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Saturday, August 19, 2006

ENERGY, how much is COMED going to jack rates?

At Damn Liberals Michael in Chicago started researching the issue of ComEd raising electricity rates.

He was prompted by the seeming ubiquitous commercials of CEO Frank Clark telling us that he rose from the mail room to be the front man for jacking-up electricity bills. Congrats Frank, you've made it.

Michael in Chicago found background on the type of reverse auction scheme proposed for Illinois on the website of Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago. Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey have all tried this type of reverse auction and rates have increased at least 50%.

ComEd says it needs the money for pensions and overhead. Something tells me ComEd thinks it's going to make a handsome rate of return on the money sunk in its advertising campaign.

Michael in Chicago concludes:
So again, I'll ask. How much does running 30-second spots in regular rotation on network TV during prime time cost? I think that money could be better spent on overhead costs that would save me money come my 2007 electric bill.

BTW, in Illinois we have Citizen Utility Board (CUB) to advocate for customers.

Love him or hate him, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn helped create CUB.
A longtime consumer advocate, Quinn spearheaded the 1983 drive to create the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), a statewide membership organization that has supported safe, reliable and affordable utility service.


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