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Monday, February 26, 2007

GOV, strip club in Broadview [BV]

I've heard bits and pieces from a couple different sources that Broadview is considering allowing a strip club. The hearing will be Wednesday, February 28.

Anybody have details about the meeting or the proposed strip club?

[UPDATE: Westchester Progressive Party has information on the proposal.
A strip club is seeking application to open on Gardner Road at the Eisenhower, within Broadview village limits, directly across the street from our village.

The applicant is requesting a 24 hour liquor license - 7 days a week for all Adult Uses allowed under Broadview Village Code.

[The meeting is scheduled for:
Wednesday, February 28
7 p.m.
Village of Broadview Municipal Building
2350 S. 25th Avenue

[end update]

[UPDATE2: Even I am shocked that James J. Roche and Associates, the law firm of Emanuel "Chris" Welch, president of the Proviso Township High Schools board of education, is representing Chicago Joe's Tea Room in applying for a permit from the village of Broadview.

[The individual listed on the permit is Joe Inovskis who worked for the Clyde Park District (Cicero) in September, 2003 when he gave $1,000 to the Cicero Good Government Group. The committee supported Ramiro Gonzalez, Frank Aguilar and Michelle Chavez.]

[The only name on the certificate of good standing from the Illinois Secretary of State is James J. Roche, agent.]

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  • My law firm does not represent strip clubs. Your update is an out right falsehood.

    By Anonymous James J. Roche, at 5:04 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • Well, Mr. Roche, what's happening here?

    Is the establishment in question applying to do adult entertainment that isn't stripping? What sort of adult entertainment?

    It is your law firm on the permit application and the incorporation documents, right?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 5:07 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • Mr. Roche, will you be at the hearings Wednesday night?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 5:11 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • My law firm did a real estate transaction and filed articles of incorporation for a new company. After the real estate closing and articles of incorporation were filed, our office was done with any transactions in Broadview. I do not know anything about any strip club, and I do not represent strip clubs. If one is attempting to open up in Broadview, I am against it.

    By Anonymous James J. Roche, at 5:12 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • I will not be attending any hearings in Broadview on Wednesday night or any other night.

    By Anonymous James J. Roche, at 5:15 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • Mr. Roche, I appreciate you making yourself available.

    Your client or former client listed you as the attorney on the application for using the site for adult use.

    Now conceivably a former client could list your firm as representing him or his corporation without your knowledge.

    However, in the blank provided for the property owner contact information Chicago Joe's Tea Room, LLC listed your firms contact information. So, it seems like the only person the Village of Broadview has to contact in this matter is you. There isn't any contact information provided for the client.

    If the client was keeping you "in the dark" why would he give your contact information as the *only* contact information on the application?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 5:23 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • I can't control what a former client does or does not do. I'm sure the client was happy with our services, and just assumed that we were their lawyers for everything. That happens in our business. However, I can tell you with absolute certainty that I have never represented a strip club, and I do not plan to start now.

    By Anonymous James J. Roche, at 5:31 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • Have you ever lied or made misleading statements to further a client's interests? Or to avoid embarrassment or being held accountable for your actions?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 5:38 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • I have practiced law since 1975, and I have never done anything that would call my license into question. Finally, I do not like the filth, trash and lies that you put out on this site. I only visited your site to set the record straight. Have a good day.

    By Anonymous James J. Roche, at 6:47 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • Carl you are dangerously stupid or begging for attention, I can't decide which.

    In your piece, you make the allegation against James J. Roche and his law firm before fact checking.

    By Anonymous Asking for a law suit, at 6:52 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • Dear Probe readers, this issue has been on the table for some time now.The original plan was to have the site in Westchester.The deal was arrigned by the political fixer of Westchester, Don"Big Daddy","OT" Sloan and his side kick Tommy Robbins!The deal was set up by Ron Serpico the Mayor of Melrose Park and his bussiness partner, Anthony Bruno, who were looking to expand there Adult entertainment bussinesses(they have opened three strip clubs and adult bookstores in Melrose Park under Serpico which are owned by his brother) into Westchester after there friends,Paul Gattusso and Angelo Luciano finally took power after the great Mayor John Sinde retired. Mayor Sinde never liked Serpico and never liked Anthony Bruno, nor did he ever like that lazy and stupid Don Sloan. He also never trusted Angelo Luciano because he knew Luciano wanted all the power in Westchester and that Luciano wanted to run Westchester like Serpico ran Melrose Park!!!
    Once Sinde retired Luciano made his moves to take over Westchester. He wanted to run for Mayor but he knew he could'nt win the election, so then he tried to get his nephew elected, but also found out his nephew Donny was very unpopular.So Angelo pulled Paulie"Hotdogs"Gattusso to run for mayor because he was smart enough to realize that Paulie Hotdogs was well liked and more importantly stupid, and would allow Angelo and his Nephew to run Westchester as they seemed fit to run it!With the assistance of Melrose Park, Serpico,Bruno and Bellwood's Pasquale and Maywood's Eugene Moore and Chris Welch they won the Mayor's office by a few votes.Now the moves could be made to enrich the Luciano's even more than before,without Mayor Sinde in the way to stop Angelo Luciano!!!
    Angelo Luciano's first move as secret Mayor was to have Don Sloan and Tommy Robbins set up a meeting between newly elected Mayor Paulie Hotdogs and Melrose Park Mayor Serpico and Anthony Bruno and Luciano.That first meeting was setup to set up the groundwork on how to set a change in zoning so a strip club/adult bookstore could go in to Westchester.Gattusso was on board as well as Luciano and his nephew and park board president Bussa and as well as Sloan and Robbins! Don Sloan was responsible in bring Chris Welch as attorney into the deal,because Welch knew who and how to "slip envelopes" to everyone at the table and Sloan vouched for him!But thanks to one trustee,Rick Fox from Westchester, and other concerned citizens of Westchester who realized zoning manuevers being pushed by gattusso and Luciano could leave open a loophole for this type of bussiness,they brought it out in the open and basically destroyed there plans!So Luciano and Don Sloan approached Broadview and sat down with there people and told them they "had an offer that they could'nt refuse"!Now Broadview was on Board and it was only across the street from Westchester.Everything was being kepted quiet until now, when the Probe exposed them! Now the Mayor of Broadview is stating he is against it, but the bussiness will go to court and will end up winning the court battle and opening up there bussiness in Broadview,only a block away from Westchester!Vicinek,Gattusso,Serpico,Bruno,Pasqasquale,Moore,Welch,Sloan and Robbins will make a ton of money from this and it will only affect Westchester and residents since the adult bookstore/strip joint with a 24 hour liquor licence is in the industrial area of Broadview but is across the street from single family homes in Westchester! Luciano and Gattusso and Sloan were intent on closing a restuarant bar on Roosevelt Rd. in Westchester,which they successfully did, because they did'nt like the owners politics(the owner is an Italian Republican)and because the owner opposed the corruption in Melrose Park under Serpico and Bruno, and was warning Westchester residents about Serpico's new found influence in Westchester under Gattusso and Angelo Luciano and Don Sloan, but yet Luciano and Gattusso and Sloan are quiet about this adult bussiness with a 24 hour liqour licence, where perverts,sexual predators,prostitutes and drug dealers and drunk customers will be!!!I guess its true that Luciano,
    Sloan,Robbins,Gattusso and Serpico will do anything for money,who cares about the Westchester families and community,who cares about our failing schools,who cares that Sloan and Luciano are trying to get DI school to sell there property to a Maywood Church, as long as there making money they don't care at all!!!

    By Anonymous westchester united, at 8:07 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • Why do you assume Roche is telling the truth?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 8:47 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • westchester united....(or should we call you Rick?)...I like how you say that Sloany and Robbins are stupid, but they are the ones who crafted this whole plan...doesnt make sense. You really spent a lot of time writing this story and putting certain people in it...are you suffering from small penis syndrome or erectile disfunction??? It must be one of them because you sure have a lot of time on your hands and nothing in them. I have an idea....walk across the street and go bowling. there is another way you can have balls in your hands.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:54 PM, February 26, 2007  

  • for more info on the meeting and such

    please go to


    By Anonymous NO STRIP CLUB, at 12:54 AM, February 27, 2007  

  • thats an email not a website....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:05 AM, February 27, 2007  

  • I heard the that Westchester and Broadview peoples have been working to kill this for a couple weeks. Please do not claim rick fox and his clan, kings yet..he has done nothing (as is consistent with his past)..just there be a mouthpiece. All form and no substance.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:09 AM, February 27, 2007  

  • westchester united...where do you get this crap? DI selling to a Maywood church ? HUH? Sloan, RObbins, and the rest...do you stay up dreaming this shit up? Get a life or professional help - you need both

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:54 AM, February 27, 2007  

  • Please Come out and fight for your community tommorow night

    By Blogger Anny, at 12:17 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • all of you need to find something better to do with your time....this site is like "my space" for adult...pointless and stupid!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:15 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • To Anonymous who posted, "all of you need to find something better to do with your time....this site is like 'my space' for adult...pointless and stupid"!

    And that is why you have posted here? DUH!!!

    By Anonymous I Am Who I Condemn-DUH, at 6:52 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • regarding anon,10:54am and 2:15pm,AKA Don "OT" Sloan,should'nt you be working at the water commission instead of playing on the internet and blogging on the taxpayer dime???
    Mr. Sloan,how much money have you "stolen" from the taxpayers of Westchester and Broadview since it seems that the 8 hours you log through out your work day for these two communities you instead spend playing politics,talking on the phone and blogging on web sites?No wonder you can't finish your work in 8 hours and instead need to work overtime hours just to do your work that you could have finished on your regular 8 hour shift!If you did'nt have a goverment job, you would have been fired a long time ago if you had worked in the private sector!
    I am very concerned about your behavior, how can someone like you,who has lived off the taxpayers dime, who have benifitted enormously from the goodwill of the taxpayers continue to rip us off!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't you have any shame??????
    What do you tell your children,"Daddy does'nt really work",instead you tell them"Take what you can from your employer,and if they catch you stealin lie and then sue them for wrongful termination"!!!!!!
    No wonder your politically aligned with Gattusso,Angelo Luciano,Chris Welch,Eugene Moore,Ron Serpico and James Boyd!!!Now to top it off you put up your nephew Brian Sloan as a canididate for trustee in Westchester just to split up the vote ,so as to beat Casey,Fox and Doyle, so that you can keep ripping off the taxpayers of Westchester and continue to clock 8 hours at the water agency while sleeping at home and continue employeeing your other nephew and Brian Sloan's brother,Tommy Sloan who also is ripping off the proviso Taxpayers while supposedly working at 209 high school as a janitor, while also never going to work and billing thousands of overtime hours!!
    Shame on you Don Sloan,while you are blogging why don't you tell the westchester residents about how you and angelo luciano helped Melrose Park get a strip joint/adult bookstore just across the street from Westchester and how both Angelo Luciano and yourself brought the Maywood reverand,Claude Porter to Westchester to try to sell him the idea of buying Divine Infant church to bring his Maywood church into Westchester? I am dying to hear what "spin" both Angelo and you will give us!!!

    By Anonymous Sloan and Luciano need to anwser to Westchester!, at 7:49 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • that last comment is completely false. i spoke with father joyce from divine infant and he has never heard of such a thing and reminded me that divine infant is owned by the archdiocese and its not an easy thing to just move a maywood church into an existing catholic church. please stop the bullshit people and stick to facts

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:48 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • Great spin Angelo,Paulie and Sloan, now I know the BS you'll be saying to deny the truth of all your dirty tricks!!!

    By Anonymous Stp Lying Angelo,Paulie and Sloan!, at 10:00 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • Holy crap! A lifetime resident of Westchester...this is unreal. When will the politics of Westchester clean up? I attended Divine Infant...I am active at the church. I am inquiring to the powers that be what the truth really is and will post later in the week once I have had my meeting. As far as a strip club? Not in my community of Westchester. Shame on those individuals that represent Westchester and Proviso Township for having ties in this strip club matter. Are you not also Westchester residents? Do you not want you community to stay clean and rid of filth? Do you want your children exposed to a strip club? Do you want violence and crime to increase due to the fact that we would be luring in those types of individuals with such an establishment? Shame on you....I personally am taking action that a specific Agency investigate all of you at this time. Luciano, Sloan, Robbins, Gattusso et. al We're watching...

    By Anonymous people are watching, at 2:43 PM, February 28, 2007  

  • I have a question for westchester united...

    Where are you getting your information from with regards to who is behind the porn/strip club in Broadview? Do their names appear on the Charter or Articles of Inc.?

    Do you really thing you are "Uniting Westchester" as you say in your name when all you do is come up with crazy nonsense like you have been for quite some time?

    I really want to know what makes you tic.

    Please have the nerve to tell Westchester what you are doing about uniting the community... all I can see by your posts is a desperate person trying to tear that very community apart.

    I welcome your response.

    By Blogger Tnuc_a_si_oznaM, at 2:55 PM, February 28, 2007  

  • What makes them tic is dirty politicians like yourself. We need to rid people like you out of our village and our politics.

    By Anonymous people are watching, at 5:06 PM, February 28, 2007  

  • LOL, I guess this brings me to a couple more questions...

    Since it sounds like "westchester united" and "people are watching" are on the same page (the page where nothing of any great importance is said) why is it that you cant answer any serious or legitimate question(s)?

    Are you only capable of spreading lies and incitement?

    When are the victims (all the good guys you bash not to mention the people of Westchester)going to get relief from politicians, cronies, family members and their friends who only care about being negative never having the courage to step away from this madness and talk about something positive they are doing for the community?

    I say the corruption lies with you, I beg you to have the nerve, the spine to start comming up with what you are going to do for Westchester!

    At the very least, I am still waiting for an answer to my questions to "westchester united" aka Rick "Psycho" Kluzinski. I may be wrong about the author, however, there were several comments made about crossing the street to go bowling. And maybe, just maybe, once the veil is lifted from these "do-nothing-for-my-community" bloggers, they will put up or shut up.

    I dare you to have the courage.

    By Blogger Tnuc_a_si_oznaM, at 10:31 AM, March 01, 2007  

  • people are watching said...

    "I am inquiring to the powers that be what the truth really is and will post later in the week once I have had my meeting..."

    Once again, a prime example of someone who posts, whithout having facts to back up hi/her statements. Not only do they just spew this info out before haveing any resemblence of evidence or proof, they also admit it in their blog.

    I ask the people of Westchester to stand behind the people who actully make a difference (whoever they may be) and not let idiots like "people are watching" and "westchester united" cloud the truth with their fiction.

    I remain.

    By Blogger Tnuc_a_si_oznaM, at 11:13 AM, March 01, 2007  

  • TO: Tnuc_a_si_oznaM

    BRAVO ! ! ! Maybe more people will start to see thru the BS being spewed by Ricky "Klutz"inski, RIcky Fox. Manzo, etc. They are all full of half truths, accusations and lies. Never, have they had an idea of there own and NEVER have they DONE anything. I can get my son to stand up and complain all the time...they need to come up with real solutions. They claim to not have "ties" to people....BULL CRAP. The ties they have are to thiefs and cheats. Thats how they know so much about it. They just want to cast stones....wake up westchester...these people are wolves in sheeps clothing...once they get in / take over an office, you are in deep shit.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:23 PM, March 01, 2007  

  • My concerns are with Don Sloan,Angelo Luciano,Tom Robbins and Paul Gattuso, why are they acting so upset when they were involved with this strip club/adult bookstore?? On Mr. Fox's blog back in Sept.2006 boggers revealed about a plan by Luciano,Sloan,Robbins and Gattusso to try to change a zoning ordinance in Westchester so as to make it easier for these type of bussinesses to move into town.Thanks to the exposing of there plans they had to stop there plans.The plan got pushed into Broadview where Mr. Angelo Luciano's political pal, and Mr. Sloan' and Mr. Robbins pal,District 209 Board president Chris Welch(who has destroyed 209 and put our township high scholl into bankruptcy) was the lawyer representing the strip club and these men,luciano,sloan,robbins and gattusso said they knew nothing of this happening?? OK , how stupid do you think the westchester residents are??Well,Luciano and Sloan and Gattusso think we are really stupid, because now that they hgave gotten caught with there hands in the cookie jar,they have spinned there stories and have acted outraged and even maded gattusso show up at the Broadview meeting acting if he was upset about the strip club!Interesting is that neither Sloan,Robbins or Luciano nor Welch showed there faces at either meeting in Westchester or Broadview,instead they were giving Melrose Park Mayor money at his fundraiser, even though under Serpico's regin three new stripclubs/adult bookstores have opened up in his town and the supposed new owner of the broadview strip club was also seen after the meeting at the fundrasier talking with Welch,Sloan,Robbins and Angelo Luciano!!
    So the Academy Award for best Acots acting surpirised and insulted goes to Don Sloan,Angelo Luciano,Tom Robbins,Chris Welch and Paul Gattusso!!!

    By Anonymous Who you crappin?, at 8:30 AM, March 03, 2007  

  • It is really ironic how the progressive party new so much about the "Strip Club", its whereabouts and all the other information so soon and were "ready"to jump all over it....Mr Fox...how did you know so much? Maybe you are more involved with it than you are leading? See how stupid that sounds????? The people who are making this a political element are showing their true colors - they dont work together and they want to be the knights in shining armor racing in to help the residents. What a bunch of crap. In the best interest of the town, why dodnt you get the message out to all of the people that could have gotten the word out? Why keep it politically motivated? See, you prove again that you dont want to work together with anyone...you just want to get it all for yourselves....and you accuse others of doing the same...very two-faced people if you ask me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:06 PM, March 04, 2007  

  • I cant believe that the valid questions still go unanswered. People who stand by their statements aparently will not be found here.

    OK, lets talk about it...

    Who you crappin had some interesting comments, that is, if you have an IQ a little lower than room temperature. For example:

    "Well,Luciano and Sloan and Gattusso think we are really stupid..."

    Anyone who reads your post can clearly see how stupid you are! I can only guess that your brain is fried from doing too much drugs in the'70's. Get out of the coma and get hooked on phonics! Really, do you read the words that you print? You say absolutely nothing in so many ways, there should be some kind of award for that. I will say that with your wonderful economy of words, I look forward to your next thoughts with great anticipation.

    Does Rick Fox know that you are one of his supporters? Are you Rick Fox? I would not be that surprised.

    Well, whom ever you may be, I would like to tell you that you rank right up there with the rest of the bloggers that are trying to discredit Freedom Fighters like Paul Gattuso, Don Sloan, Angelo Luciano by letting you fat fingers bang away at the keyboard not able to come up with anything but hearsay and poorly written innuendos (pick up a dictionary, if you have to).

    I wonder what the public would have to say if they knew that some of these blogs are coming directly from the very people they elected?

    When will you children learn to get along so that things can actually be accomplished?

    I am surprised that no one has asked the following questions:

    Was the strip club coming from the Manzo camp, the same guy who just folded up shop, closed his bar in Westchester after the community was heard?

    Which town will be subjected to this crap next?

    Will it be a massage parlor in Bellwood?

    Will it be head shops in Hillside?

    Who knows what these ignorant people will do next.

    As many of the posters on this site claim to have the pulse of the community on their side - it is obvious that they do not.

    We will keep closing bars, shutting down porn shops and whatever else you want to throw our way.

    Kinda funny that Manzo dosent try this shit in his hometown of OakBrook, isn't it?

    More real questions, that I am sure will go unanswered, as this is the trademark of a coward.

    Grow up or get out - good people of our township will outlast degenerates like you as long as people like Sloan, Luciano, Gattuso and other honest elected officials are there looking out for the better of the community.

    April is coming and we will be there with the broom to sweep out the trash.

    We all look forward to anyone that can answer these questions.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:37 PM, March 04, 2007  

  • last anon: This comment says it all "When will you children learn to get along so that things can actually be accomplished?". This will NEVER happen with the likes of RICK - blame everyone else- FOX, WILLY -Mr Arrogant- BIKELMAN - and the rest of the TEFLON - Blame the Luciano's gang. If these idiots get any more control in Westchester the town will surely go in a tail spin...

    All of the problems that RICHEY Fox complains about have existed during his whole tenure (4 yrs) on the BOARd - what has he done about it - NOTHING. He does however, continue to blame Luciano and Gattuso for everything. I am not saying I like there ways all the time either, but WHAT HAVE YOU DONE Richey? NOTHING. KEEP ON BLAMIN' EVERYBODY ELSE. Youre good at it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:32 AM, March 05, 2007  

  • Hey Manzo....are you trying to be the "Mini Me" of Tony Peraica? You sure sound like him and even dress like him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:34 AM, March 05, 2007  

  • Attention Westchester residents and all good willed people of Westchester, it appears that Angelo Luciano and Brian Sloan(Don Sloan's nephew) have reverted and copied Melrose Park and are trying to convert our local election into a melrose park style thuggery!
    Our Great ex Mayor John Sinde warned us all in Westchester about Melrose Park trying to influence our local town,he warned us to be careful with those individuals who praised and wanted to bring melrose Park influence into our great,proud and honest village!Now since Angelo"Melrose Park's guy in Westchester" Luciano and Don"Melrose Park's guy in Westchester" Sloan have been able to gain undue influence in our village since he has been giving tutelage to our new mayor,they have been systematically harrassing and threatening those who oppose them and who they feel are a threat to them! From crank phone calls,rumor mongering to physically intimidating opposition canididates and their families,Mr. Luciano and Mr. Sloan have decided that there best and only way to win is by threats and intimidation!I believe the physical threats and harrassment and other vile acts being performed by allies of Angelo Luciano and Don Sloan have no bussiness in Westchester.Our Village was never like this and past elections have always been clean elections with open oppostion and debate and respect for others,but the actions of Angelo Luciano's and Don Sloan's friends have crossed the line!!!The most recent act of "political terrorism" was conducted on the filthy,vile blog Proviso Insider which is run by 209 board President Chris Welch,Brian Cross and Don Sloan.On there blog they discussed Don Sloan's nephew Brian Sloan and his run for trustee.Comments made by Luciano and Sloan supporters ridiculed the oppsition and one of his political thugs,Mike Vitek from Westchester even went on to issue a threat towards the opposition ticket!
    These are comment written by them,

    "Rick Fox IS the village idiot. A court jester without the hat, a clown without the red nose"
    "I bet the "lack of Progress" Party
    is upset that Sloan is running...maybe the Divine Infant area will have a Divine Intervention and will vote RICK FOX OUT. "
    "Is it true that Rick Fox is trying to open a gay strip club in Westchester, since his bid with Broadview was turned down?
    "Dont vote for Rick Fox, he may have MAD COW
    "Also, my name is Mike Vitek, and if you have anything to say about me, put it on another blog or come find me on election day (Im sure we can find some way of working your problem out) "

    Now this behavior should not be tolerated!Mr. Fox and the Progress party members should demand from the State Attorney an investigation into these threats and should demand,and we all,Westchester residents should expect and demand that our mayor publically reprimand these individuals for the cowardly behavior and vile acts of political terror!Angelo Luciano as a trustee should also publically condem these acts, and Don Sloan who is an elected township trustee should also publically condem these acts, which are being performed by his and Brian Sloan and Angelo's campaign staff!!
    This behavior should be condoned and show us how desperate Mr. Angelo Luciano's and Brian Sloan's campaign has become.Mr. Don Sloan who happens to be a village employee should be repriminanded and suspended for 14 days and a letter from the village should be placed in his personal file!Luciano and Sloan have let loose there army of paid thugs,Vitek,Robbins,Donny Luciano, Klasinsky and Matezzi and a host of Melrose Park and Maywood thugs to intimidate voters and there oppostion.I understand that Mr. Angelo Luciano and Don Sloan have a lot to lose if they lose the election(real estate deals on Wolf Rd. prarie site,real estate deal at the St. Joseph site,adult bookstores,overtime pay,no accountability at the water commission, and missing money at the commission will never get audited,Don Sloan being promoted to supervisor at the commission with a salary of $110,000,electrical contracts for the luciano's,village jobs for vitek,robbins,klasinsky and matezzi,etc.) but this behavior has no place in Westchester! Angelo Luciano and Brian Sloan should be ashamed!

    By Anonymous Luciano's and Sloan's thugs, at 9:50 PM, March 05, 2007  

  • Attention Westchester residents and all good willed people of Westchester, Brian Sloan has nothing to do with Luciano or an army of paid thugs or a strip club or a real estate deal...the only thing you know about him is that he used to teach swimming lessons. Politics as usual - bs and false arguments - You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:06 AM, March 10, 2007  

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