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Saturday, August 19, 2006

ED, what should stakeholders do to improve education? [D209]

observer wrote:
I would tell Fields to hold his ground against the Board members. Welch, Flowers and Kelly are strong personalities. They will be his biggest challenge. If he learns how to manage the board, he will be successful. I would also tell Fields to trust but verify. There are so many snakes in Proviso politics, that he has to always trust but verify. Finally, I would tell Fields to ignore the pundants [sic]. People like Seth Stern, Carl Nyberg and Kevin Beese (before he disappeared), know nothing about government other than to act as critics. Ignore them and he will be okay.

Consider Proviso Township High Schools (District 209). What is the proper role of the media? Board members? Superintendent? Administrators? Teachers? Other staff? Parents? Students? Taxpayers? Voters?

What do we want from Proviso Township High Schools? What do each of the stakeholders need to do differently to achieve these goals?


  • It's not that Welch , Flowers and Kelly have strong personalities, it's that the three of them are people with low self esteem , who when given a chance try to impose there wills on others, even though all three of them are social misfits!
    Welch is the most successful of the bunch, but his ego is bigger than the State of Illinois,thus he really does'nt care about anything other than if it makes him look good. Welch has talent and has made mistakes, but is definelty the best person out of the lot!

    Flowers is basically a very miserably individual , who is angry at the world for his failings, do to his lack of motivation, than he loves to tell others whats wrong with them, but yet can't fix his own life.He uses the school systems as his personal "feel good" about himself agenda! Flowers has failed as ateacher,adminastrator and has no been able to land a significant job in education, ever since he got into the profession! His personal life is in tatters,having married and divorced three times, so basically,the two most important part of a person's life,his family and profession, Flowers has failed! Now Flowers feels that he is worthy of something, if he can get elected and spout his failed philosophy on education and on life to others! His goals is to make his life meanful, on the back of the taxpayers and children of Proviso, and if he fails once again,like he did at 89, he will probably become hostile and even more vengeful; than he already is!

    Kelly is just a egotistical old lady, who looks to the school board as away to be"somebody" in the social life of Maywood!She does'nt have a clue about education, but wants to be so accepted by the "in " crowd of Maywood, that she'll fight,lie and steal to stay in Power!Kelly is really a joke with her wigs,tight jeans and low IQ!
    So yes, Fields biggest challenge is keeping these three in line, and hopefully working with Welch to truely do the right thing for the children, helping Flowers get a real job in a school district somewhere else than Proviso and helping Kelly continue to be the the "popular girl" of the Maywood "in " crowd!

    By Anonymous Fields, read and learn, at 6:57 PM, August 20, 2006  

  • This previous comment reflects how ignorant and stupid some people of Proviso Township really are. If people really think that Welch is the best of the three they have no clue on what is really going on at Proviso .

    The previous comment is just random babble that is not helping the current disaster Proviso is in. The comment just perpetuates the nigger shit that is ruining our schools.

    Out of all the board members that sit on 209's board the previous comment pin points and personally attacks Kelly and Flowers, . There is nothing of substance in the comment, but just peronal attacks and garabge. What about the other five board members?

    Please only add comments that will uplift and resolvethe problem at 209. You shouldn't let everyone know your IQ is low.

    By Blogger hat_off_2da_hack, at 10:55 PM, August 20, 2006  

  • Maybe the stakeholders should research and start education based initiatives and programs to raise student achievement.

    The last board president to start any educational initiatives and programs was Theresa Kelly.

    The current board president Chris Welch has not introduced one educational program and/or initiative during his tenure.

    Then again, there have been plenty of construction and hiring of friends and relatives of the majority board.

    In order to improve education at District 209, board president Chris Welch and board members Danny Adams, Sue Henry and Shirley Madlock must leave the board. The board majority is too politically aligned to do any good. And they have proven this time and time again.

    Our students will always lag behind as long as Chris Welch is president, and as long as the focus is on construction and hiring and not on educational initiatives and programs.

    By Anonymous No new educational initiatives, at 11:40 AM, August 21, 2006  

  • hmmmm...no new educational initiatives? You are so wrong. The last time I checked, the Board President is just one vote and is only the designated spokesperson on the Board. Chris Welch and most of those on the Board have been on the Board since 2001. Everyone knows Welch did the thinking for Kelly, and he wrote her speeches. She couldn't even pronounce most of the words in the speeches. Also, the last time I checked, Welch pushed hard (despite heavy opposition) for the very successful PMSA. He also fought for the East/West Magnet program. Welch also led the charge for the new superintendent. He said the board was committed to doing a search, and they did one. However, I'm sure you know that, but it's irrelevant to you because you would never admit the good Welch or anyone in the majority has done. I look forward to Welch and the Board majority accomplishing some great things with this new superintendent.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:07 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • The last comment was mine.

    By Anonymous K.C., at 1:12 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • I guess a fool is what a fool writes! K.C., I've described you twice already. I'm glad you took ownership.

    The magnet school that was orchestrated by Chris Welch and the majority board has cost the tax-payers more that $40 million dollars and the costs are still rising. There is no way to justify this high price tag for the 102 students currently attending.

    There are over 5,000 students that attend Proviso High schools…with that said, the 40 million dollar PMSA students make up less than 1% of the overall student body. Based on those numbers, we just spent $392,156.86 per PMSA student! This may make sense in your warped mind, but any rational person will tell you its fool’s gold (perfect for you). Our resources would have been better served if we would have taken those resources and funneled them back into the 2 previous existing schools. You know, the 2 that are on the academic watch list. So, in essence, Chris Welch is responsible for degrading educational opportunities for the masses just to upgrade them for a few. And this is the gentleman you put your trust in? God bless…

    In other words…and as I stated before, there have been no new educational initiatives under Chris Welch’s tenure as school board president. There have only been increased spending and nepotism under his regime.

    Here’s a small list of educational initiatives and programs that were started under Theresa Kelly’s term as school board president. During her tenure as President, Theresa Kelly founded the Dad’s Program, reinstituted the attendance policy that caused a 14% rise in student attendance. Theresa Kelly instituted evening school and “Project Read Proviso”. These initiatives focused on strengthening the educational process, raising standards and increasing student achievement. Theresa Kelly established the critically acclaimed “National Algebra Project” as well as community monthly town hall meetings to spur community involvement and encourage parents to take part in their children’s education. Theresa Kelly is a pillar in the community and a fixture at Proviso events, weather it’s chaperoning the band or assisting the teenage pregnancy program, Kelly is always available for students and concerned citizens. This is just the short list of educational initiatives and programs established by Theresa Kelly during her tenure.

    They say mimicry is the highest form of flattery! If you check Welch’s campaign website, you will find that in order to put himself in a better light with the voters, he listed all of the initiatives that were started during Theresa Kelly’s presidency and disguised them as his own. Its one thing to have a strong personality…it’s another thing to be deceptive and dishonest. Welch seems to have the latter down to a science.

    You can write insults until the cows come home, but until you write factual information, my first sentence becomes you.

    By Anonymous No new educational initiatives, at 1:57 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me. You are clearly Kelly or a close family member because you write with no objectivity. Again, check your facts, Kelly was a Board president. How many board members does it take to pass an initiative? Did Kelly have more than one vote? Also, if you are so quick to give Kelly the credit for her so called initiatives, are you also quick to blame her for Proviso's deficit spending problems. I hear they are at about $28 million in deficit spending now. Oh, is it a conincidence that Proviso's over spending started around the time Kelly started on the Board in 1998 or 1999? I think not. I think they go hand in hand. Kelly has bankrupted Proviso. Is it because of the all the trips she takes and lavish meals she eats at taxpayer expense? Probably. Also, even Stevie Wonder can see that PMSA is a big success. Ask the whiz kids who enrolled there and appeared on Channels 2, 5 and 7 last week. The school was built for students for years to come, but they are phasing the school in one year at a time. Whatever the number of students there now, the school will someday be at full capacity. But again, you are not trying to educate people with real facts. You just want to name call and whip on Welch.

    By Anonymous K.C., at 2:15 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • Ok, so when a fool writes...I have no choice but to answer. Thanks K.C.

    Actually, I'm not Kelly or a family member. I was born and raised in Maywood so I am very aware of the trials and tribulations that encompass our youth. I take pride in my community and I will stop at nothing to make our district a better place. If that means I have to expose Chris Welch...then so be it.

    Theresa Kelly realized that educational initiatives were needed to raise student achievement. That is why she is credited for these initiatives. Kelly made an objective case to the board regarding these educational initiatives and the members responded to her leadership by pushing these programs along without the political ramifications and distractions that are present during Chris Welch's regime. This is why Kelly was successful at raising test scores, the attendance rate, the graduation rate, community involvement and creating national exposure for Proviso High schools.

    Welch's actions speak volumes for him, from his obvious nepotism, to his political affiliations. To bad mouth Welch is not hard, but to find some good in what he has done to my community is futile and basically unheard of.

    Again, Welch has made the 5,000 students that attend Proviso East and West the sacrificial lambs for the 102 PMSA students to feast. And yet, this is who you trust.

    Theresa Kelly has brought back 7.5 million dollars to District 209. Theresa Kelly has the trust and the backing of the community. What has Welch brought back besides increased spending, political alignments and his godmother Alexis Wallace?

    Oh, and that 28 million deficit you mentioned...there was a little man called Manzo who was president around that time. Figure it out.

    Again, when you become a rational free thinking person, then you will see these truths to be self-evident. Until then, tell Gene Moore I said hi!

    By Anonymous No new educational initiatives, at 2:51 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • No new educational intiatives you are so pathetic. Are you forgetting that Welch and his majority brought back 12.6 million dollars for the East/West Magnet Program? Are you forgetting that PMSA has people talking about Proviso in a positive manner again? Are you forgetting that the new superintendent is a proven leader and will fix the mess that Jackson, Manzo and Kelly created? If you believe people don't like Welch, you are in for a real surprise come April. A school board election and a state representative election are two different races. Wait and see. Poll your community leaders that matter. Who will support Kelly other than Yarbrough? And from what I hear, Yarbrough doesn't want to support her either. Kelly is washed up. Kelly can keep popping up in churches that she hasn't been in for over 3 years and you can keep writing this nonsense, but people know Kelly is done. Stick a fork in her big fat behind.

    By Anonymous K.C., at 4:34 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • Ahhh...

    A politician speaks!

    Nothing like bringing up an upcoming election along with a few lies, extremely ugly personal attacks and blasphemous words to try and help rah-rah the troops huh?

    I mean...I must say, that was extremely ugly.

    You know, it's hard for a rational thinker and a Christian, like myself, to stoop to those levels and actually answer the comments you posted. This is bigger than that...I mean, this sounds personal...down right angry!

    I'm concerned...

    How's life...I mean really...are you ok? You know they got clinics for that...For real...you're scary.


    By Anonymous No new educational initiatives, at 5:39 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • No New Educational Initatives a well done response to WELCH THE BTICH, but please let me go gutter with KC or the BITCH WELCH.

    People, KC is the Bitch Chris Welch. I don't know of any man that acts like such a BITCH like Welch. He whines, monas, and poots to all the mayors. He goes around and gossips and spreads rumors and lies. If you look BITCH up in the dictionary, Welch's picture kissing Gene Moore ass will appear. Or maybe KC is his BITCH of a fairy godmother the principal at Proviso West. They both look a like and act alike, very strange. Has anyone every seen them together? Are they like Michael and Latoya Jackson?

    Welch is sick and does not exhibit any male qualities, but acts like a BITCH. When you act like a BITCH, you get treated like a BITCH. Remember how Pasquele treated you like a Bitch during the state rep. election. Remember how your fraternity treated you like a BITCH during the State Rep. election. Wait a minute, Remember how the entire 7th district treated you like a BITCH just last March.

    KC or The BITCH WELCH states that a school board election is different from a State rep campaign and I agree in certain aspects. But how is it different for the BITCH WELCH? It seems to be very similiar for the BITCH in you Welch. You used the school's money, resources, and contractors to pay for both campaigns. The only difference is, is during the school board election you did not have as many enemies, but during the State Rep. campaign EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS. And guess what BITCH WELCH......EVERYBODY STILL HATES CHRIS AND WILL HATE CHRIS COME APRIL! Your time is up BITCH! When you get that jail time handed down, you will really be the BITCH to your cell mate Al.

    Welch is the KING BITCH!

    By Blogger Everybody-Hates-Chris, at 6:08 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • How does Welch have so much time on his hands? He has time to steal from Proviso, act as a boot leg lawyer for 88, run around town as a man whore, run a failed campaign, and write bullshit on the blogger? How does he find the time? He is so multi-talented. Yeah right!

    Welch will flood this blogger with crap about others to put the focus off on them and not him. If you notice, Welch took a much needed break from writing on the blogger when he lost the state rep. election. Now the school board election is in April, he will again do the same low down dirty 209 candidates. This guy is a waste of peopeles' time. He is done with. Just ask ummm.....the Italian mayors. The ones he loved so dear, but now treat him like dog shit.

    By Blogger hat_off_2da_hack, at 7:21 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • Maybe board members should serve by way of a hybrid appointment process. Applications for postions would be taken and evaluated. Then a slate of candidates would be submitted to the electorate.

    By Anonymous buzz flash, at 10:50 PM, August 21, 2006  

  • To: Buzz Flash

    Oh, you mean more red tape, impropriety and collusion.


    Try again...

    By Anonymous Buzz Kill, at 8:45 AM, August 22, 2006  

  • The salary of the new District 209 Superintendent was budgeted in the range of $140,000 to $160,000, but, the majority board members voted to approve Stan Fields (new superintendent) contract for $180,000 plus incentives and bonuses. That's $20,000 over budget.

    The majority board approved a request by Alexis Wallace to have next years graduation ceremony at UIC at a price tag above $20,000. That's not including flowers, invitations and other incidentals.

    The majority board approved the pretty and expensive yard sign in front of PMSA at a price tag of $55,700.

    Again, if we want to improve education in District 209, Chris Welch, Danny Adams, Sue Henry and Shirley Madlock must cease to exist in our district.

    This is absolutely irresponsible spending...especially in a cash strapped district with 2 schools on the academic watch list.

    Oh...and the 2 parents who rendered a highly critical critique of PMSA. I will list some of their comments later today...much to the chagrin of K.C.

    By Anonymous No new educational initiatives, at 10:36 AM, August 22, 2006  

  • Hey Carl, what happened last night about that Proviso employee who was rejected for a transfer? Why did'nt anyone second Welch?Why did they do that? Is Welch losing his juice or jiszm??

    By Anonymous need to know, at 4:39 PM, August 22, 2006  

  • According to the media reports I have read, the new superintendent in Proviso is a financial whiz. He will earn that additional money the board paid him, and he will find $20,000 in his first day on the job. There are so many people who are taking advantage of Proviso and milking the system. I'm sure this new guy will not tolerate incompetence or they will be cut. He will not tolerate waste. It will be cut. Look at his record. Also, no new educational initiatives continues to speak against Welch, Adams, Henry and Madlock, but never talks about how unprofessional Kelly, Flowers and their friends are at the meetings. I have no problem with them voicing their concerns. Many of them are valid. However, they speak out of turn all the time. They are rude in tone and demeanor, and it makes Proviso look awful. Then, it seems every time Kelly's god daughter is at a meeting, a fight breaks out. When will Proviso people see that the real problem is not Welch and his crew. The real problems at Proviso have dated back to 1999. They are Kelly, Flowers, Amy Relfs, Keisha Coleman, Della and Carlos Patterson, and a few others like Pam Jolly and Dorothy Ray. They are evil doers stealing from taxpayers and causing havoc in the schools. Carlos Patterson assaulted a Proviso Dean at the Board meeting on Monday, and he threatened physical violence toward a woman. But Kelly wants people like that around our kids. Come on no new education initiatives.

    By Anonymous Proviso Reader, at 5:37 PM, August 22, 2006  

  • Whenever we look at quotas of success or failure based on skin color, I ask why we are wasting time looking at this… is the makeup of the NBA based on skin color or performance results? When your wife is hit by a drunk driver, do you care what skin color of the offender is involved? When looking at SAT or ACT test scores, is it skin color that matters? FICA scores don’t adjust up or down on skin color. Is the racial mix of professional boxers the “correct” ratio? Is the racial mixture of jailed offenders “correct” along the Mexican-American border? One more… see if you can find the racial mixture of those paying all US and IL income taxes. Do you think that the skin color mixture is “correct”? If we are going to mandate SOME things be done based on skin color or sex or ethnicity, then we need to do it for EVERYTHING, which will include $$$ received for welfare, WIC, etc. We will need to adjust the $$$ paid to all property taxes and incomes taxes to correctly reflect skin color percentages… right?

    So fields, forget about race in Proviso, eventhough some morons want to talk about and blame whitey for the problems, just get rid of all the useless baggage in Proviso and spend the money on the children and teachers and everything will turn up ok!

    By Anonymous it's not about race Flowers, at 6:32 PM, August 22, 2006  

  • Proviso Reader did Welch give you a job? Are you unqualified like Wallace nappy headed ass, Walton big back ass, Watson, and Mcgee. This last comment is from maybe Lisa "special ed" Walton, or Mana "I'm stealing from the union" Johnson or Rogers "I will do anything Libka Says" Maybe it is Wallace's sister Lester Palm the pretty monkey.

    It is amazing how Wallace and her crew of ignorant ass niggers are allowed to run chaos within the school. Wallace time will soon be up. I guess Walton, Palm, and Wallace have to send ignorant gigantic whores to meetings to cause chaos, because they are scared to do their own dirt. Woman UP BITCHES! You can't blame these dumb bitches because they are protecting their two bit jobs, because come April there is a new sherriff in town.
    Wallace has fought like the ugly nasty dog she is for Welch and to her surprise it is over.

    By Blogger it_is_a_wrap, at 6:54 PM, August 22, 2006  

  • Just checking out the scene stated:

    I attended the meeting and could not believe how disrespectful and rude Wallace is to parents and administrators. She is abrasive to staff and parents. Is it true that she calls parents to attend the board meeting to complain against other staff? She needs to be very careful someone is going to blow the whistle on her and her deceitful ways. The baptist has back slided!

    People Welch will be over in April. He will completely be abolished in two years when he runs for State rep. and school board at the same time. Let's just kick Welch where it hurts in his pockets. Call the feds!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:41 PM, August 22, 2006  

  • Ahhhh, be careful what you wish for...Say my name…and like Candy Man, I'll appear!

    Thank you "Proviso Reader" for the invitation.

    Here's a rarity...I would have to agree with the "Proviso Reader", Stan Fields is a "financial wizard".
    I agree...I mean, anyone who can fill a job with a budgeted salary of $140,000 to $160,000 and actually receive $180,000 is a financial wizard! Let's be real...he turned nothing into a quick $20,000 payday for himself, with the tip of his hat and a wave of his wand! Fields is definitely smarter than Chris Welch and the board majority...and he can take that to the bank.

    Now, is this the result of Fields being a financial wizard or is this the result of Welch and the majority board members, Danny Adams, Sue Henry and Shirley Madlock being financially irresponsible? If you check my previous postings and District 209 financial records, you will find the latter to be true.

    To break this down further, I will present a few cases that show a pattern of financial irresponsibility perpetrated by Welch and the majority board members. Let’s start with the politically connected Angela McGee McDaniels.
    McDaniels current position was previously budgeted for $40,000, yet when she was hired, the majority board voted and approved her salary for $70,000…she currently makes $75,000.
    I’ll follow this up with Carl Hastings, you may know him as the Mayor of Orland Hills. His position at District 209 was originally budgeted at $70,000. Hastings salary was approved for $100,000 by Welch and the majority board.
    Next up, Tony Santiago, he was given a “newly created” position to oversee the custodians. Although, there is a custodial manager in every building which is more than adequate, he was given a salary from Welch and the majority board for $100,000.
    And last, but not least, we have Robert Libka. When Libka was voted in by Welch and the majority board to be CEO (because he does not have a superintendent certification), they approved his salary at $150,000. I find it highly disturbing that this gentleman makes more than Phyllistine Murphy ($125,000), and she has her superintendent certification. Libka’s position should have commanded the same salary as Phyllistine Murphy. And for the record, Welch has already promised Libka a high paying administrative position within District 209. Welch told his campaign base about his promise in their meeting last week at Gene Moore’s 5th Avenue headquarters.

    This type and pattern of financial irresponsibility in this “cash strapped” district is despicable and totally unacceptable. In order to restore good faith and community confidence in District 209, Chris Welch, Danny Adams, Sue Henry and Shirley Madlock must cease to exist in our district. I am unequivocally calling for their departure!

    Please clarify this for me…when you cite improper behavior at the board meetings, are you referring to the time when our school board president Chris Welch challenged Richard Klyzinski to a fight? Or are you referring to the time when Chris Welch threatened Mike Manzo with physical violence, and actually took off his jacket to fight Manzo? Ok, if it’s neither one of those, it must be the time when Chris Welch’s anger boiled over and in a profanity laced tirade, challenged Kenneth Leggins to a fight, when Leggins called Welch a “disgrace to the black race”. I guess the truth hurts in more ways than one! I’m sorry, but I find this unprofessional and inappropriate behavior unbecoming for a board member, let alone a board president.

    I am totally fed up with this type of behavior displayed by Welch and his majority board. Has anyone noticed that there are 5 mics set up for board members to make comments? Each member of the majority board has a personal mic, while the board minority has to share 1 mic. Just like District 209 has a dual, separate and unequal educational system when you compare East and West to the PMSA. So is the treatment of the majority board members to the minority board members.

    To comment on the Carlos Patterson incident. Alexis Wallace, Delester Palm, Welch and the majority board planted Jamie Hixson at the board meeting for one reason only, to try and provoke Ami Relf to a physical confrontation. Being that Ami is well aware of their tactics, she didn’t give in to the constant verbal assault perpetrated by Hixson and walked away with intentions of leaving the building. Hixson, followed Relf down the hallway continuing her profanity laced verbal assault and decided to call Patterson, who was walking with Relf, a “punk-ass nigger”. Patterson didn’t take to kindly to this immature behavior and proceeded to ask Hixson, “Do you know me?” That’s when the security guards rushed in to intervene. There was no physical violence displayed or threatened towards Hixson. There was no assault on the dean in question. Please remember, these schools are loaded with cameras and best believe all this has been caught on tape. So, if you would like to convince the readers of the Proviso Probe…make the tape available for all to view…

    My advice to you…if you would like for me to stop my relentless onslaught on Chris Welch and the majority board’s record, you should cease and desist from saying my name!

    I’ll be your Huckleberry!

    By Anonymous No new educational initiatives, at 11:38 AM, August 23, 2006  

  • Just Checking Out the Scene stated:

    WOW! No New Educational Initiatives you really told it like it is. I was there and saw the whole thing! Welch and his puppets don't like people that speak out against the injustices that they are doing to children. It is sad that a dean from Proviso, Walton and Palm and the principal from Proviso Wallace, purposely had that ignorant woman Jamey Hixs act like the gorilla she is. She needs to be locked up in a zoo along with Walton the bear and Palm the ape. Ms. Wallace will sweep this under the rug and knows damn well that crazy woman should have been arrested. Wallace is not the Christian she portrays. She is a liar like Welch and will stab you in the back just as sure is her name is Alexis. She is a dirty dog. The scum of the Earth.
    The people in the bulding don't like Wallace and can't wait to see her gone. I think she knows that her days are numbered at Proviso, so she acts the way she does because this will be her last year. I don't like Welch and never have. I knew he was a compulsive liar. So, I am going to work my ass off to get him out of there in April. The people who have done dirt for Welch will see what really matters come April. Once we are able to kick Welch out then the rest of his unqualified ignorant crew will follow

    No More WELCH No More Wallace..... NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:52 PM, August 23, 2006  

  • Welch is an ass. He has lost everything except Gene Moore and rumor has it that their love affair is on a rocky road. Welch plays dirty and people have given him to many passes for to long. It is over now. When you play dirty you get dealt with dirty.

    By Blogger Everybody-Hates-Chris, at 9:33 PM, August 23, 2006  

  • No New Educational Initiatives you ripped Welch and his posse a new butt hole. Job well done! Please forward that to the Forest Park Review and the Herald.

    People at Proviso are elated from your comments! It is all around Proviso West. You get a standing ovation!

    By Blogger hat_off_2da_hack, at 10:47 PM, August 23, 2006  

  • Question, why did Welch holler at Nyberg during the meeting, but did not respond to the white lady with the white hair who asked the board members to speak up. Are there different rules for different people? Welch needs to be consistent and fair. Never mind, that's like asking for Santa to bring me a Porsche for Christmas

    By Blogger hat_off_2da_hack, at 11:16 PM, August 23, 2006  

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