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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

HEALTH, death by poverty; dental care

I used to like in Prince George's County, Maryland. In many ways it's like Proviso Township. It's Black and suburban. One can point to indicators that there is wealth, but there is also suburban poverty.

At Daily Kos nyceve wrote Near nation's capital, an uninsured child dies of a toothache based on For Want of a Dentist
Pr. George's Boy Dies After Bacteria From Tooth Spread to Brain
Washington Post (Mary Otto).
By the time [Deamonte Driver's] own aching tooth got any attention, the bacteria from the abscess had spread to his brain, doctors said. After two operations and more than six weeks of hospital care, the Prince George's County boy died.

Deamonte's death and the ultimate cost of his care, which could total more than $250,000, underscore an often-overlooked concern in the debate over universal health coverage: dental care.

Aside from the moral issue of allowing human beings to die for being Black and poor there's a local angle to this story.

One of the things Cook County Board President Todd Stroger wanted to cut completely from the Cook County budget was dental care. Todd Stroger didn't kill Deamonte Driver, but it wasn't for lack of trying. The chief thing that saved Deamonte Driver from being killed by Stroger was that he lived in PG County, not Proviso Township.

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  • The sad thing is that most poor people in America have insurance - Medicaid. But American dentists refuse to treat people with Medicaid or other low reimbursing government subsidized insurance.

    It's a mystery to me that dental schools and dental education can be government subsidized and the government doesn't require dentists to treat a certain number of low-income people a year.

    Most dentists also won't work and/or live in rural or low-income inner cities and leave many people without dental care.

    The problem is that organized dentistry lobbies against any dental or healthcare group that tries to fill the void lest it infringe on their lucrative monopoly.

    Most dentists make more money than most physicians while working fewer days and fewer hours doing mostly cosmetic treatment and offering spa therapy.

    When Dental Health Aide Therapists started drilling, filling and pulling teeth in rural Alaska which has been unable for decades to attract dentists, the American Dental Association and the Alaska Dental Society sued them

    Instead of actually treating America's low-income, dentists organize to throw more fluoride chemicals into our bodies via water fluoridation because "they care so much."
    Or they apply fluoride varnish with an extremely toxic 22,600 ppm fluoride.

    Fluoride is more toxic than lead

    However, there is no evidence that any American is or ever was fluoride deficient; but loads of data showing Americans are dentist deficient.

    Deamonte Driver's water supply was fluoridated and I doubt he was drinking fluoride-free bottled water as dentists claim when tooth decay rates climb.

    In Illinois, where fluoridation is state-mandated, cavities are rising.


    the survey taken in 2003-2004

    55% of Third-graders have tooth decay

    30% have significant decay

    4% needed urgent treatment

    Poor children (received free/reduced-price lunch)

    64% have tooth decay

    38% have significant decay

    7% needed urgent care

    70% of Spanish-only speaking children have cavities

    50% of English-only speaking children have cavities

    The millions of dollars spent on fluoridation throughout Illinois could be better spent actually treating inevitable cavities.

    For more info

    Fluoridation 101

    Fluoridation News Releases

    Tooth Decay Crises in Fluoridated Areas

    Fluoride Action Network http://www.FluorideAction.Net

    Fluoride Journal http://www.FluorideResearch.Org

    By Blogger nyscof, at 6:11 AM, March 01, 2007  

  • County board President Stroger is doing what a responsible elected is supposed to do. Opperate the county on a fiscally balanced budget. He realizes that budget cuts are painful. By not having these services perhaps residents will not be so opposed to having a tax increase.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:22 PM, March 01, 2007  

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