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Monday, February 26, 2007

GOV, zoning application for Westchester strip club [BV, W]

On Wednesday evening the Village of Broadview will hold hearings into a proposal to open a 24/7 adult entertainment venue (aka strip club) south of the Eisenhower and east of Gardener Road. h/t to Westchester Trustee Rick Fox and Westchester Progressive Party for helping to publicize this story.

Under the earlier entry on this story I drew attention to the fact that the owner, Chicago Joe's Tea Room LLC, is represented by James J. Roche & Associates. Roche is the boss of Emanuel "Chris" Welch, the president of the school board of Proviso Township High Schools.

Someone claiming to be James J. Roche denied that his firm represented strip clubs. Technically, I suppose he has a point. The corporation hasn't become an adult entertainment venue yet, it's just an Illinois corporation.

However, the application to the Village of Broadview seems to show James J. Roche as the attorney. The only contact information provided on the application for the owner is Roche's contact information. And Roche is listed as the agent on the Secretary of State's website for the corporation.

A Proviso Probe source informed me that Burt Odelson is the attorney for the Village of Broadview. Odelson is a partner at Odelson & Sterk. Odelson & Sterk and James J. Roche & Associates find ways to enrich each other. So this looks like a situation where the attorneys are smoothing things out behind the scenes. Everybody can make money.

It seems likely that Broadview Village President Henry Vicenik is nervous about losing control of the board in this election. The Broadview TEA Party is running an opposition slate. While granting permission for a strip club will probably lose Vicenik's candidates some votes it will probably score them some major campaign contributions.

Below are the forms filed with the Village of Broadview so you can evaluate Roche's denials.

BTW, Roche denied that he will be at Wednesday's hearings. But his firm has other lawyers: Welch, Leeann Marie Crow, and Kelly Kathleen Kachmarik. Technically, Roche's law firm could represent the corporation without Roche being present.

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  • Robert Cox, Robin Foreman, Janice Johnson, James Boyd, Carla D. Johnson, and Terrase Craig you should be proud to know that your leader, Chris Welch law firm James Roache & Associates will be aiding in building a strip club in the Village of Broadview!

    I was present at NOMCO and had an opportunity to listen to Robert Cox, James Boyd, Robin Foreman, and Janice Johnson. I did not vote to endorse you because each one of you declared your allegiance to leadership of Chris Welch. How could you in your right mind support someone that has helped destroy and kill our kids the past six years because of law suits filed against the school, under the table contract deals, and patronage and incompetent hirings!!
    It was clear to me that if there are three vacancies and your supporting six candidates, you are just looking to gain one seat to keep the destruction and backward movement of our students that Chris Welch has allowed for the past six years!! Do us all a favor and go back to what you were doing before you were pimped to run for District 209 board of education by Chris Welch and his student-killer team.

    By Anonymous Had Enough of Chris Welch Yet?, at 3:34 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • Soon and very soon, Robert Cox, Robin Foreman, Janice Johnson, James Boyd, Carla D. Johnson, and Terrase Craig (Welch's brothers babies momma) will find out Welch is pimping them all.

    By Anonymous Hell yes...we had enough of welch, at 6:06 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • The presient of the 209 high school distirct representing a strip joint in his district is shameful and embarrassing and the Sun Times and Tribune and Fox news should be informed of this, as well as Dateline so a stroy can be written about this heinous crime!! Chris Welch and his tickets in district 88,89 and 209 should not only be beaten at the polls, but they should be questioned on how they can publically support such a deviant,pervert,filthy person such as Chris Welch!!!

    By Anonymous Welch is a deviant pervert, at 7:56 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • Where are all those people who wanted to annex the south of Maywood to Broadview. I guess is not such a great idea after all the financial problems Broadview is having. Maybe yet they could had a strip club to pay for their services

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:52 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • Attention Westchester residents and all good willed people of Westchester, it appears that Angelo Luciano and Brian Sloan(Don Sloan's nephew) have reverted and copied Melrose Park and are trying to convert our local election into a melrose park style thuggery!
    Our Great ex Mayor John Sinde warned us all in Westchester about Melrose Park trying to influence our local town,he warned us to be careful with those individuals who praised and wanted to bring melrose Park influence into our great,proud and honest village!Now since Angelo"Melrose Park's guy in Westchester" Luciano and Don"Melrose Park's guy in Westchester" Sloan have been able to gain undue influence in our village since he has been giving tutelage to our new mayor,they have been systematically harrassing and threatening those who oppose them and who they feel are a threat to them! From crank phone calls,rumor mongering to physically intimidating opposition canididates and their families,Mr. Luciano and Mr. Sloan have decided that there best and only way to win is by threats and intimidation!I believe the physical threats and harrassment and other vile acts being performed by allies of Angelo Luciano and Don Sloan have no bussiness in Westchester.Our Village was never like this and past elections have always been clean elections with open oppostion and debate and respect for others,but the actions of Angelo Luciano's and Don Sloan's friends have crossed the line!!!The most recent act of "political terrorism" was conducted on the filthy,vile blog Proviso Insider which is run by 209 board President Chris Welch,Brian Cross and Don Sloan.On there blog they discussed Don Sloan's nephew Brian Sloan and his run for trustee.Comments made by Luciano and Sloan supporters ridiculed the oppsition and one of his political thugs,Mike Vitek from Westchester even went on to issue a threat towards the opposition ticket!
    These are comment written by them,

    "Rick Fox IS the village idiot. A court jester without the hat, a clown without the red nose"
    "I bet the "lack of Progress" Party
    is upset that Sloan is running...maybe the Divine Infant area will have a Divine Intervention and will vote RICK FOX OUT. "
    "Is it true that Rick Fox is trying to open a gay strip club in Westchester, since his bid with Broadview was turned down?
    "Dont vote for Rick Fox, he may have MAD COW
    "Also, my name is Mike Vitek, and if you have anything to say about me, put it on another blog or come find me on election day (Im sure we can find some way of working your problem out) "

    Now this behavior should not be tolerated!Mr. Fox and the Progress party members should demand from the State Attorney an investigation into these threats and should demand,and we all,Westchester residents should expect and demand that our mayor publically reprimand these individuals for the cowardly behavior and vile acts of political terror!Angelo Luciano as a trustee should also publically condem these acts, and Don Sloan who is an elected township trustee should also publically condem these acts, which are being performed by his and Brian Sloan and Angelo's campaign staff!!
    This behavior should be condoned and show us how desperate Mr. Angelo Luciano's and Brian Sloan's campaign has become.Mr. Don Sloan who happens to be a village employee should be repriminanded and suspended for 14 days and a letter from the village should be placed in his personal file!Luciano and Sloan have let loose there army of paid thugs,Vitek,Robbins,Donny Luciano, Klasinsky and Matezzi and a host of Melrose Park and Maywood thugs to intimidate voters and there oppostion.I understand that Mr. Angelo Luciano and Don Sloan have a lot to lose if they lose the election(real estate deals on Wolf Rd. prarie site,real estate deal at the St. Joseph site,adult bookstores,overtime pay,no accountability at the water commission, and missing money at the commission will never get audited,Don Sloan being promoted to supervisor at the commission with a salary of $110,000,electrical contracts for the luciano's,village jobs for vitek,robbins,klasinsky and matezzi,etc.) but this behavior has no place in Westchester! Angelo Luciano and Brian Sloan should be ashamed!

    By Anonymous luciano's and sloan's thugs, at 9:51 PM, March 05, 2007  

  • Is there anyone out there that does not think these bloggers are a TOTAL JOKE?????

    Loosers - Still pissed off because they were picked on as a child or their mommy didnt breast feed them or whatever!

    I love this poster...

    "(Welch's brothers babies momma)"

    Who talks like this??? You want people to support your candidates for 209?

    I hope you never procreate, and if you have, please stop. You are just creating more burdens on society.

    Thank you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:01 AM, March 06, 2007  

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