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Proviso Probe

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ADMIN, fundraising

I'm modifying the fundraising plan somewhat. Instead of fundraising with all constituencies at one, Proviso Probe will fundraise from the audience first.

If you want to support Proviso Probe, please email me, RadioNyberg circled "a" Yahoo spot com with your fundraising pledge.

If you can't pledge, but would like to say something positive about Proviso Probe, endorsements are welcome too.


  • Hey, what is really the health status of Stroger? Has anyone heard from him outside his immediate family. Is he able to talk? Does he know what day it is? Does he know he won the election? Is he on life support? I did not vote for him and I am black. Why should I vote for someone who more than likely will be unable to serve the community. Where was Stroger when Harold Washington needed him? Where was Stroger when Obama needed him? Stroger and his buddies "less than 30% of the vote" Chris WELCH and the FORMER Proviso Democratic Committeeman MOORE, need to go somewhere and sit down. Hey Chris Welch, you got another election with the school board next April, you better get ready because Sister Yarbrough, you know that sister who whipped your ass and your buddie Moore ass, is coming for those three seats and guest what, she is going to take them and around this time next year, you will be the FORMER president. Tell you buddies working for 209 they better start floating their resumes, they have about 12 months left to get a new job. Hey, let's start with your Godmother at Proviso West and work our way down. Hey Chris where are you going to get your money for the next election, it seems that you used up alot of that money from the 40 million dollor project. I cannot wait to vote next April.

    By Anonymous storm is passing by, at 10:00 PM, March 24, 2006  

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