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Friday, February 23, 2007

A07, NOMCO meeting [M]

North Maywood Community Organization (NOMCO) held its endorsement session last night.

The meeting was chaired by Maywood Trustee Gary Woll. Woll is a candidate for re-election, so some may consider it a conflict-of-interest for him to chair the meeting.

I didn't attend the meeting. People who did attend are encouraged to leave their observations in the comments.

My understanding is that the following candidates were endorsed for District 89:

  • Duane Black
  • Donna Miller
  • Regina Rivers
  • Della Patterson
  • Lenore Sanchez (two-year term)

And Ralph Harris and Kevin McDermott were endorsed for District 209.

Proviso Insider spins the NOMCO meeting against District 209 board member Theresa Kelly.

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  • Carl,

    The posting from the author of the Proviso Insider, Chris Welch, about Theresa Kelly is false. This exchange never took place.

    Chris Welch uses his “Proviso Insider” blog site as a vehicle to spread vicious lies and defame all those who do not agree with the personal agendas of himself and Gene Moore.

    To Chris Welch, the truth is not important…facts don’t matter…Just the promotion of his agenda at all costs. District 209 is his bank account. “Lil man” Stan is his CEO who delivers false information and promotes Chris Welch’s personal financial agenda regardless of the consequences. Nakita is his business manager who is the keeper of the gate to financial documents and incriminating evidence. Angela McDaniel is now second in command due to her loyalty to Chris Welch’s and Gene Moore’s agenda. In just one year she has received a pay raise of over $35,000. Angela is now making almost double the amount of what her job was originally budgeted. Also, her husband is over the custodial staff. The custodial staff is responsible for posting yard signs for Chris Welch, Gene Moore and their slate of candidates.

    Alexis Wallace, Chris Welch's godmother, oversees his operations at Proviso West and her sister Molester Palm, who just recently assaulted a student, is her second in command. Molester Plam struck this student, and in return, the student beat that ass. There were witnesses. By the way, there should be an incident report...has anyone seen it? And has it been doctored by the usual suspects listed above?

    The Proviso Insider is running a hate campaign primarily against Theresa Kelly for the election in April. But he also smears others every chance he gets. Here's a list:

    Gary Woll, John Wicks, Charles Flowers, Della Paterson, Nichelle Rivers, Karen Yarbrough, Gary Marine, Mike Manzo, Carl Nyberg, Ami Relf, Etc.

    Ladies and gentlemen…If there is anyone I missed…please feel free to list them.

    By Anonymous lil man stan and chrissy's plan, at 11:35 AM, February 23, 2007  

  • "lil man Stan and Chrissy's Plan" uses a broad brush to portray The Proviso Insider, and its alleged author, Chris Welch, as engaging in smear campaigns against a list of targets.

    I agree that much of what I read on The Proviso Insider as well other blogs, including this one, is exaggerated or outright lies. Posters have their differing agendas, some of which are expressed in invectives, name-calling, and the casting of unwarranted aspersions upon others' reputations.

    It is interesting that "lil man Stan and chrissy's plan" paints those who s/he apparently dislikes or with whom she disagrees with the same broad brush that s/he condemns others for employing. Inappropriately general statements such as, "To Chris Welch, the truth is not important", and "'Lil man' Stan is his CEO who delivers false information and promotes Chris Welch’s personal financial agenda regardless of the consequences" are just a few examples. And, obviously, "lil man stan and chrissy's plan" is not above name-calling.

    What is the definition of "hypocrite"?

    "lil man stan and chrissy's plan" is a Teresa Kelly supporter. As such, s/he either refuses to acknowledge or is blinded to the fact that there is much more than a kernel of truth to the condemnation of Teresa Kelly whether from The Proviso Insider or other sources --- condemnation which she richly deserves.

    Even when the exaggeration and outright lies about Teresa Kelly are pared down or eliminated, there is plenty to find wrong with her. There is plenty of information to lead the intelligent and concerned voter to pass her name up on the ballot.

    By Anonymous I Am Who I Condemn, at 1:08 PM, February 23, 2007  

  • Specifically, what are the allegations against Theresa Kelly.

    For what trips are her travel claims unresolved?

    If you don't like the trips she's taken, that really an issue you have with Chris Welch b/c Kelly can't approve herself for trips under Illinois law. A majority of the board members have to sign-off on board member expenses.

    My suspicion is that Welch let Kelly take trips planning to use it as a political issue.

    A number of the allegations against Theresa Kelly are outright false, like the insinuations Fields and Welch made at the September board meeting about the Proviso East Wall of Fame.

    When I hear false allegations mixed with stuff that is not fully sourced then I start to get suspicious that there is a smear campaign happening.

    If Kelly hasn't closed out her travel claims she should. And if she got excessive cash advances then she should refund the balance of the money. But the policy of giving board members cash advances is a bad policy. If it happened it was the responsibility of the superintendent (or CEO) and the board majority.

    But these allegations may be just whisper campaigns and fabrications. I don't think Fields or Welch would hesitate to point local media toward documents that impugned Kelly. So if there isn't hard evidence of Kelly doing something wrong--as opposed to judgment calls about how worthwhile a trip was--why hasn't it been made public?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 1:22 PM, February 23, 2007  

  • Mr. Ed says: Della Patterson? She's worthless. Ask anyone who "tries" to work with her at Proviso. She can never be found. When Jackson (her x lover) was super Della was not required to punch in like the rest of the support staff. So, one never knew if she was present or absent. If she can't do her job at a school, how can she do the job of running a school?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:43 PM, February 23, 2007  

  • Carl asked:

    "Specifically, what are the allegations against Theresa Kelly?" and then later in his post went onto state several of them himself --- "If Kelly hasn't closed out her travel claims she should. And if she got excessive cash advances then she should refund the balance of the money". Then, he lays the blame for her profligate use of funds on bad policy and irresponsibility on the behalf of the CEO and board majority (not exactly favorites of Carl, right Carl?). So, in Carl's view, Theresa Kelly is either minimally responsible or blameless for her extreme avarice. Then Carl states that a number of allegations against Theresa Kelly are outright false, but fails to heed his own admonishments in his post by neglecting to state specifically what those allegedly false allegations are.

    Carl does not hesitate to question the motives and perhaps the reputations of Dr. Fields, Mr. Welch, and the board majority by drawing unsubstantiated and negative inferences about their behavior toward Theresa Kelly, for example, "I don't think Fields or Welch would hesitate to point local media toward documents that impugned Kelly" and "My suspicion is that Welch let Kelly take trips planning to use it as a political issue". If you have no hard evidence of these allegations and it's o.k. for you to put them forth, why is not o.k. for others to make similarly vague allegations about Theresa Kelly?" Is it because you are aligned squarely against Mr. Welch, the board majority, and others?

    What is the definition of "hypocrite"?

    By Anonymous My Bias Is Better Than Yours, at 7:01 PM, February 23, 2007  

  • Mr. Ed,

    How do you know if Della punched in or not? How do you know if she could or couldn't do her job?

    By Anonymous ???, at 1:30 PM, February 24, 2007  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger horses_ass, at 9:17 PM, February 24, 2007  

  • No insulting people by making comments about their bodies.

    My understanding of District 209 clock-punching requirements is that it's somewhat arbitrary. When people fall out of favor they are required to punch a clock.

    So Patterson not punching a clock isn't terribly unusual.

    But maybe some D209 employees can provide some details.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 9:17 AM, February 25, 2007  

  • My problem with the allegations against Theresa Kelly is that they are vague and usually made in whisper campaigns.

    Stan Fields and Chris Welch have access to all the records. If they have something negative on Kelly let's hear what it is specifically. Let's see the records to back it up.

    I don't have full access to District 209 records. If I have been mistaken in anything I've written about District 209 I would be happy to correct it.

    But dismissing both sides as being "opinions" and embracing what you want to believe is lazy and dishonest.

    There are some facts that can't just be dismissed as "well that's the way so-and-so wants to see it".

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 9:20 AM, February 25, 2007  

  • The defintion of a hypocrite is CHRIS PUNK ASS WELCH! The defintion of a LIAR is CHRIS PUNK ASS WELCH!

    Evidence: He lied to Proviso about building a magnet school. He and the board majority (a bunch of DUMMIES AND FLUNKIES) spent over 40 million dollars on PMSA. What a waste of money. Where is the money Chris that was supposed to go to East and West?

    He lied about ending patronage hiring and CONTRACTS!

    He lied about his parents dying in a car crash. His illiterate father is still alive and his mother is still wiping peoples' ass in St. Louis.

    He lied about giving the citizens of this community the right to speak at board meetings. Chris Welch is worst than Manzo. Chris PUNK ASS WELCH does not allow people to speak at board meetings because he is afraid someone will critize him and call him out on all the LIES he has told the community for the last six years. He is also afraid of embarrassment that someone will call him a DISGRACE to the Black community. HE IS A DISGRACE TO ALL BLACKS! AND NICOLE TROTTIE NEEDS HER ASS BEAT FOR PUTTING CHRIS WELCH'S PICTURE IN HER PAPER FOR HONORING BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

    By Blogger chrissy_is_pissy, at 9:57 AM, February 25, 2007  

  • To Mr. Ed with the ONE BIG TOOTH THAT HANGS DOWN IN FRONT OF YOUR MOUTH! Everyone knows the person with the ONE BIG TOOTH that works at Proviso! Go to the DENTIST and SHUT UP! 1-800-DENTIST, how may I help you?

    How much did Chrissy promise you for making comments toward Patterson? Are you a disgruntled Proviso secretary with no life?

    By Blogger chrissy_is_pissy, at 10:01 AM, February 25, 2007  

  • Lil man Stan and Chrissy Welch are running with their tails between their legs.

    Why are they so afraid of a little senior citizen black woman?

    So sad...

    Tito...give me a tissue...

    By Anonymous See lil man stan run, at 9:07 AM, February 26, 2007  

  • I just noticed the blog on NOMCO nominations for trustee, along with the comment that some think that since Gary Woll was the moderator that there may have been a conflict of interest since he is also a candadate.
    I would like to refute that comment, because I, as president of NOMCO was the moderator.
    We also made no endorsements without a 2/3 majority vote of members present.
    There was no conflict of interest on Mr Woll's part.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:24 PM, April 12, 2007  

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