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Friday, August 18, 2006

SPORT, Stevenson Park open but renovation continues [BW]

West Proviso Herald (Chris LaFortune):
The playground at Stevenson Park is open for business, but project delays may delay completion of the park's renovation until January.

Memorial Park District is one of the taxing bodies I'd like to do more research into.


  • First, the renovation of memorial park (MP) is a joke. Do we really care about a fishing pond. RU going to fish there and put it ( fish) on your dinner table.
    Whatever happen to the new lightening at Steveson. Whatever happen to redoing the entire park. What is Mari herral and the gang doing? I tell you what they are doing. Sitting around all day, smoking cigerattes. Mari is going to give an excuse that they are working on a grant to address those issues. hmm, she and the puppet board has been working on those issues for at least 5 years. If you got rid of the phony police department - you will save some money. Do you know that MP is the only park district in the State of illinois with a police department. Do you know that their police chief is not a police chief. He is not a qualified police officer. He can not give tickets or make arrest. So why is this guy still holding on to a job. get rid of the police force. get rid of Mari. Get a new board. theses guys are not concerns about what is going on in Bellwood. They are more concerns about making sure there friends keep their jobs, get the contract. how many people on the board, including Mari have kids that are involved in with activities in the park. probably one. There kids are grown and long gone from the park. If the board could they would not live in the park district. MEMORIAL PARK DISTRICT IS A JOKE.

    By Anonymous iHEARDTHAT, at 12:13 PM, August 22, 2006  

  • Mari Herrel is a joke and Memorial Park district is even bigger joke!
    Meri Herrel is probably,smoking cigarettes,drunk again, and probably working on her high school degree,like she did before at Frank Aurie's when she was the HEAD waitress.
    Herrel and the police schief need to go , because they don't represent Bellwood or the young familes of Bellwood!
    Pasqueli,Bruno and there buddy the ex-mayor,previous indicted andf convicted Mayor Bob Natale need to all and leave Bellwood alone, and when they leave make sure they take Herrel as well!

    By Anonymous iknowthat, at 5:54 PM, August 22, 2006  

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