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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A07, Proviso First Party claims many endorsements [D209]

Proviso First Party is claiming the endorsement of numerous village presidents and Mayor Anthony Calderone of Forest Park. See the Proviso First website.

(With the exception of Calderone the rest of the people who call themselves "mayor" in Proviso Township are really village presidents in village manager forms of government.)

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  • Mazzulla definetly is supporting Welch's slate, as well as Martinez and both wre seen walking this weekend pushing these canidates as well as Welch' slate for district 88.
    My only thought is, what pieces of shit , both Mazzulla and Martinez are.There just very pathetic, and both have ruined there little political careers.

    By Anonymous melrose Park, at 9:37 PM, April 15, 2007  

  • Sunday morning, 209 Board President and Attorney, Chris Welch announced at the Hillside Holiday Inn the formation of “The Welch Group”, a real estate and development company that will seek to engage in partnerships and joint ventures to acquire, develop and promote select projects across the Chicago land area.
    The first project for The Welch Group is in partnership with MRM Development’s project. The project,a billion-dollar project which will be located in the historic Bronzville area, includes more than 1,100 residential units, among them the 866-foot Met 3, the tallest residential tower south of Downtown Chicago, an office tower, luxury hotel, entertainment complex, and the area's first Whole Foods store.
    Welch said creating The Welch Group formalizes his interest in real estate. Welch described his portfolio as already reaching more than $50 million in residential and commercial property.
    "Our primary focus is on landmark locations and real estate offerings that positively impact the way people live. Mixed-use developments with integrated living and `intelligent' designs -- such as The Met - are the prototypical examples of what we hope to accomplish," said Christopher Handy, Welch Group executive vice president.
    This is the largest residential development project in downtown Chicago proper, and it sits on the site where the historical Bronzville Hotel used to be. I am excited about our involvement with The Met and proud to be part of the area's comeback."
    Although financial terms were not disclosed, The Welch Group has a financial stake in The building and will be providing support for the project, the first of many such relationships the company expects to secure. The Welch Group will assist with the sales and marketing of the development, which includes engagement of the Welch Group as part of The Buildings sales team.
    Welch also stated that he is in negotiation to acquire property in Proviso Township, to develop affordable mixed housing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:22 PM, April 15, 2007  

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