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Sunday, December 18, 2005

SPORT, Friday night boxing [MP]

I went to see boxing at Park West Theater Friday night. It was called Fight Club Chicago.

There were a couple fighters from the Melrose Park gym.

At 175# Nick DeLaurentis (armed services) beat Joey Newren (banker). DeLaurentis had 8-count knockdowns in the first two rounds.

At 190# Brian Roque (manager) lost to Matt Lesser (trader) after Roque received his third standing 8-count.

The fight I was there to see ended in some controversy when the announcer switched from announcing Matt Garcia the winner to saying Nick Spagnolo was the winner.

There was a bit of a brawl in the audience. After it was cleared up, a couple guys were walking by and one said, "It's always the kids from Melrose."

Next fight is January 6, 2006 at the Cicero Stadium. See 8 Count Productions.


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