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Monday, September 11, 2006

F07, Jesse Jackson, Jr. supporters visit Carothers' office [29TH WARD]

In apparent response to Ald. Ike Carrouthers [sic] comments in Friday's Defender....Congressman Jesse Jackson has proven that he at least knows were the 29th Ward Aldermans office is located as his Political signs (Jr.) Miraculously appeared overnight on the Aldermans [sic] Madison & Austin office Windows.

Here's a little of the background. See Chicago Defender (Demetrius Patterson) for more background.


  • There's something fishy about this. Does anyone believe that Jesse Jackson jr would tell anyone to do such a foolish thing? Like him or not, I don't think the man is that stupid. This has an inside job written all over it. I wonder how was Carl contacted so quickly whereas he was able to go and get a picture. I bet someone from Ike's camp called Carl.

    By Anonymous Obviously a set up, at 11:56 AM, September 11, 2006  

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