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Friday, August 18, 2006

CRIME, Christopher Benson of Chicago shot dead in Maywood [M]

It was late Wednesday night on the 100 block of 12th Avenue when the shooting happened. It started with a gathering of men described as "acquaintances". Is this a euphamism for a gang or two gangs? If so, what gangs were involved?
See CBS2 (Sun-Times News Service):
“Benson [after he was shot] got into a grey four-door Chevy Corsica, didn’t realize he was hit and hit a fire hydrant, a pole and some parked cars,’’ as he was driving away, said Williams.

This is how his posse was apprehended.


  • Wow, this is so sad. I wonder if this Christopher Benson could be a young man I taught at Proviso East? I hope not. Over the past 13 years, ten or more (I have lost count) students/former students that I knew personally have been murdered. And seven of my students are in Illinois prisons serving out murder convictions. It is no wonder that one of the most popular sayings of my students is "Tomorrow ain't promised to you".

    By Blogger maggie, at 9:01 PM, August 18, 2006  

  • Maywood is considered by law enforcement officials as probably the worst crime infested village/suburb in Illinois.
    My good friend who is a police officer in Westchester, states that he hears about horrible crimes being committed in Maywood every day on his police radio, and told me not to drive through Maywood, not even in the day time.
    I wonder why the people are demanding more of Maywood public officials and the police force, than they are about the high school? It seems every body has an opinion about the high school and is willing to call people out for there shenangins, but when it comes to the village of Maywood and there crime, every body is silent and absolutly qiet.
    I wonder if Charles Flowers is truely concerned about the children he should focus his energy, along with Kelly on fixing Maywood and stopping the crime!

    By Anonymous Where's the outrage in Maywood, at 5:47 PM, August 22, 2006  

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