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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A07, Westchester Progressive Party criticizes Broadview Westchester Water Agency [W]

Westchester Progressive Party is raising the issue of the Broadview Westchester Joint Water Agency.

Critics of the water agency suspect that it's a sweetheart deal for Don Sloan, one of the two employees, and the guy who has billed for a large amount of overtime.

Proviso Herald (David Weese):
[Trustees Rick] Fox and [Bill] Buikema contend no audits have been done on the agency in years. And Buikema said when he examined agency employees' time cards, 38 percent of the overtime paid over the past four years was paid without a supervisor signing off on it. Buikema said records show that in fiscal year 2003-2004, $28,603.88 in overtime was paid. In fiscal year 2004-2005, $34,618.48 in overtime was paid. In fiscal year 2005-2006 30,793.77 in overtime was paid.

The village's budget only allocates $15,000 per year for overtime. Buikema and Fox said that since they began asking questions last year, overtime has decreased -- $14,468.20 as of March for the fiscal year 2006-2007, which ends in May.

Westchester Progressive Party (which includes Fox) sent the following press release:
Changes sought for joint water agency

Nearly two years after the Westchester Board of Trustees voted unanimously to require Trustee Luciano to report back to the board on actions taken by the Broadview Westchester Joint Water Agency, he continues to resist change.

According to an article in the April 11 issue of the Proviso Herald, “ Luciano said former Mayor John Sinde used to make the reports to the board, and that it was now Gattuso's responsibility to make those reports.”

During committee session, Mr. Luciano objected to language requiring him to report back to the board stating, “I’m not anybody’s messenger and I don’t intend to do that.”

This Agency controls Westchester ’s supply of water. Its mismanagement and lack of transparency and oversight is alarming. Mr. Luciano has served on the Joint Agency/Commission for nearly two decades, including his current role as treasurer. Even Mr. Gattuso admits to the Agency’s shoddy performance during Luciano’s term in his conversation with the Proviso Herald saying that when he came on the commission two years ago, he inherited a mess.

Some of that “mess” includes:

* Questionable, possibly illegal payouts
* Board members/officers receiving pay for their roles on the Commission despite the original charter stating that none would receive compensation
* Unchecked, unjustified Over Time for patronage work
* Failure to have a financial audit for the last decade
* $15,000 budgeted for board member junkets funded by water fees
* $30,000 annually to pay for a lobbyist
* A Treasurer saying he doesn’t pay the bills or see the checkbook
* Mr. Luciano’s refusal to provide regular reports to the Village Board – despite a law requiring this action

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  • carl...I cant believe you can actually post something that Rick Fox wrote....This guy is out of his mind. I have never seen someone so critical of EVERYTHING, but NEVER, EVER come up with something even remotely positive to provide the Village or its residents. His own running mates are critical of his actions and how he presents himself....now if that doesn't speak volumes.....

    He needs to find a new hobby.

    This guy impedes the progress of the town by his own actions. I am by no means saying everything is picture perfect, but he has nothing nice to say about anything. If it is that bad....go somewhere else. I have always gone by the rule: Never condemn things unless you have a solution to recommend as well. have never heard of anything that this guy has done in his 4 yr term.

    The information that he "SPOON FEEDS" to the Proviso Herald reporter is innaccurate and the reporter prints it....another brain child.

    By Anonymous Concerned Resident, at 2:49 PM, April 12, 2007  

  • I am a supporter of the Progressive Party (except MR FOX). I have know Mr Casey for 20+ yrs and have always thought he was a good person.

    Mr Boyle seems knowledgeable and has some experience that may be of value to the town.

    Mr Fox, on the other hand, gives the impression that he is always out to make trouble. He always is looking for an angle at which to be critical. I guess this works for him in his personal / professional life, but doesnt work for me in a Public Administration Forum. I didnt vote for him last time and I wont vote for him this time. He is just there to posture and preach. We need actions, not rhetoric on our town board.

    I hope others feel the same and DONT VOTE FOR RICK FOX.

    By Anonymous looking for progress, at 3:10 PM, April 12, 2007  

  • I would question anything that this reporter (Weese) writes....He has lost all creditbility I had in the Herald. If he isnt falling asleep at the meetings he is talking to Mr Fox and Bikelman about what they want printed.

    I thought journalists were supposed to write what is happening in an objective viewpoint?

    I think he has a "PROGRESSIVE" slant to his writings and he should be reprimanded by the paper for doing so. I am cancelling my subscription to the Herald...I dont need Rick Fox's puppets telling what I need to know "in his words'> I will go to the meetings and get the truth myself.

    By Anonymous highly upset, at 3:42 PM, April 12, 2007  

  • Mr. Luciano needs to be a messenger, so he and Sloan can be indicted.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:31 AM, April 13, 2007  

  • I heard that Mr Fox's party is supported by Melrose Park flunky Mike Manzo and his group of morons.

    Westchester doesnt need Manzo or his idiots influence in this town. It's obvious no one wants him,....look at his closed bar.

    I will not vote for the Progressive party because of Manzo...I hope others are just as smart.

    By Anonymous Manzo supports the Progressive Party, at 8:38 AM, April 13, 2007  

  • You are right on brother! Say NO to the Progressive Party and their cronies. They hook up with the wrong people and want to make everybody else look bad.

    Hey RICK FOX, does it hurt to have Mr Manzo's hand up your A$$ making your mouth move and all that? Just like the puppet you are.Get REAL !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 PM, April 13, 2007  

  • Westchester's tax money and how our current Mayor and the Majority Board have refused to respond to the citizens about how are money is being spent. The Mayor and Trustee Luciano have shown total disregard to the residents of our great town and disrespect.There refusal to anwser questions ,to give the board the neccesary information , as well as there round about way of never reponding to questions,instead the respond by blasting any one who questions them is despicable.
    To find out that the position of Water Handler,which basically consists of needing a high school diploma and doing a similar job as a life guard by testing the water PH, can pay a certain individual $85,000 a year, is down right wrong and I consider it "Highway Robbery", but yet it's excusable, but The Mayor and Luciano then refuse to say how and why 1 certain ,this person gets unlimited overtime, when half the day in his job he is doing nothing, but reading the paper,talking on the phone,eating and playing on the internet, then spending more time at the township offices than at work!!!
    I implore Mayor Gattuso or Trustee Luciano or Don Sloan to please address this problem. If they continue to refuse to speak, then maybe we need to call the Mayor of Broadview and ask him!!

    By Anonymous Don Sloan and Brian Sloan need to go, at 12:29 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Hey Fox and Manzo....

    You two really know how to make A$$e$ of yourself. That is about all you know how to do....job well done. You are both losers and from reading here, I think others feel the same way! Do you have any friends or just each other?

    By Anonymous fox and manzo =losers, at 9:19 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • How come there are such diverse figures appearing in these blogs on how much this guy makes at the water agency?

    Is it because the Progressive party doesnt really know and they are just spewing hatred?

    I cant vote for these guys. They are bad news. Especially after the phone calls I have been receiving.

    I will vote for Luciano, Nowicki and Gloroso.

    By Anonymous tired of the battling, at 2:27 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • Those phone calls only confirm what pieces of $hit Fox and his Progressive Party are. Oh, MANZO also!

    VOTE 4-5-6

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:17 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • Looking for progress....your words hit the nail on the head, when you said "Mr Fox, on he other hand, gives the impression that he is always out to make trouble." That's because HE IS ALWAYS OUT TO MAKE TROUBLE. Trouble is his middle name. Ricky the troubled Fox!

    By Anonymous Get Rid Of Fox, at 9:36 PM, April 16, 2007  

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