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Monday, April 16, 2007

A07, defamatory flyer attacking John Wicks [D88]

To attack the Dorris, Smith and Wicks slate in District 88 (Bellwood & Stone Park elementary schools) there is an anonymous flyer attacking John Wicks (and to a lesser extent Toni Dorris). This photocopied flyer is being distributed with Neighbors in Action literature. Neighbors in Action is a committee affiliated with Bennie Mazzulla.

The flyer claims Wicks was fired from Proviso Township High Schools for “transferring drugs” between the students and Wicks. I was able to confirm from a District 209 source that this allegation is completely without factual basis.

There are various allegations in the flyer, but they seem to be bogus for other reasons.

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  • Typical of Benny the Rat and his side kick Jesse "Wetback"Martinez.Can't expect much from these two high school drop outs, expect that everyone is on to them!
    How can Martinez lie to Karen Yarbrough's face and Charles Flowers face saying he plans to push there ticket in Melrose Park,(when he is working with Welch) and he expects them to push his ticket.I don't think that Yarbrough AND Flowers are stupid enough to believe Martinez's slimey and greasy lies!!
    Benny and his rats are soon going to be history.

    By Anonymous Bellwood voices, at 5:30 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • But getting back to Wicks...does anyone ever wonder why he has never stayed at one place of work for a while? It makes it seem like the rumors about his character are true--or at least, questionable.

    While many say that his dismissal from Proviso West was due to drugs, others claim that it was his indecent treatment towards the female students, while others claim that is was after Welch got in that him and Dorris were let go.

    Which scenario is true or not true, the fact remainds: Wicks must NOT be back at sd88. All he has done is take it to a very low level, and make it the joke of every other district around. Wicks believes that he has power just because he is--so far--an elected official, but what he fails to understand is that now that people have seen his true character, and his true colors, no body wants him around!

    As for Mayor Mazzulla, and Jesse Martinez, I guess now that they are not following the plan that others had, they are back stabers, and the worst...in politics, you win some, you loose some. When you win, be graceful, and when you loose, do the same. No one likes a sore looser.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:52 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • Time to say goodbye
    To Chris Welch and Gene Moore and Brian Cross and ben Mazzulla and jesse martinez ,who never
    Saw and shared with us,
    now, yes, I shall experience them.
    I’ll see you out the door
    On ships across seas
    which, I know,
    no, no, exist no longer,
    without you I shall experience them again.
    We'll go with you and put you 5
    On ships across seas
    Which, I know, no, exist no longer;
    without you I shall experience them again.
    I’ll celebrate to see you go, go far away and never come back!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:05 PM, April 16, 2007  

  • To anon 6:52pm, who the fuck are you kidding?? How can you say Wicks is so bad, but yet Mazzulla and Martinez support Tommy Miller, a pedophile???Mazulla and Martinez also support Ron Anderson, a drug dealer??? Mazzulla and Martinez also support Castrjon, who hired her live in boyfriend and showed everyone when she voted that she did'nt care about conflict of interest???Mazzulla and Martinez supported these scum bag board members, who allowed the children at district 88 go to school which was condemed for Asbestos??Mazzulla and Martinez also supported a prinicpal who had pornography on his school computer????But what can you expect from those bums, Mazzulla and Martinez, they suppoerted handing a $80,000 job to Joe Burdi for a no show job, and also ran with Tucker's wife who was involved for murder for hire schemes, Maybe Mazzulla and Martinez should of graduated from high school to learn what is morally acceptable or maybe thehy should read the bible and make up there minds what is right and what is wrong.Either way both Mazzulla and Martinez will be knocked off poltically and will never again get a chance to run for office, because both are the the lost form of life, there amoebas in our shit!!!

    By Anonymous Fuck You, Mazzulla and Martinez!, at 7:48 PM, April 17, 2007  

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