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Proviso Probe

Monday, March 20, 2006

REL, St. Eulalia & St. James [M]

This is Father Frank of St. Eulalia at the Friday, St. Patrick's Day event at Legal Grounds.

Friday, Father Frank told me there would be an official announcement about St. Eulalia and St. James today. Was there? What was it?

See the earlier discussion for background.


  • It was a meeting at St. James.

    Hopefully, I'll get an update today.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 9:42 AM, March 21, 2006  

  • Great picture Carl :

    our news letter from St.Eulalia is on line for all to read !
    but im not aware of any Official Announcements about St.Eulalia
    most of what i have seen, read,and hear is ,VERY VERY GRAY !!!
    we can only hope and pray for the best .

    again carl , thanks for the pictures , but most of all thanks for the proviso probe
    Wayne Bancroft

    By Anonymous Wayne Bancroft, at 11:04 PM, March 23, 2006  

  • there is still not any OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about St.Eulalia & St.James , i have looked at our good word on line to see if anything was posted about the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT , but nothing was written about it
    for all who would like to read our church news letter go to http://steulelia.org/

    we can only hope and pray for the best .

    Wayne Bancroft

    By Anonymous wayne bancroft, at 10:26 PM, March 26, 2006  

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