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Thursday, March 30, 2006

ADMIN, slow posting

I've been slow posting for a few days. Now I'm going to hit a bunch of stuff.


  • carl, know anything about the esparza vs moore trial?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:29 PM, March 30, 2006  

  • Has anyone seen the numbers from the stae rep. race yet? I recently saw the 3 precinicts in Westchester wher Mrs. Yarbrough recieved 115 votes and her opponent only recieved 6 votes !
    What a beating,and who was running Mr. Welch's campaign in Westchester?
    Was it Donnie"OT" Sloan and his lackey Tommy Robbins? What did Sloan's buddy Herb and his Nephew do?
    From those numbers against nothing!
    But don't fret, Sloan is already stating he was not involved, that he was working for the Republicans, that "he was not paid from Welch so he did not do a thing", that"Who care.It does not affect Westchester".
    If I was Welch I would have a long conversation with him, and tell him what "those numbers say"!

    By Anonymous Good Job Sloan, at 11:46 AM, March 31, 2006  

  • I am writing this today because I am sickened and disheartened to what a happened to my good friend, Chris Welch!
    Mr. Welch ran and lost the election to a strong canididate,Rep. Yarbrough.The race was reletively clean and the voters made up there minds.
    Great, but what has me disgusted and upset, is when looking at the numbers in the preciinits in this state rep. district race, I noticed a disturbing pattern, that was extremely highlighted in Westchester! That trend was not that he lost the precinicts, but that it appeared that no one worked those precinicts, especially those in Westchester!
    From years of reviewing data after elections,I believe I am somewhat of an expert, but even a novice could see from the "numbers in Westchester", that either Chris had not focused there or that he depended on others to "cover the precinicts and work the precinicts hard!
    I had warned Mr. Welch to be careful with depending on others, and warned especially of a certain Individual, who will go nameless!
    I warned him that if he trusted him,he would be burned, not only because he is a liar and cheat and lazy,but because his tract record preceded him in other elections and that most improtantly that he was hated by his own commuity!
    But, Chris refuse to listen and probably believed that this certain individual would actually help him, because as everyone knows, Mr. Welch has taken care of numerous things for him for free, and his even given his friends and family jobs at 209!
    But that did not happen and Welch was clobered, better yet, he was BLIND-SIDED because he thought that this person was his friend ,along with his cronies , and that they "would watch his back"!
    Now this individual and his cronies are telling any onew who listens that they never helped Chris or Eugene in this race,and that they were working the Republican side!
    My Friend, Chris was bamboozled and lied too by these 4 clowns, and to here these rats jumping ship on Chris and Gene, just makes me angry to no ends!
    These clowns did the same thing most recently in the Township election,where they double crossed there own runnung mates, they also tried to stick a knife into Cook County Commissioner Peraica in his Committeeman race, and they have done it to others in past election races!
    These bums,hillybilly,double-crossers,lazy,useless indivuals are lead by there leader a big,fat ,lazy person who is bitter that he can't ever be elected Township Supervisor!Now he hurts the only person who has ever done anything for him and he has the never to say,"were just acquaintances, not friends", "I don't owe him anything, other than good luck"!
    Delivering only 6 votes from 180 votes for my friend in 3 precinicts is humilating and unexcusable!
    Mr. Big Shot ,I hope everyone knows what your about, and please stop trying to shake down all the different caninidates who run through Westchester, but your not the Mayor and you can't deliever!
    I know Chris and I were raised right by our parents, that when we give our word we do it! Also that we treat our friend well, not double cross them!

    By Anonymous He did it again, at 12:31 PM, March 31, 2006  

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