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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

REL, will St. Eulalia stay open? [M]

St. Eulalia in Maywood is running a deficit and may be closed by the Archdiocese.

Maywood Herald (David Pollard):
[Bishop Thomas] Paprocki said he has discussed the future of the church [St. Eulalia] with Cardinal Francis George and there are three options he posed to the church. The church members could join St. James Catholic Church, which is predominantly Hispanic, or St. James could become a part of St. Eulalia.

They also could tear down St. Eulalia's school building and convent and become a mission under another parish; or open the door to another Catholic congregation, with somewhat different practices.

Paprocki said the cardinal has been talking with members of Khanaya Syro-Malabar Catholic Mission in Bellwood about using St. Eulalia for Mass. The mission is made up predominately of Indian-Americans.

The bishop said in exchange for using the church, the mission would help pay for the needed repairs. He noted the mission's parishioners are Catholic and their services are similar to Roman Catholics, but that they have their own bishop and would have services at a different time than St. Eulalia's regular service. He said no decision has been made yet whether the mission will agree to the move.

Please share your thoughts about the underlying politics and economics of the decision or your fondest memories of St. Eulalia.


  • Did any Proviso Probe readers attend the forum with Bishop Paprocki?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 12:58 PM, January 11, 2006  

  • I did in fact attend the so called town meeting on Monday night at St Eulalia and came away literally physically nausated and repulsed by the shameful display of Bishop Paprocki, Father Frank Latzco, and the minions brought along by the Bishop in their attempt to steal a parish from a community which so desperately needs institutions such as a thriving parish in their neighborhood. Ostensibly the reason for the meeting was to discuss options for the financially strapped parish and to map out a plan. Such was not the case. They attempted to bully the parisioners into accepting some far fethched plan which would eliminate St Eulalia as a functioning parish, allow it to have one service per week and turn the facility over to a sect of Easter Indian catholics who apparently have befriended Paprocki and are looking for a sweetheart deal. Apparently some form of lease agreement is being worked on by Paprocki, the Cardinal and a priest who is currently in India. After attempting to discourage the congregation by referring to some mysterious report on the facility which indicates that the physical plant of the church is in need of some $1.5 million Paprocki stated that since we were such a drain on the archdiocese he felt it best to turn the place over to the Indians, raze the old school and merge with St James or St Bernadine's. For over three hours parishioner after parisioner came to the front of the church and gave testimonial after testimonial as to what a wonderful unique place St Eulalia is. They pointed out the tremendous diversity, acceptance and love which ooze from the church and expressed amazement that the archdicese would choose to want to shut us down. As the evening progressed and the putrid arragance and ignorance ( he did not even know that St Eulaia served Broadview) began to show the crowd began to realize what a crock they were being force feed. In essence the tenor of the comments became basically the question of "why are you f-ing w/us?" When confronted Paprocki became overly defensive (I'm really mad) actually saying things like "the Cardinal and I really do care about poor people". I was surpised he didn't say some of his best friends were black. What was clear to the crowd was that it appears his best friend is some Eastern Indian Priest bearing gifts of loot for Paprocki and the Cardinal. Latzco proved to be nothing more than a childish shill who at one point actually mocked the crowd which had broke into spontaneous applause in support of fellow parishioners by taunting the with the phrase "why don't you clap for that" after threatining to shut the church down completely. It is clear that he has big plans for himself and feels that he is above a parish with only three hundred registered families. Funny the whole world wants to rebuild Pilgrim Baptist and that is coincidentially their membership. It appears that Latzco who has only been pastor for a year and a half and spent 6 months of that on sabbatical in Rome is not interested in saving the parish. He could not get along with True Vine Academy which was a tennant recruited by former pastor Jim Quinlan. Latzco evicted them and then he literally whined that he couldn't find another tennant. Who did he try to recruit - he wouldn't say. When the bishop was questioned as to whether the archdiocese may want to rent out some of the space his beancounter stated, after it was dragged out of her, that yes the archdiocese is a tennant, she refused to say where or allow the parishinoers to know where. It was clear that they want no part of Maywood or St Eulalia as it is structured. The Bishop was challenged by a number of contractors in the crowd who stated they would like to to take a shot at the repairs.The Bishop with a straight face actually took the position that because of liability concerns the church couln't use volunteers. WHAT? That is the Catholic way. My hillbilly father was allowed by these witchdoctors to marry my mother after he fixed the furnace at a church in Cicero. "Ok it works - you're catholic" I was looking for bolts of lighting to hit this guy - Obviously a robe and a title doesn't stop these guys from lying - he actually said that the the facility report had been prepared three years ago but put in a file and lost till now - you'd think that three years ago they would have showed it to the pastor but apparanetly Jim Quinlan wasn't a little whipping boy going along with downtown in the hopes of a bigger job someday --
    The Bishop offered no hope for St Eulaia to come up with a plan - in a very bizzare, condescending and demeaning manner he made fun of a parishioner who asked what kind of numbers were need to keep open and said if a thousand showed up on Sunday we could stay open -- What of Sunday - will they still pass the hat - were does that money go - this is parish that in years past gave money for a parish house which was diverted by the archdicese to other needy parishes - what are we -
    While Father Frank was on his European Vacation the parish was run wonderfully by Sister Maureen - the opening of the soup kitchen, the thriving food pantry, ECHO resale and the opening of the PADS
    are invaluable to the area - helping people - what a novel concept which appears to be lost on Paprocki/Latzco -- How about sister Maureen as a pastor - it is done in other diocesese but apparantely Cardianal George is still in the dark ages wandering around Rome in a dress electing yet another cementhead pope who thinks women are subservient -- reality bites but it is clear that once again Maywood is an area to be spit upon - once again Melrose will have their churches, forest park will have theirs but we will we will not - St James will stay open and rightfully so but the reason is not benevolent - the archdiocese is petrified of the hispanic community and they are the deep pocket the church plans on draining in the near future -- this is merely an American Can of 2006 situation -- can our elected officials help? - I am going to direct those interested to this blog - we will keep all posted - on a positive note there is a strong core group getting together to map out a response - maybe we can fight back - the church is a charity - the money given must be accounted for - the cardinal and bishop and pastor are fiduciarys who can be f-ed with right back --we will come up with a communication plan -
    just as aside Paprocki should be aware that a women pastor is not so far fetched - he is an attorney - however priests could't be lawyers under the reign of Cardinal Cody - remember him - the Cardinal who was on the verge of being indicted for funneling $$ and contracts to his girlfriend before he died - anyhow another interesting Paprocki tale is that when mob brother Michael Spilotro was killed Paprocki refused to allow him to be buried from the Church - however it was very clear to St Bernardine parishioners that their church had no problems when Spilotro wanted to sponsor the Athletic awards banquet and pay for the christmas flowers -- I'm not standing up here for the bad eyetalians but at least you know where the outfit stands - they don't appear with phony reports and threaten to crush those that they can only beecause they are petrified of those they can't. parishioners can e-mail us at legochurch777@yahoo.com but please also post here so we can get a flavor of what is on everyones mind and distribute it at mass on the upcoming Sundays- A open meeting is tentatively set for next tuesday the 17th at the church - all are welcome - please pray for our parish - thank you

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:17 PM, January 11, 2006  

  • My recollection is that the Spilotro children attended St. Bernardine school, although their father was a mobster, it doesn’t mean that they were (at the time anyway). Currently the St. Bernardine School is in financial straits and would welcome anyone who would like to attend. Many former Maywood residents live in Forest Park and attend St. Bernardine. I am not free to speak for the church council but I am sure if your situation doesn’t work out you would be very welcome at St. Bernardine.

    By Blogger WhosWatching, at 10:21 AM, January 12, 2006  

  • Please don't post under anonymous. Use a pseudonym. It becomes confusing with more than one "anonymous".

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 1:05 PM, January 12, 2006  

  • To the person who somehow got my e-mail address and directed me to this blog:
    1. You are a coward for not signing your name 2. You obviously have NO idea what has gone on behind the scenes in dealing with the Archdiocese of Chicago, during this nightmare.
    3. You are totally clueless as to what went on during Fr. Latzko's sabbatical, which you sarcastically referred to as a "vacation."
    4. I will be happy to meet with you and discuss your lack of information at Tuesday's meeting if you are brave enough to identify yourself.

    Barb Vina
    Office Manager
    St. Eulalia

    By Anonymous barb, at 2:52 PM, January 12, 2006  

  • we must work as a team to keep our church open . lets noy fight with each other , this is what the people in power want us to do !
    so they can devide us , and we will not be strong enough to save our church !
    all that our church is to the people in power is a money hole .
    the sad thing is it was our moneys
    that built the church .
    so now that there are tons of lawsuits for you name it -
    [ look at the news ] we must close
    down and sell off to get money to pay off the mistakes .
    so why not take more money that they does not belong to them to do so !
    * just remember - if we as the body
    of christ just sit back and let them do this to our church ,
    we wont have anyone to blame but ourselfs !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:43 AM, January 13, 2006  

  • To anonymous:

    You should have thought about being "united" before you rattled off you scurrilous attack on the pastor. For your information, it was Fr. Latzko that started the soup kitchen and PADS at St. Eulalia. Your blog is filled with untruths and I hope for the sake of the parish you keep your mouth shut and stay out of the mix, because you will only serve to hurt our cause. I am painfully aware of the uphill fight we are facing with the Archdiocese but whether we like it or not, they are holding all the cards. Cool heads must prevail in this endeavor; not ranting fools who can't even get the facts straight.
    As I said before, there are so many things you don't know or haven't heard because you aren't listening, it would be far better off for the parish if you let more informed people pick up this gauntlet.

    Barb Vina

    By Anonymous barb, at 9:32 AM, January 13, 2006  

  • Barb, thanks for posting to Proviso Probe.

    What should parishioners, members of other parishes and community members know about the situation?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 12:07 PM, January 13, 2006  

  • Carl,

    In my opinion, the parishioners should come out to the meeting and vent their frustration. I completely understand it. I am not as raw to the situation because we, as staff, have been living on this rollercoaster for almost 2 months. The parishioners have just heard it and now need time to digest it, and plan a strategy. I would like to make a couple points:

    I think much of our anger needs to be directed at the parties who misplaced the report. That is inexcusable and unacceptable. In other words, "Lack of preparation on your part, does NOT constitute an emergency on my part." Next, we must present a united front with a leader, preferably the pastor. With all the possibilities set before us last Tuesday by the Bishop the only thing I know for sure and can agree with on any level is the fact that the parish has only 350 participating members every Sunday. With that in mind we must come to the realization that St. Eulalia MUST evolve and change or it's all over. We must be open to change, whether that takes the form of merging with another parish or becoming a mission (which was never detailed on Tuesday). This is the cold hard fact. Some of the ideas I am not fond of, but I will save that for Tuesday night. However, we must change to survive. Unfortunately, we still have no information from the Archdiocese and no answers to the many questions. There is a good possibility that this will still be the same on Tuesday night this is the most frustrating part - the waiting.
    I can only hope that everyone who attends on Tuesday brings with them an open mind and open heart, which has always been the benchmark of St. Eulalia Parish.


    By Anonymous Barb, at 2:46 PM, January 13, 2006  

  • As the former pastor of St. Eulalia, which I served for 21 years, I am saddened first by the news of the possible closing of this rich, culturally and historically diverse, parish. Rumors to this effect have been with us for many years but I always believed the last thing the struggling church of Chicago needed was another shuttered church on a busy expressway. I saw our Tower as a beacon of hope and an inspiration to the countless drivers who travelled east and west on the Eisenhower Expressway. Now that this possibility has actually been addressed and that negotiations have somehow proceeded without proper advance notice I am rather appalled by the way the Archdiocese has mishandled a very delicate and painful situation.
    It has always been necessary to prune off or back, part of a tree that is not bearing fruit. St. Eulalia, while small in numbers, is large in so many other ways and has always risen to the challenges that it has faced over the years. A fine example is the Capital Campaign that was launched by the Archdiocese over three years ago. We came together as a parish family and not only reached the goal set by the Archdiocese but exceeded it by over $100,000. We also put together a video CD presentation called Who We Are, and that too became a model program for use in other dioceses around the country.
    What saddened me more than the mendacious behavior of the Archdiocese, particularly with the so-called "lost" Buildings Report that was neither shown to me in 2003 and unforgivbaly not shown to the current pastor when he was applying as the new pastor. We both had a right to view this document and make whatever adjustments needed to be made.
    What saddens me now is the misdirected agnger that I have heard and read in recent days. Years ago there was a song whose refrain was: "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with." It works in reverse as well, "If you can't be with the one you hate, hate the one your with." Don't be misled, your anger should not be directed at your pastor, he's an innocent victim, just as you are in this scenario that has been played out without the major players; you, the people of God, who are the Church. Fight for what those who've gone before you struggled to pass on to you, so that you can pass it on to the next generation. Direct your anger and your questions where it belongs, at a bureaucracy that seems to only look at the 'bottom line'.
    Stand by your pastor, he needs your support and your prayers.
    Fr. Jim Quinlan

    By Anonymous Rev. James V. Quinlan, at 9:19 PM, January 13, 2006  

  • Saucy
    I am a long time member of St. Eulalia but have trouble wearing it on my sleeve. This is my first ever public statement on anything. As they say on the call in shows "longtime listener-first time caller. I am also a catholic who has lost my faith completely in our church bureacracy. I love Father Quinlan and it breaks my heart to read his words wherein he confirms the evil and devilish archdicese of Chicago. I agree with Barb Vina whom I have never met but adimired over the years that we should not fight amongst ourselves. However I am saddened that she is now being placed out front as the spokesperson for the parish and apologist for the pastor. In reading her response to anonymous she actually strenghtens his points. In analyzing his statement one can see the total frustration at attending a meeting and not being given the truth. Barb while chastising him actually uses the phrase "there are so many things you don't know". Imagine that. To recap there was a town hall meeting to inform the parish what was going on and lo and behold when a frustrated parishioner expresses his concern and distrust he is told to roll over, take what the archdicese wants to dish out and be happy about it. Not the right message to send if we are to unite behind our pastor. Barb, are you speaking on his behalf. The impression I get is that he wants to be at a bigger more prosperous parish. However I trust Father Quinlan with my life, and actually did on a number of occassions. Therefore I will abide by his request and support Father Frank. However he must be watched closely as unfortunately you must be also in light of the tremendous conflict of interest you are both operating under. How can you lead what needs to be an epic battle against an evil and devious archdiocese when you are employed by it and Father Frank is placed in a position to fight his employers who have complete control of his current life and his entire future.
    Not to sound like anonymous myself but I also have a concern related to the racial makeup of our church. Please be aware that we have a Cardinal who was raised and schooled at the infamous St Paschal's on the northwest side of Chicago. How did they gain noteriety? By heckling, booing and harrrassing Mayor Harold Washington when he attempted to attend church services there during his first successful mayoral campaign. This made national news. St Paschal's still thrives as a lily white parish. Maybe they would have some money to share with Maywood to repent for their racist ways. And if it comes down to closing the African -American church verses the St James remeber that this is the same Cardinal who recently allowed a convicted pedophile to live with him in the mansion while writing spanish language textbooks. WE have a huge fight ahead of us. God Bless you Father Quinlan for showing us here that it is proper to question the archdicese and fight for our church. Father Frank you have a reprieve in my book if Father Quilan trusts you. Please do not betray us. Father Frank please post here or have Barb indicate the situation with respect to donations on Sunday. I am blessed and can afford to continue to give but please do not allow the poor people in the parish to give on Sunday if this closing is already a done deal.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:45 PM, January 13, 2006  

  • I am neither a Lutheran, nor Catholic (I'm a 40 plus year Unitarian) but for years I have worked hard to support the presence of Walther Lutheran High School as a needed and excellent religious/educational alternative serving so many Maywood/Proviso children, and, as a byproduct, their parents. I do not not know what I can do but I would do a lot to support this wonderful community, in the true sense of the word, St. Eulalia, in their current struggles. This I know for sure, Maywood/Proviso would suffer a deep loss if St. Eulalia closed or were ONLY a spiritual/etnic based community without any committment to Maywood/Proviso. I cannot come Tuesday, there is such a thing as a Maywood village board meeting, but, I will be there, in spirit. Gary

    By Anonymous gary woll, at 10:47 PM, January 13, 2006  

  • Gary ,
    stop by after your board meeting im sure that people will still be there . the last meeting ended around 10:30pm
    i will see you there

    By Anonymous vince, at 1:29 AM, January 14, 2006  

  • I have worked for 3 pastors in my 20 years at St. Eulalia. All 3 were/are exceptional men committed to the parish, the community, the needy and the marginalized. In those 20 years, I have agreed with them, disagreed with them and always spoken my mind, not theirs. Anyone who knows me, knows that about me. As far as I know, Father Frank doesn't even know about this blog/site and I hope he doesn't find out.
    I am not speaking for Fr. Frank. I am speaking from years of experience with the Archdiocese and a knowledge of how they operate. I also speak as a parishioner. Your insinuation to anything else is not worthy of an answer.
    If you have a question for Fr. Frank, ask him. It appears to me that this site has become nothing more than a venue for the "anonymous" postings of vicious rumor mongers and I will not feed into it any longer. Come out Tuesday, voice your concerns and take a stand to save the parish and stop hiding behind this blog.

    Thankyou, Fr. Jim and Gary Woll for taking a stand.

    Barb Vina

    By Anonymous Barb, at 10:34 AM, January 14, 2006  

  • I also attended the Monday night meeting but I not sure I was at the same one as anonymous. His/her statement is inaccurate and filled with untrues. First, if he/she is a member of the parish or just comes to Mass, they would spell Father's name properly. I agree that the archdiocese has certainly bungled this entire process but Father Frank is just as much a victim as we are. Just to clear up a few untrues, Father Frank spearheaded PADS and the soup kitchen, not Sister Maureen. Father's prime concern is to serve all people of the community. Echo and the food pantry were thriving long before Sister Maureen arrived. Father Frank never once threatened to "close the church down". Also Father got along fine with Tru Vine and did not evict them, they were months behind in their rent/utilities payments and when Father asked them to pay up, they lied and said OK and then gave us just three weeks notice that they were leaving and never did pay us all that was owed. Father posted the vacancy with the diocese and notified local real estate agencies about the availibilty. I, like Barb, am not speaking for Father, he doesn't even know about this blog, I am speaking as a parishoner and as the Business Manager for St. Eulalia. My loyalties lie with St. Eulalia not the archdiocese. I know the financail problems we face and that is the bottom line. It isn't about a report that was "misplaced for 2 years" but what can we do moving forward as a community to save our parish in any capacity. We need to unite and show the diocese that we have ideas to share with them. Finally, I find it cowardly for anyone who cares about St. Eulalia to sign their comments "anonymous". Please come out Tuesday and let us all here your constructive ideas, that's what we need right now.

    By Anonymous Lori Oliva, at 2:03 PM, January 14, 2006  

  • I am a long time member of St Eulalia parish. I agree wholeheartedly with Barb Vina.
    We must stick together! The archdiocese should embrace clear and transparent financial disclosure in their dioceses. It is imperative that church leadership embrace a uniform policy of financial transparency. The archdiocese's lack of financial accountability to our parish is a cause of concern.

    What I know for sure is that one does not become a bishop without being pretty smart and savvy. It is hard to believe that for 3 yrs Bishop Paprocki did not know this Building Report existed. No one of his stature would take over an diocese without looking over all of the records.
    Why because you have annual/qrtly goals and standards to meet. Beside parish records are computerized which makes it easier for the Bishop to keep track of each parishes financial well being.

    Lets use those feeling of hurt and anger to devise strategies to save our parish. Keep Hope Alive!!!!

    By Blogger Sandy, at 10:54 PM, January 16, 2006  

  • Thank you to MayWoods mayor Yarbrogh & the village Manager , and also Gary Woll for coming out to ST.Eulalias meeting monday nite 1 / 17 / 2006 we appreciate your support !

    Thank you very much ,

    By Anonymous vince, at 12:02 AM, January 18, 2006  

  • Not Soon Forgotten
    January 16, 2006
    Religion Reporter
    About once a year for the last six years, Cardinal Francis George, shepherd to 2.4 million Roman Catholics in the Archdiocese of Chicago, and I sit down for a kind of spiritual-state-of-the-union chat.This past year, because I had been on a long sabbatical from the Chicago Sun-Times to write a book, the cardinal and I had a lot of catching up to do.When we met for our annual visit a few days after Christmas, the last time we'd seen each other had been eight months earlier, standing on a hill overlooking Vatican City the day after he and 114 other cardinals elected their new pope, Benedict XVI."That's not gonna leave me quickly, that month in Rome," George, who turns 69 today, says a little wistfully as we begin our conversation in his office at the archdiocese's Pastoral Center. "It was really a very moving and important month for me -- probably one of the most important months of my life, in some ways, to be part of that."When I wonder aloud how the experiences of April 2005 at the Vatican, where he mourned and buried one pope, then elected and installed another, might have changed the way he does things back home in Chicago, he answers with typical nonchalance.They haven't really, at least not directly, he says. Well . . . maybe ... except for one thing:The power of television"I noticed when I got back, because it was so closely followed -- and because they had that shot of me on CNN that everyone seemed to have seen -- people seem to recognize me more now," George says laughing. He's talking about some famous footage of him, dressed in cardinal red, standing on one of the balconies of St. Peter's Basilica, after Pope Benedict XVI greeted the crowds in the square below for the first time.George lingered a long while -- he was perhaps the last cardinal to go back inside the basilica -- surveying the scene below him. Before he walked inside, the cardinal brushed his hands together in a sweeping motion, a gesture some observers believed was his way of saying "my work here is done." In reality, he was just knocking some dust from the balcony's stone railing off his hands. (Although, truth be told, one of his assistants has since informed me that it was pigeon droppings, not dust.)"It just goes to show the power of television," the cardinal says, still chuckling. "So there I was, part of Chicago over there. I think that makes my life in Chicago a little easier in that sense. . . . Some people said they were proud to have someone from Chicago over there, so that was helpful. And I was proud to be there.""It's had an effect here. But that's fleeting, I suppose."Yes, Eminence, fame is fleeting.Speaking of which, how's the new guy doing, Pope Benedict XVI?Pope's deliberate style"Necessarily when you are a bishop, you watch for signals from the pope, and he's been very deliberate, I think, in his actions. He hasn't done anything sudden. But that's consistent with his character. People who are looking for dramatic shifts, I think, are going to be watching for a long time. He's not going to govern that way," George says."He has his own habits of life," George continues soberly. "Those are a gift, but they also do qualify the way he is present. As you know as well as I, he is a professor by training and he is good with small groups and one-on-one. He is not a man of crowds, but he has been able to manage the crowds. He did that very well in Cologne with the kids [at World Youth Day in August]. But he's not doing as much of that as John Paul did and he won't. He won't do as much traveling. He's much older."George, who is in New Zealand for a gathering of a Vatican committee on the liturgy until the end of the month, last saw Benedict XVI in October, when the cardinal traveled to Rome for meetings at the Vatican with a few other leaders of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, of which he is vice president.He met privately with Benedict XVI for about 20 minutes, but, as is his custom, he declines to tell me what they discussed."Sorry, no," he says, laughing.A few minutes later, though, he reveals that during the October visit, he did ask Vatican officials to delay the release of a papal document on homosexuality in the priesthood. The document, which was released at the end of November, basically bars men with "deep-seated homosexual tendencies" from ordination to the priesthood.Vatican has its own schedule"We asked them not not to publish it, but to delay it -- to wait -- otherwise it would color the visitations," George says. The problem, in his view, was that the document would be released in the midst of official Vatican "visitations" to U.S. seminaries to check, among other things, for "homosexual culture" on campus."The document itself goes back almost 10 years. The visitations grew out of the discussions in April 2002 between the [American] cardinals and the [Vatican] curia," about the sexual abuse crisis in the United States. "We said, 'If you do this, it will be taken as a commentary on the visitations and we'll get into this whole business that the gay community is so sensitive to of, 'You're blaming us for the pedophilia.'"The Vatican's response to his pleas? Tough noogies, basically."Their response was, 'Well, we're sorry about that, but this is a universal document. It's not directed at the United States. It's directed to the whole church. So we're gonna do it.' They have their own schedule," George says matter-of-factly.Archdiocese still healthyThe general health of the archdiocese is good, he says. He doesn't expect to have to close any more parochial schools or parishes in the next year. His priests and seminarians are a bit battered by four years of sex abuse scandals, but they're holding fast, the cardinal says."The statistics are better this year, both in money and in participation," he says. "Spiritually, the generosity and the interest in what the faith is about, not only in action but also in revelation -- Who is Christ? -- there is a hunger for more adult catechesis and more adult Bible study," he says. "So, ya know, I think it's going pretty well, all things considered. There are a lot of problems, but there always will be."The fact that it's still together," he says busting out in a belly laugh, "is, I suppose, something."It's never over for abuse victimsIt's been four years since the Boston Globe launched its ground-breaking series on clergy sexual abuse on Jan. 6, 2002, setting off a national firestorm about pedophilic priests and the bishops who sheltered them for years, moving abusive clerics from parish to parish without notifying parents who entrusted their children to their care at school, at catechism, on the altar.The storm seems largely to have passed, at least here in Chicago, I say."That level of anger can't be sustained indefinitely," George says. "You get worn out. So that's just exhaustion maybe. I don't want to say it's over, because it's not. But even if it were, I shouldn't be the one to say it. I have no credibility saying that; it would be defensive. "I would say, on the basis of what the statisticians tell me, is that it's contained. It's not over, but it's contained. It will never be over for the victims, even with healing. And I've talked to a lot of them," he says, quietly. "And if it's not over for them, it's not over for us."

    By Blogger Sandy, at 7:09 PM, January 18, 2006  

  • sandy
    thanks for posting ,NOT SOON FORGOTTEN / by Cathleen Falsani

    it was in Mondays Chicago Sun.times
    date was 1 / 16 / 2006
    In Catleen Falsani's interview with Cardinal Franis George it was written !
    matter-of-factly , Archdiocese is good , he says . He doesut expect to have to close any more parochial schools or parishes in the next year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So if this is true !
    Is Bishop Paprocki doing this without {Cardinal Franis George }
    Or is ST.Eulalia [ just soon forgotten ]

    So 2 days later wednesday 1-18-06
    the same reporter puts a story in the sun-times about ST. Eulalia
    {Cathleen Falsani }& { Lisa Donovan} write ,
    ST.Eulalia Parishioners Consider *Options for keeping PARISH OPEN *
    Some 110 parishioners gatherd at st. eulalia roman catholic church in maywood on tuesday night to brainstorm about how they can save their parish from closing .
    there is just a spirit here that is really authentic said Thomas G. Fuechtmann of suburban riverside.
    this is really a jewel of the archdiocese . to simply give that up would be the real tragedy .
    last week , Bishop Thomas Paprocki , whose purview includes the racially and ethnically diverse parish - one described it as the united nations - met with members about the fate of the church that needs an estimated $1.5 million in repairs .
    weekly attendance is about 350 and collections cannot meet expenditures , according to the Rev. Frank Latzko, ST.Eulalias pastor.
    as beautiful as this building is, it is not the church . you are the church, Latzko told parishioners. during the 90 minute meeting parishioners reflected on options Paprocki offerd for the fate of ST.Eulalias a parish that has served maywood for more then 75 years and whose spire can be seen from the Eisenhower Expy.
    St.Eulalia could rase its school building and convent and become a mission for another parish ;
    parishioners from st. eulalia could join or merge with another parish in a neighboring community, such as St.Bernardine in Forest Park or St. James, a predominantly Hispanic parish in maywood
    parish could share facillities with a congregation from the Syro-Malabar catholic diocese, an eastern rite church based in nearby Bellwood .
    Im not so sure id want to come here under ... that option said Robert Bahr,69, of Broadview.

    * Jimmy Lago, chancellor of the Chicago Archdiocese, *
    Did confirm "the archdiocese is having conversations with the parish trough the judicial vicar,
    Bishop Paprocki. "

    Why did the sun-times not write about mondays / Not soon forgotten
    [that Cardinal George said ]
    he doesnt expect to have to close any more Parochial Schools or PARISHES in the next year !
    Or is ST.Eulalia just Forgotten ?

    Did the sun-times reporter just
    Forget last mondays [ REPORT ] ?

    Is Bishop Paprocki, doing this with-out the chicago archdiocese ?

    this was good ! it takes alot of power to stop the press !

    My Hats Off To All who stoped the press ,
    Wayne Bancroft

    By Anonymous wayne, at 10:43 PM, January 18, 2006  

  • so as far as i can read trough all of this ,
    in none of the trio of options will the St eulalia parishioners be the same parish.
    so the cardinal is not saying the truth !
    good job to the suntimes .
    we should all write letters to the cardinal & the suntimes .
    who can we trust these days anymore .

    By Anonymous vince, at 11:39 PM, January 18, 2006  

  • not only can the people stop the press , but now i can see that they can also edit or cut the proviso probe !
    last night i saw a post by vince,
    well today its not here !
    "well again , my hats off 2 u "
    Wayne Bancroft

    By Anonymous Wayne, at 6:53 AM, January 19, 2006  

  • To WhosWatching,

    We hope that your still watching !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:37 AM, January 19, 2006  

  • we must get more attention from the media !
    T V

    News papers

    and e-mail this web page to all the people each of us know !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 PM, January 19, 2006  

  • I have been a parishioner of St. Eulalia for over 20 years. Msgr. Quinn was the pastor when I first became a member. He ministered to my family here and in Bakersfield, Ca. He started the first fire in my soul. Later, Father Quinlan became the pastor - he kept the fires burning! Now Father Latzko is the pastor and he is starting a deeper fire along with rejuvenating my "almost old soul" again. I have worked on the School board, Bingo, and countless other committees during some time or other at St. Eulalia. My husband has worked "more", especially with other men of the church when any cooking was involved. He is now waiting to join the next committee for saving "our" church. I agree, Barb that change is inevitable and that we must come together in order to make this "change" as smooth as possible. If we lose our buildings - what will become of our new programs? Father Frank has stated that he would learn Spanish in order to accommodate the parishioners of St. James. If they were to come to St. Eulalia, which as I understand, is larger than St. James then we can continue to "grow". We cannot "grow" in a smaller building. We can also (as we have in the past) raise the monies necessary to repair/replace whatever our "buildings" need now that we "know" and given "time" to do so. Our church as Father Frank so clearly stated is "us". Our buildings enable us to continue to grow and share the "Unique Spirit " we have and use in helping others.

    Dolores Dolley
    St. Eulalia Parishioner

    By Blogger Dolores Dolley, at 11:26 PM, January 19, 2006  

  • To Dolores , Wayne , Vince

    thanks for posting ,
    we must reach all the people that we can to show , that we will not stop!
    more of the press !
    more tv stations !
    more raido talk shows !
    lets-go people we must save our home church !!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:03 AM, January 20, 2006  

  • Please post under a pseudonym (or your name). It makes it easier to follow the discussion.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 8:15 AM, January 20, 2006  

  • this was Francis Cardinal George's letter to the parishioners of ST.Eulalia

    Dear MR. OR Mrs. Doe thank you for your letter concerning the futer of ST. Eulalias parish .
    many have written to me in the last two months,and i am grateful for the input.

    the planning around the future of ST.Eulalias has been taking place for some months and more information keeps shaping the process. for several years, the future of ST.Eulalias has been discussed in relationship to the future of ST.James, since both serve the Maywood area. complicating the future use of ST.Eulalias buildings is the fact that they are { apparently }in a rather serious state of disrepair.

    another factor in this discussion , as i believe you know, is the desire for
    {Syro-Malankara community to find a permanent home } what your letters have made clear is the way in which St.Eulalias parish has been and is home to so many people who have come to rely upon it as a center, not only of worship but also of various ministries, especially to the poor .!!!!!!!
    St.Eulalias has also been blessed in its staff, lay ministers, and history of good pastors.

    all of these factors continue to be considered as the future continues to be planned. after a meeting with the parish council last week,BISHOP PAPROCKI is speaking again with all parties.
    if some way can be found to meet the capital expenses, of St.Eulalias parish shall continue in its present location and its present buildings. i offer this, therefore, as a sort of interim report.

    please keep the future of St.Eulalias in your prayers, { but be aware of the financial realism that has to go into making any decision.} no final decision has been made at this point.
    what is clear to me is that we must try, by every means possible, to maintain St. Eulalias. you are daily in my prayers; please keep me in yours.

    Sincerly your in Christ,

    Francis Cardinal George,O.M.I.
    Archbishop of Chicago

    in this letter , there is lots of gray
    it sure looks like our leaders are going to do what-ever they want , to our church

    its sad to see people go like sheep to the slaughter

    if more of the parishioners of St.Eulalia's would , fight them like they are fighting us we could save our church !THINK ABOUT IT !

    By Anonymous Vince, at 10:40 PM, March 15, 2006  

  • Vince said

    f.y.i info to all parisioners of St.Eulalia , Just this week at the village board meeting , a maywood resident who never attended St.Eulalia's ever , got up and made comment about {Echo} not having a business license to sell clothing to the people that cant afford to shop retail stores !
    Echo is the clothing resale shop at St.Eulalia that has run for more then 25 years with-out any problems !
    after all the shop is there to help people that dont have enough money to cloth their families .{again this shop helps maywood residents,who dont have }
    the women who made this an issue with the village board is
    while she is concered about whats going on with our church {Echo} both her and her husband EXERCISE THEIR DOG IN THE EMPTY LOTS ON 5th AVENUE IN MAYWOOD NEVER DO THEY CARRY A SCOOPER OR A BAG OR ANY RAGS TO CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR DOG WHEN IT RELEIVES ITS SELF

    SO POEPLE I TELL YOU THIS , He who is with-out sin cast the first stone !!!!!!!!!

    Mabye we should report the Clays to the village of maywood , for all the chairtable gifts that their dog gives us on 5TH avenue in maywood

    trust me the village will soon see your dirty deeds

    By Anonymous vince, at 7:04 PM, March 17, 2006  

  • For a moment I stopped to find a web site to remind me of home. I was looking for some photos of a place where I grew up and came accross by accident this web site. I started 1st grade at St. Eulalia in 1963, and graduated 8th grade in 1971. I have spent the last 33 years in California, but remember my years at St. Eulalia like they where yesturday. I spent many years visiting St. Eulalia on yearly trips back to IL. After reading all these comments about what is happening to my school, and church, and yes, black or white once you spend your childhood in this parish it does become YOURS. Anyway, at this moment I feel sick to my stomach. I have a lump in my gut that makes me want to cry outload.
    St. Eulalua is not just a church, and school building it's....well, ST. EULALIA. It's historical, it was home to many many children growing up, it has served Maywood, and Broadview for 75 years. Yes, I lived in Broadview at the time.
    Adults all over the country could walk into St. Eulalia right now and relive their childhood clear as can be by just walking through the halls of the school, we could hear the music at that time playing by standing in the hall down stairs, and Cub Scout meetings in the room by the kitchen.
    I remember playing in my bad at the sockhoops in the gym. Many of the kids I went to school with still live in Maywood, and Broadview. In fack I belkieve your Chief of Police Ramond Pellitier still lives in Maywood.
    Why do folks have to live always by the almighty dollor? That's what it comes down to. dollars, and cents. There is a soul living in those buildings, and to tear them down would be a sin.
    I beg Jesus to do what is right, and steer the right people in the right direction, and not destroy this magical parish.
    By the way who was the fool that said volunteers could not help with repairs needed. That's what it's all about. I don't know of any parish in the country that would say NO to a volunteer.
    Anyway, all these comments are dated 2006. If anyone can show me where to find updated information I would be greatfull, and I'm still looking for some photos our school, and church so if anyone wants to share.....
    God bless us all,
    Mike Perpoli
    Palmdale, CA

    By Anonymous Mike Perpoli, at 4:53 PM, September 25, 2007  

  • Im happy that you love the church and school building

    for now thanks to Vince Wise
    the proviso probe
    the maywood hearold
    the chicago suntimes
    and a hand full of people who dont want to be pointed out
    and last but not least - JESUS

    if you would like to see pictures of the church or school go to st. eulalias web site

    so Mike thanks for posting , and
    remember / god is in control /
    not man / or mans moneys

    God Bless You Vince Wise !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:03 AM, October 06, 2007  

  • p.s. the church is safe thanks to all the above partys listed

    thanks to all again,
    Vince Wise

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:11 AM, October 08, 2007  

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