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Friday, April 13, 2007

A07, robocalls in Westchester [W]

Someone is making robocalls in Westchester warning that trustee Angelo Luciano will be a tool of the Melrose Park political machine.

Is this also the work of Citizens for Honest Government?

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  • I think its more like "Citizens for Mike Manzo's Bullshit" along with the Progressive Party.

    I hope people think really hard before they vote for anyone n the PRogressive Party. If they will stoop to these types of tactics to get in office, what will they do once they have power and authority?

    Westchester BEWARE!!!!!

    By Anonymous westchester residents beware, at 2:24 PM, April 13, 2007  

  • This HAS TO BE MANZO...look at the signs he has in his VACANT BAR.

    He's just a little political HACK for Peraica. He ruined PROVISO and moved in with his MOMMY in DuPage, now he wants to RUIN a town.

    Why the Progressive Party would want to be supported publicly by this guy is unbelievable.

    By Anonymous skcus oznam, at 2:28 PM, April 13, 2007  

  • I receive one of those "Robot" calls and was appalled. How did these idiots get my phone number. My number is unlisted. Manzo...get a life. Let see Tuesday what damage your dumb "robotcalls" did.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:20 PM, April 13, 2007  

  • This has Manzo's, Peraica and Forest Park's Doolins fingerprint all over it.

    They are shilling for Steinbach in Forest Park.

    By Anonymous Jason, at 12:13 AM, April 14, 2007  

  • I just wish Don Sloan and his nephew Brian(I need another gram of crack cocaine)Sloan, would get off this blog and go to there own blog, the Proviso Insider!
    I also saw Brian Sloan's new piece about why all the bussinesses have left Westchester and noticed, that Brian Sloan's piece, which was created by his favorite uncle Don"overtime is my right" Sloan showed that he is now not only copying and stealing Rick Fox's plateform(copyright infringement laws do apply Brian, but you can't help it your a Sloan which makes you a certafiable idiot,as well a thief), but your uncle is now so depserate about losing his overtime that he's attacking Mayor Gattusso and Angelo Luciano!!!
    How do you think your allies feel about Uncle Donnie Sloan resorting to his favorite past time of double crossing his allies,(Angelo Lucaino,Paul Gattusso,Steve Bussa, and Dominick Luciano) and is planning to bullet only you and plans on droping Angelo Lucaino on election day??? Now your piece as being the "Only Independent" is hilarious!!!Come on Brian, everyone knows your Uncle Donnie "overtime" Sloan is pulling your strings!!!Imagine how both your uncle Donnie and Angelo Lucaino will feel if both of them lose, and just imagine how Melrose Park will react when your uncle Don Sloan and there main guy, Angelo Luciano lose???Now I understand why both Angelo Luciano and Don Sloan and his nephew are so desperate not to lose this election, there afraid Melrose Park will put all three bums,Angelo Luciano,Don Sloan, and Brian Sloan in a trunk!!!

    By Anonymous Don and Brian Sloan ,stop lying!, at 8:32 PM, April 14, 2007  

  • skcus oznam "love your blogger name." I wonder if Manzo's Mommy teaches him how to finger paint those ridiculous signs he hangs in the window of his vacant bar.

    MANZO!!! GROW UP!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:31 PM, April 14, 2007  

  • This mailer says it all about Angelo Luciano and his allies Don Sloan,Brian Sloan, Paul gattusso,Steve Bussa and Dominck Luciano

    Proviso Herald, April 4, 2007
    Why should residents vote for you in this election?
    “I bring 32 years of experience... My record as a trustee is open to anyone
    that wishes to challenge my performance..." -Angelo Luciano
    APRIL 2003 Luciano
    campaign literature
    Angelo’s Report Card
    Same Candidate-Same Broken Promises
    Don’t Confuse Longevity with Effectiveness!
    Take a
    You recently received Mr. Luciano's campaign literature in the mail. If it looks
    familiar, it should. The top priorities he lists are the same ones he proposed four
    years ago and has failed to implement. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself.
    APRIL 2007 Luciano campaign literature
    As head of the village’s finance committee, Angelo has
    failed to even propose a 5-year capital expenditure plan to
    the Village Board.
    As head of the Economic Development Committee,
    Angelo failed to call a single committee meeting in the last
    year and proclaimed the committee unnecessary to the
    Chamber of Commerce.
    As head of the finance committee Angelo didn’t provide
    a budget for the full board to act on until seven months into
    this fiscal year.
    Angelo managed to recommend and vote for increasing
    your utility taxes, a new restaurant tax and increasing your
    vehicle sticker fees.
    Angelo recommended and voted for eliminating the leaf
    bag program and Citizens Police Academy as part of his
    “well-balanced budget.”
    He refuses to report back when representing our village
    on an intergovernmental agency. He opposes televising
    board meetings.
    Angelo calls for “unity on the Village Board.” We think
    respectful discussion of varying ideas is more important than
    unanimous votes.
    A copy of our report filed with the County Clerk will be available for purchase from the Cook County Clerk’s office, 69 W. Washington St., Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60602 Westchester Progressive Party

    By Anonymous skcus oznam, at 10:52 PM, April 14, 2007  

  • Kensingtonfamily said...
    Again another tax hike,another $10 here,$20 there,etc.Without the budget being approved and a public discussion on the budget.
    "It doesn't make sense to me," Buikema said. "I understand they (village staff) are working on the budget and they sent me a draft of the budget, but we haven't had an open discussion in the public about the budget."
    Thank you Mr. Buikema and Mr. Fox for standing up and stating the obvious,"let's first see the budget and what's needed before we continue asking the Taxpayers of Westchester for more of their money!" Why can't the Mayor and the trustees who voted for this,Gatuso,Luciano,Nokes and Ryan instead of raising our taxes again and again and again and again,instead they should have cut overtime pay in the Westchester-Broadview Water Agency,also they could have cut the Lobbyist(Tom Walsh) who makes $30,000 a year and has yet to prove and to show any need for his services and what exactly he does for those $30,000, and they could have cut the travel expenses to conferances ($15,000)for the 5 water dept. employees(because honestly if all 5 employees went to a conferance why would it cost more than a$2,000 a person;and that is being generous)!
    Also why not cut some salaries of those executive secretaries?
    We need accountabilty in goverment and I am sure that in Westchester all the board members are trying to do the best job, but really what we need is more judicious review of the budgetary needs to run are village before raising our taxes!!! Taxes should be the last resort, but under our current Mayor and his board majority Taxes seem the easiest way of increasing revenue, instead of making cuts in uneccesary spending.Also during this time under Mayor Gattuso and Angelo Luciano,when they are increasing our taxes on there whims, we find out about how the decide to hire a Lobbyist,approve overtime pay for there political friend,hire attorneys for the village without going to bid,name friends to all sorts of committees and refuse to keep there campaign pledges to the voters of Westchester!
    Now if we are forced to paying more taxes for vehicle stickers The increase in the cost of the Village vehicle sticker should be used to offset the cost of maintaining and improving the Village ’s roads. Over a ten year period, the Village will expend more than $12 million dollars in road resurfacing. This can be financed through the issuance of debt which would be repaid from property taxes,but the Village should desire to eliminate the debt burden for road maintenance and fund this program from its operating revenues.
    In conjunction with the increase, the Village should introduce a new initiative offering vehicle stickers at a reduced rate to those residents who own vehicles with the best environmental performance when compared to all other vehicles. Using the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Green Vehicle Guide that provides information about the environmental performance of vehicles, the Village can determine that vehicles with the SmartWay and SmartWay Elite designations would receive discounted rates for the vehicle stickers. Vehicles with the SmartWay and SmartWay Elite designations have the best environmental performance compared to all other vehicles, and the EPA has certified that these vehicles have exceeded environmental thresholds on the Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Scores.
    To finish, I ask that Mr. Fox or another trustee please respond, when are we going to see our village board meetings on public access?? You have raised our taxes,hired your lobbyist friends and continue giving overtime to your political crony, so you must have the nessary money to telecast.When are we, the taxpayers,the voters and residents of Westchester going to have the pleasure of seeing our elected officials,who we elected on TV?

    By Anonymous Kensington family, at 12:09 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • I am writing today to request from the Mayor and the board of trustees information regarding our village financial health. As it is common for this Mayor and his board majority led by Angelo Luciano to raise taxes without explaining why, and at the same time they raise our taxes but yet continue to hire Lobbyists friends and approve Overtime for there cronies and refuse to give over information on meetings and expenditure at the Westchester-Broadview Water Agency, I am reqesting to find out from them,
    1. Westchester's 2007 cash flow projections,
    2.Our Westchester, Budget Anaylisis for 2006 and 2007,
    3.What were the goals from our Actual FY from 2005,2006 and did we reach our goal? And if not Why?
    4.What were are 2205,2006 accomplishments regarding our budget.,
    5.What are the 2006 and 2007 Objectives for the Westchester-Broadview Water Agency?,
    6.What were the Agency's accopmlishments for 2005 and 2006?
    7.What were the Agency's Regular Salaries,Overtime Salaries,Contractual Services and Training expenses from Actual FY 2002,2003,2004,2005 and 2006?
    Please respond, because due to Angelo Luciano's arogant refusal to show the voters and taxpayers of Westchester the actual notes and bills, and his contempt of us the taxpayers, along with Mayor Gattuso who also refuses to demand Luciano's compliance with the law and his disregard for us,we the people will need to review the material before voting again in April 2007 to make up our minds of who best represents the voters and taxpayers of Westchester!

    By Anonymous Waterford family, at 12:11 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Westchester has experienced many changes since my wife and I made it our home 24 years ago. Throughout those changing times we have invested all that is important to us right here in Westchester. We are raising our three school aged children here in Westchester. We have become active participants in our community,in our church,in the Chamber of Commerce and of the P.T.A. and Boy and Girl Scouts. We have also invested financially in Westchester .
    Much progress has been made in our village and I am proud to have been part of that progress. However, with progress also comes a need for change. The time has again come for a change of leadership at the highest level in Westchester.
    As the inappropriate activities,actions and relationships forged by our current Mayor ,along with Trustee Luciano there actions continue to negatively affect our village both financially and from a public perception point of view, the residents of Westchester need to know that they will soon have a choice; old school political business as usual or new school back to basics public service based on one simple principle, ethics. Our current Mayor bullied by Trustee Luciano and Don Sloan offers the former. I hope that the voters and residents of Westchester can change there behavior by voting for others who can offer us the latter. That will be our choice on tuesday and I hope you chose the latter.
    Our village is under siege by self-serving special interests in the form of do nothing consultants being given no-bid contracts,Lobbyists, campaign contributors looking for political favor and getting it and developers being handed quick, high-density profit at the expense of and with no consideration to the long-term effects on our community(Westchester Prairie). Infamous political power brokers from outside and inside our community only looking to feed themselves and their friends at our public trough are here in abundance. Unfortunately for Westchester, our political majority lead by our current Mayor have welcomed them all in and placed their needs, greed and special interests over the best interest, wants and needs of our community. This must, and will change with the election of good,honest,inidivudals who care about the community, not about only a few inidivuduals and a certain family.
    I believe in good government, honest government, fair government and above all, ethical government. No entity or inidivudual or family should be have any entitlement because of whom they know. We will not bury our head in the sand and claim ignorance about who is really making all the decisions in our village as our current Mayor has. We should make the Mayor and ALL the trustees be accountable to the residents of this village, not those who are telling the Mayor what decisions to make.
    There has been a complete failure of leadership and an inability to direct this village and it’s financial resources away from all that are bad with government today. The corrupting influence of certain inidividuals has created a class of professional politician whose primary concern is to maintain their power. Rick Fox is leading by example, empowering residents to take an active role in their government thereby making their elected leaders more accountable to them and effecting positive change where and when possible. In order to fully accomplish this goal, I believe we need the village hall meetings telecasted, as well as a formal review on why Mayor gattuso insists on renaming Trustee Luciano on the Westchester-Broadview water Agency after his comments " I’m still not going to do what the resolution says I need to do. ". This outrageous behavior should at the very least get him censured and reprminanded for his callous disregards to the rule of Law!
    Also Mr. Gattuso needs to respond why he motioned to pay overtime for the employees after he stated he was putting and end to it!It seems to me that the Mayor is either not aware of what he stated and said or that he is lying!
    Also the other point is, why do we need to pay for a lobbyist for the water agency?Is this another favor that Mayor is doing for one of his friends or for Mr. Sloan?
    Mr. Gattuso needs to explain why all the inaccuracies of his statements,his "one day I'm with you , the next day I'm not"! I can no longer believe Mr. Gattuso, since everything he promised to do if elected he has reneged and not done!
    Unless someone can convince me my impression of our mayor, for whom I voted for, is that he Lied not only to me but to Westchester. Mr. Gattuso, I and westchester can't trust you, or can't trust what you say!

    By Anonymous Angelo Luciano's neighbor, at 12:22 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Again and again, the taxpayers try to gather information on where our tax dollars go and Mr. Luciano and Mayor Gattuso under there Staussian belief that the ignorant masses cannot be trusted with the truth,refuse to tell us how they came to there decisions,while only they,the Elite of Westchester,can make the neccesary decisions of what is good for us, and refuse to anwser the questions. Why does the Water Agency need a Lobbyist for $30,000 and also $15,000 for conferances while increasing our tax rate? Why are we not told who they hired and for what and what was the reasoning? Why can't Luciano give you the minutes of the meetings?Why does Gattuso name him to the Agency Board when he does'nt sit on the Westchester Sewer and water committee? Why does Gattuso lie so often to the public and other officials?
    I am hoping that somebody can anwser the questions posted on here in regards to a tax hike for water in our village.It seems that Don Sloan,Brian Sloan and James Boyd,refuse to put the onus and light on our village officials who are entrusted by the voters to safeguard our monies and make sure it is properly used,not to spend our money or ask for more money without explaining what they have done to assure us that there was no other option.
    I have never seen such disregard with the taxpayers money and such arrogance on the part of our village officials in all the years I have lived in Westchester!
    I am disgusted with the politics of hate and division that has started under our New Mayor and his cronies,Angelo and Donnie Luciano and others. Under John Sinde this would have never happened, John would have spoken to us and would have explained it.
    We need someone in village hall to be "straight with us", "honest and forthright", not "someone who lies to us and tells us they no what's good for us".
    I am requesting,imploring that Mayor Gatuso and Angelo and the rest of the board please respond urgently to why our taxes have to be hiked for water. We Seniors live on fixed incomes. Many of my friends are having a rough time paying there taxes and medicines and groceries and cannot afford to have both our property taxes go up,gas and electricity prices go up and now our water!
    The Westchester senior's group is call the Water Tax hike as the "Angelo and Paulie Tax", others are calling it the
    Fiscal irresponsiblity on there part.If we would see some improvements in our village ,in our services I might understand,but none of that is evident.
    I am calling for our Mayor and Angelo to finally tell us the truth!Who are they protecting?Why tax hikes, to pad your buddies salaries, and refusing to tell us the truth!

    By Anonymous Westchester senior, at 12:25 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Westchester's tax money and how our current Mayor and the Majority Board have refused to respond to the citizens about how are money is being spent. The Mayor and Trustee Luciano have shown total disregard to the residents of our great town and disrespect.There refusal to anwser questions ,to give the board the neccesary information , as well as there round about way of never reponding to questions,instead the respond by blasting any one who questions them is despicable.
    To find out that the position of Water Handler,which basically consists of needing a high school diploma and doing a similar job as a life guard by testing the water PH, can pay a certain individual $85,000 a year, is down right wrong and I consider it "Highway Robbery", but yet it's excusable, but The Mayor and Luciano then refuse to say how and why 1 certain ,this person gets unlimited overtime, when half the day in his job he is doing nothing, but reading the paper,talking on the phone,eating and playing on the internet, then spending more time at the township offices than at work!!!
    I implore Mayor Gattuso or Trustee Luciano or Don Sloan to please address this problem. If they continue to refuse to speak, then maybe we need to call the Mayor of Broadview and ask him!!

    By Anonymous Don Sloan and Brian Sloan need to go, at 12:28 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • We the Royal Family the Luciano's of Lucianoville have decreeded on April 17,2007 that you,Mr. Fox and Genova,Gordon, and Casey and all your followers be bansihed from our Village.
    We do not want to you at our meetings , we don't want you buying groceries in our village and we want all of you to leave.
    No longer will you be allowed to question us or our authority, and you will be subjected to higher taxes,higher user fees, and higher fines until you decide what's good for you and your familes and mover out.
    My appointed leaders,Gatuso,Christopher,and Sloan will be in charge and if you don't like what they do or don't do,WHO CARES!
    Your jobs from now on is to clean our public toilets and to wipe are royal arses,when we defecate!
    We will bild asphalt concrete barriers and fences around the Northern part of our village to keep you undesirables from entering a sphere and breathing our fresh air!
    Now scramble,you bums,and all you goody too shoes,GOT IT or just MOVE OUT!

    By Anonymous Lucianoville, at 12:41 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • -Why, soon after the election, did Gattuso hire two new people in Public Works? One is a personal friend of a friend and the other helped him in the election with pay of over $60,000.00 each.

    -Why is it that personal friends of Gattuso (Christopher and Luciano) were put on the Planning Commission? Is it payback time for helping in the election?

    -Why is there an Electrical business being conducted out of the Village and all the equipment and vehicles are being stored in the Village garage?

    -Why are private businesses being allowed to park their vehicles in the rear of the Village Hall?

    -Why are village employees allowed boats and other personal property in the Village garage. Are we liable for this property if damaged as tax payers?

    -What is Emily's title? Why is she allowed to go to golf outings, village functions and chamber functions? Why is she being paid $50,000.00 a year to cohort with two village superintendents?

    -Why is there 4 department heads making well over $200,000.00 to ride around town? Isn't this a shame that we are wasting tax payers money and you can't balance the budget?

    -What does Sloan have on Angelo? Angelo backs him up 100%? Sloan is never at the Water Department and yet he gets overtime for being at the Township?

    -Everyone knows that Vince Genova got screwed. Steve Busa and Dominic Luciano made a deal with Joe Lukasek to resigned from the Park District after the election so that they could re-appoint Stan Kolodziej.

    As a Trustee, Mr. Fox, you should look into the matters above and really look into Public Works employees. Employees are running their businesses out of the village on village time. As a tax payer I am tired of hearing that we have no money to spend on projects in the village. There is so much wasted money spent on employees that we do not need. Like 4 superintendents in such a small Public Works Department.

    Gattuso, the Luciano's, Christopher, Sloan and Busa should get out of politics. They are ruining our town!

    By Anonymous eyes of westchester, at 12:43 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Let's change the name of our town from Westchester to Lucianoville, because both Angelo and Dominic deserve it!So do us a big favor ,stop using Dominic's and Christopher's park,especially this summer.Don't come south of 22st and don't come by Paul's stand to eat. Stay on the north side, with all your "brothers"!
    Also leave Sloan and Luciano alone before they have to knock some sense into you bums!
    I want to thank Sloan and Luciano for making Westchester(Lucianoville) great!!!"
    We the Royal Family the Luciano's of Lucianoville have decreeded on May 26,2006 that you,Mr. Fox and Genova,Gordon, and Casey and all your followers be bansihed from our Village.
    We do not want to you at our meetings , we don't want you buying groceries in our village and we want all of you to leave.
    No longer will you be allowed to question us or our authority, and you will be subjected to higher taxes,higher user fees, and higher fines until you decide what's good for you and your familes and mover out. My appointed leaders,Gatuso,Christopher,and Sloan will be in charge and if you don't like what they do or don't do,WHO CARES!
    Your jobs from now on is to clean our public toilets and to wipe are royal arses,when we defecate!

    By Anonymous Lucianoville, at 12:45 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • As far as I am concerned, as well as many others, it seems that Mayor GA TTUSSO has no vision or courage to do the neccessary things to improve our situation. I voted for him thinking he had ideas to improve our community and schools.
    I have been vastly disappointed, because neither has he shown us a vision or the courage to "shake things up".He reminds me of those pilots who fly the airplanes in "autopilot". That would be ok with me,if we were in Western Springs or Elmhurst, but it is not ok in Westchester because the situation in our village is dire.
    Many thousands of residents have voted with there feets and moved out because of the failure of our high school districts.Also Many residents on the North side, have seen there blocks change dramatically, with new familes moving in and moving out on a constant basis.The lack of stability and the lack of cohesion on the north side, has caused many people to move out because they are the first witnesses of the changing dynamics and instability in our community.
    Now those on the south side, have not witnessed the dramatic changes as has been seen on the north side. They still know there neighbors and still no everyone on there blocks.They on the south side, seem oblivious to what is happening because they can shop at dominick's and can drive down 31 st to Oak Brook or other surrounding towns.The anger exhibited towards the status quo and the leadership exhibited currently is not inspiring to many folks.Change has to be the buzz word in our town.Positive changes, a Mayor with vision,courage and leadership to inspire us that "yes,WE CAN build a shiny town on top of the hill".
    Our Mayor must have the courage to say to those allies of his,to stop playing politics and must hear the voices of the community and be willing to hear new ideas from other people other than the Luciano's and Don Sloan. Our Mayor should have the vision to talk to all westchester,North and South, and tell us what his vision is and how he plans to get us there.He must speak to all of us, who are here,friends and foes alike,He should do a state of the village address on public cable and he should spend time on the north side,instead of driving by.He should look at Roosevelt Rd. and Mannheim Rd. and think how to develop this area.He should fight for a better high school and he should ask the park board to do more for the parks on the north side.
    Westchester residents must fight to be strong and demand a seat at the table,or else we will have to move from our beloved town.

    By Anonymous We care for westchester, at 12:53 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Angelo has been a bastion of Westchester politics for many years. He has been involved with politics for umpteen years, and we in Westchester are glad that he has served. I recall he once ran against the great Mayor Sinde and loss, but he then was able to rebound and worked with Mayor Sinde. But the question now is,is Angelo able to serve with the best interest of Westchester in mind or is he being manipulated by his nephew and others to serve there personal interests. Many people have noticed how Angelo has become more and more entrenched with his ideas and only his owns without taking into consideration others. Angelo refuses to listen to new ideas and refuses to listen to constructive critiscisms of how the village should do things differently. His constant protection of the status quo at the village and at the park makes people wonder,why is he so angry and who is he protecting?
    Bloggerchillout stated "Paul is the Village President. Angelo is a Village Trustee. And Dominic is a Park Commissioner. Do you see any connection here? Angelo and Paul work together because they are village ELECTED OFFICIALS. Just because Dominic is very good friends with Paul (friends for many many years) you jump to conclusions. ". Yes I do see a connection because both Angelo and his nephew have served on there boards for many , many years and have shown great disdain and have gone to great lengths to beat anyone who gets on either board and refuses to play ball with them.
    Case and Point is Rick Fox who was elected and who because he has asked for accountability is being attacked day and night, night and day, and is being called names as "Ingrate" to who ever supports him as the "Taliban"!
    Case point again is look what the Park Board,(Donnie's fiefdom)treated Vince Genova after the election!That was outrageous and shows they have something to hide!That whole park board needs replacement!
    Angelo is being used and is protecting his nephew, along with others,such as Christopher and Sloan, and these individuals are sucking our town dry hiding behind Angelo's coattails.When Mayor Sinde annouced he was not running for re-election,Angelo tried installing his nephew Donnie, but Mayor Sinde would not endorse him, so Angelo realized that he needed someone else who he could control. Both Angelo and His Nephew picked Paul Gattuso because Paulie thought they were his friend and they new that if Paulie turned on them they would run him out of office.Now they have total control of Westchester. Before , Sinde refused to let them run the village, but now they control the parks,the village and soon the police force(there is a Luciano on the police force in Westchester)(Also they almost won control of Proviso Township,but Donnie's brother lost the election).Pretty good batting average for such low key guys without college educations!Imagine if they would have gone to college!!!!
    There's a saying in politics and in life,"PIGS GET FAT AND HOGS GET SLAUGHTERED", and that pretty much summons up what is happening.
    Also there is a conflict in niterest because I recall last year,Angelo and Donnie and Sloan and Christopher were donig the bidding of the Mayor of Melrose Park when they tried to shut down a restuarant across the street from Village Hall,because the owner was a Republican,and opposed the corruption at 209 and in Melrose Park. Now why would Angelo and his crew of Taliban try to shut down a business on Roosevelt Rd. when there hardly any businesses there,only abandoned bulidings and pay day loan stores that Angelo ,Donnie and Christopher and Sloan don't oppose?
    Why does'nt Angelo investigate thre electrical contracts given out by the park board,92.5 school district and 209 school district that his nephew gets??? Why is the current administration refusing to do anything about 209???Is it because it's protecting Donnie Luciano and Angelo Luciano's business interest????Why does Angelo and the board refuse to look into the Water commission?? Are they protecting there political muscle,Don Sloan,who helped them get into 209 and is now helping them get contracts with the township?????
    What I recommend is for the board to perform a Forensic Audit at the Village,Water Department and at the Park Board. If Angelo and Donnie and Christopher and Sloan have nothing to hide,why can't the taxpayers get the audit??Why do these four look down upon us when we ask to see the books??I am sure once the Feds and the FBI take a look at 209,which will happen soon,then they will talk to our four hogs and we will just have to read about them in the Tribune and Sun-Times!!!

    By Anonymous angelo luciano should resign!, at 1:07 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • "What is morally wrong can never be advantageous, even when it enables you to make some gain that you believe to be to your advantage".
    ~ Cicero
    Read that quote and ponder on it.It seems that you still insist on not giving your own opinion on the Water Tax hike. Do you agree that the Westchester citizens should have to pay for a 5% tax hike on water?Do you think our village officials have done all the research,such as why is the current tax not sufficent?, what cost savings can be done prior to asking for more money?.
    I believe these are appropiate questions that should be answered.
    Another question that comes to mind is maybe Westchester should privatize it's Broadview-Westchester water agency.
    You stated, "The election was how long ago????? They are sore losers is my point! The people of Westchester voted these people in, DEAL WITH IT, GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON ALREADY! ". Well we are over it and I and my wife voted for Paul Gattuso. I am interested in how he came to the decision in trying to raise my taxes. I also voted for Bush,for which now I regret.So, I am insulted that you think that the voters ought to "get over it",just because you won the elction does not mean you can do whatever you like , whenever you like to! Elected officials are accountable to the voters and to the residents of our village. I wonder does Mayor Gattuso agree with your statements? Is this how he is governing? Sir, I am interested in learning your opinion so please tell us what you think, and if YOUR Mayor(he is my Mayor also),agree's with you ,he then will have lost my vote!
    Sir, it appears that you and your group may be good at politics and political campaigns, but your also good at dividing our community and taking advantage of it.What your not good at is governing,and it shows every single day in this administration,because they refuse to speak to us and tell us " DEAL WITH IT, GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON ALREADY!"
    Westchester is paying a huge price for that!

    By Anonymous Sloan and Luciano two birds of the same, at 1:10 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • MANZO.....you posted about Lucianoville on Fox's blog. Can't come up with anything orginal? Did your Mommy help you type that? Do us all a favor, crawl back in the sewer where you came from.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:16 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • its funny that all the last posts attacking the lucianos, gattus, christopher, busa, etc were all posted within a few minutes????

    Wow, is it a coincidence or are they all posted by the same gutless, whiny, piece of $hit crybabies that always hide behind these posts? My money goes to the later. Grow up people! ! ! Either come up with some proof of all these allegations or get a hobby.

    I hear Manzo's mother teaches finger paining really well...look at his signs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:01 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Hey EYES OF WESTCHESTER "Everyone knows that Vince Genova got screwed. Steve Busa and Dominic Luciano made a deal with Joe Lukasek to resigned from the Park District after the election so that they could re-appoint Stan Kolodziej."

    This was 2 YRS AGO - is that all you have???

    Our park department runs wonderfully, is Vince Genove still crying in his beer at Eden Lanes over this? Is his life not complete because of it.

    Here is an idea.....
    Maybe MR BUIKEMA can share how HE was appointed to the village board - a back door, illegal meeting with Mr Casey, Mr Sinde and other board members...but I guess it is OK when it is for YOUR FRIENDS. OOPS, I bet you forgot about that one??

    Dont throw rocks when you live in a GLASS HOUSE my friend.

    Maybe you should vote for Mr Genove this time around...oh that't right, our park department is in so bad of shape NO ONE is RUNNING AGAINST THE INCUMBENTS.


    By Anonymous remember all of the past, at 9:15 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • My gosh,Mr. Anon you must be very angry that you spent all your Sunday trying to figure out who has been blogging about Westchester's favorite Democrats The Luciano's, Gattusso and Sloan.
    How could you possibly support these bums, who have brought us the Proviso 209 debacle,Melrose Park style of governing and brought us Todd Stroger!!!
    If you don't believe me look at there records. Our new Mayor Paul"hotdogs" Gattusso lies to voters to be elected saying he was going to create a commission into vlooking into what options Westchester has with respect to 209.Well guess what, he did'nt and he plans not to do it.Not only does he lie to the voters of Westchester, but he then endorses Chris Welch and his 209 slate running for 209 board.Yes, he endorsed Chris Welch who has destroyed 209 beyond repair, and now 209 is ranked 90 out 90 high schools with the lowest test scores in the state! Also this is the same Chris Welch who represented the new adult strip joint that is trying to open up in our village.I guess Paulie"Hotdogs" Gattusso and Angelo"THE HOOK" Luciano and Don"OT" Sloan did'nt care about Welch's strip club, as long as they were being taken care off by Welch. As you are well aware, Gattusso has hired a few relatives to work at 209, Luciano has electrical contracts at 209 and Sloan's entire family has been hired as Janitors at 209.What a coincidence that now Gattusso, Luciano and Sloan are endorsing Welch's ticket and Boyd!!!
    These three Gattusso , Angelo Luciano and Don Sloan have also endorsed Ron SerPico and Melrose Park style governemt.This past weekend, Angelo Luciano's and Don Sloan's henchman were seen pulling down signs of the opposition and placing Angelo Luciano signs and Brian Sloan's signs into people's lawns without there permissions. They also were involved in an incident where Luciano's crew and Sloan's crew beat up two opposition volenteers.When police were called, Luciano's great nephew showed up ,with his elevator shoes and threatened to arrest the volenteers insted of Angelo's and Sloan's crew.Now is'nt that what happens in Melrose Park??Should it happen in Westchester??
    And finally, to add insult to injury this past fall, Gattusso, Angelo Luciano and Don Sloan endorsed and worked hard to defeat the Reublican opponent against the corrupt Democrat,Todd Stroger.They decided to support Stroger over the wishes of the voters of WEstchester , who are 80% Republican, and who voted for the reformer and advocate of Clean goverment by a margin of 92%.But that did'nt matter to Angelo Luciano or Paul Gattusso or to Don Sloan, because they were just doing as told by there friends from Maywood,Gene Moore and Chris Welch as well as there friend from Melrose Park, Ron Serpico!!!
    So my question is, whose side is Angelo Luciano on? Whose side is Paul Gattusso on??Whose side is Don Sloan on??? Surely not on Westchester side, but surely on Melrose Park side and Maywood side.

    By Anonymous Lucianoville, at 9:33 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Lucianoville.....You must be lacking a lot in your life to spend so much time on here. You really are a LOSER!

    By Anonymous lastword, at 10:22 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • skcus oznam said...

    This mailer says it all about Angelo Luciano
    Proviso Herald, April 4, 2007

    Why should residents vote for you in this election?
    “I bring 32 years of experience... My record as a trustee is open to anyone that wishes to challenge my performance..." -Angelo Luciano
    APRIL 2003 Luciano
    campaign literature

    skcus oznam said...
    Angelo’s Report Card read:


    HOWEVER, he or she must have had a brain fart cause they forgot to finish their sentence when they posted the grades. It should have read:

    F for FABULOUS
    F FOR THE PEOPLE (and has been
    for 32 years and ALWAYS will

    skcus oznam, I sure hope you're NOT a teacher!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:20 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • lucianoville.....why don't you get some new material. You're posting the same garbage you previously posted on Paul Revere of Westchester's blog, (which conveniently came to a crashing halt a few months back....hmmmmm).

    Next, why don't you use your OWN last name when you blog????? Could it be you're AFRAID? Or are you embarrassed by YOUR name? I think the answer is YES to both questions.

    And don't pretend to be a Luciano. Wipe your own sorry "arse".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:21 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • kensingtonfamily.....quick question for you...


    By Anonymous mappalled, at 7:32 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • lucianoville & skcus oznam in my previous posts, I forgot to put in MY blogger name......so just to clear the record....I'M not ANONOMOUS....


    By Anonymous mappalled, at 7:35 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • lucianoville.....some of the words in your post confuse me. My 7 year old grandson can spell better than you...bild (did you mean BUILD???? volenteers (did you mean VOLUNTEERS????) insted (did you mean INSTEAD?????)

    GUESS WHAT Not only do the Luciano's know how to spell,

    Instead of cutting up the Luciano's Christopher's, Gattusso's and Sloan's on the blog, use your time more wisely and invest in a HOOKED ON PHONICS CD. I'm POSISITVE you'll benefit from it.

    By Anonymous mappalled, at 7:43 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • I rejected a post b/c it was about a public figures body.

    I haven't been as careful proofing comments lately, so I may have missed some stuff.

    But the rules still apply. No comments about public figures bodies.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 7:55 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • MAPPALLED!!!! Glad you are back! Same old same old.....the SAME LOSERS posting about the Luciano's AGAIN! Do these people ever get tired of being so jealous of other families?

    I see Manzo and Kensingtonfamily are back up to their same old $hit along with some of the other ones. Get a life people....you really are PATHETIC! Oh and LUCIANOVILLE you need to use your own last name. I know the Luciano's and you are no where near worthy of calling yourself that name. Call yourself $hitville, that is more appropriate for you!

    By Anonymous westchesterfan, at 8:29 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • Lucianoville.....you keep posting more and more garbage and can't even back the rumors you start! Go back to LOSERVILLE! You are still the same piece of $hit you were on FOX'S blog.

    By Anonymous westchesterfan, at 8:32 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • Mappalled......Saw your question about the DNA and I could say you are probably right. Read their posts....they both just have diarhea of the mouth!

    By Anonymous Foxinsocks, at 8:41 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • How come no one wants to somment on this? I find it interesting that it is OK to do if it is for the PROGRESSIVE PARTY..

    Maybe MR BUIKEMA can share how HE was appointed to the village board - a back door, illegal meeting with Mr Casey, Mr Sinde and other board members...but I guess it is OK when it is for YOUR FRIENDS. OOPS, I bet you forgot about that one??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:28 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • anon..you are 100% correct. It does seem like they dont want anyone to know that they do the same stuff. These people sound like they are "do what i say not what i do " type of people. I hope they all lose their election...they do not deserve to represent the town of westchester.

    Also, why is this Vince Genove peerson still upset about not being a park trustteee? SHould we be concerned that he wants this so bad? Could he pass a background check? He sure spends a lot of time with boys baseball.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:10 AM, April 16, 2007  

  • Anon you said:

    "they do not deserve to represent the town of westchester."

    You couldn't be more correct, they don't deserve to even call themselves "residents of westchester". Pieces of $hit belong back in the toliet.....FLUSH these IDIOTS away....somebody please! They really STINK up our town.

    By Anonymous vote NO for the Progressive Party, at 12:49 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • WASSZUP???????


    By Anonymous island cooler, at 3:11 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • Don Sloan your despicable!!!

    By Anonymous sloansnemis, at 9:00 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • Seeing as how we have "EYES OF WESTCHESTER"......I'M the "NOSE OF WESTCHESTER".....and I just saw some literature on the Progressive Party......AND.....I smell one Fox/Rat and two more Rats to go with him.

    You had better open your eyes...."EYES OF WESTCHESTER"

    By Anonymous Nose Of Westchester, at 9:01 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • I saw the same piece of literature on the Progressive Party. WOW! What a group photo? It certainly was NOT a KODAK MOMENT!

    By Anonymous Progressive Poo Poo, at 9:04 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • Hey I wonder if Manzo is conducting his Create A Sign Class at Kensington Family's House?????

    Oh, and just an F.Y.I. should lucianoville (a.k.a. Luciano Wanna Be) sign up for your sign writing class.....you'd better help em out..... CAN'T SPELL WORTH A DAMM, and I don't want them to mess up all your hard work on the signs.

    By Anonymous got your number, at 9:12 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • Island Cooler...loved your one word blog (I'm still laughing). Why don't you try to shove some of those DOTS down lucianovillee's(a.k.a. Luciano Wanna Be)throat! Maybe it will put a stop to his diahrea of the mouth.

    By Anonymous Friend Of Dots, at 9:19 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • Hey, Where Are Manzo & Mommie? Are they working on more signs? They should put more signs with the Luciano Name in their window....cause it actually added some CLASS to the business!

    By Anonymous Paul Revere's Neighbor, at 9:24 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • One, Two, Three.....NOT GOOD FOR YOU & ME....


    By Anonymous Fox Trot, at 9:47 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • Sloansenemies you said:

    Don Sloan your despicable!!!

    NOT DON....but hey, thanks for guessing! You win a BIG ISLAND COOLER!



    By Anonymous island cooler, at 8:01 AM, April 17, 2007  

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