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Thursday, March 30, 2006

PO-PO, pushing racist stereotypes

Are the police in this Suburban Life (Debrah Bonn) article behaving in a racist manner?
"We're in a controlled environment; it's easy to chuckle. ... But God forbid someone dressed like that parks next to you at the mall or you're at a fest near your home and there's a group of them and you start hugging your purse a little tighter," [Lyons police Cmdr. Brian Kuratko] told the crowd.

If old ladies clutch their purses tighter in the presence of Black males who dress hip hop, who has the problem? Is it the Black males for dressing in a threatening manner? Or the old lady who has the stereotype? Or the media that sells the stereotype?
Gang culture is being marketed to children of all backgrounds.

What is being marketed? A fashion style? Or criminality?

Is Kuratko making a distinction between fashion and criminal activity? Does Kuratko see part of his job as pressuring youth who rebel to conform? What are we paying taxes for? Preventing and solving crimes? Policing youth fashion?


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