and put you 5
    On ships across seas
    Which, I know, no, exist no longer;
    without you I shall experience them again.
    I’ll celebrate to see you go, go far away and never come back!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:05 PM, April 16, 2007  

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