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Saturday, September 09, 2006

POL, Todd Stroger using Odelson & Sterk

Tony Periaca, the Republican candidate, questioned Stroger's latest campaign expenditures even before Stroger spoke. NBC5's Mary Ann Ahern reported that on one date in August, the record of campaign expenditures was amended three times, fluctuating by more than $500,000....

Bert Odelson, Stroger's attorney, said an audit would be able answer any questions about the finances. Odelson said the audit would take about three weeks.

Bert Odelson is a partner at Odelson & Sterk, the law firm used by District 209. The firm has been generous to Chris Welch's political campaigns, among others.


  • Two men who spent their life goal of working for corrupt individuals and groups are Odleson and Sterk. As the title of the comment implies we are not looking for dialogs, nor believe in "political-correctness".
    We know our enemy WELL. We will refer to all of those who defend or apologize for The Beast (at any level) as CULTISTS. So for those "cultists",such as Proviso Guru, we recommend to get a bottle of Jim Jones Kool Aid and have a party or have a Charles Manson LSD sit in and groove till your ass falls off or maybe a Rev Moon wedding.
    There is ZERO tolerance for anyone who thinks corruption or working with Welch,Serpico,Calderone,Mazzulla,Bruno or Pasquale can be handled through diplomatic means.
    Supporting a canididate supported by Welch,Serpico,Moore,Pasquale is not cool (You are NOT a cultist YOU are an asshole).
    Cultists and there supporters(you know who you are) may only be referred to as THE BEAST , Assassin, Murderer, Thug, and any other sobriquet that denotes these animal's true nature are highly encouraged.
    We are PRO-USA, RIGHT WINGERS and NO ONE is exempt of criticism.
    With that out of the way, any left wing, liberals, demoRATS ('RATS to us) may just kiss our very asses.
    We strongly believe the USA is the last hope mankind has to realize ever lasting peace. If anyone, (regarding of political affiliation) compromises the safety and security of this country they will get blasted.
    So there you are not many rules, just enough so this the Cultists can not hijack these pages as a propagandist beach head, 'cause:
    We KNOW the BEAST, we have lived in its bowels!
    We hold no punches. Our main purpose is NOT to debate our opposition but to annihilate it!

    By Anonymous Kill Corruption, at 5:07 PM, September 09, 2006  

  • If Srroger has anything whatsoever to dowith the likes of Moore-Welch gang, I am off the Democratic reservation just like Claypool

    By Anonymous Informed voter, at 7:25 PM, September 09, 2006  

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