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Proviso Probe

Thursday, December 15, 2005

INTERNATIONAL, world government & neo-liberal theology

I wrote a column on world government for the Wednesday Journal. It jumped off from a Ken Trainor column.

Here are the points I made.
1. We already have world gov't in the form of the WTO.
2. The WTO is a theocratic oligarchy with a judiciary, but no legislature.
3. The theology of the WTO and other neo-liberal institutions is neo-liberal economics. (I didn't clearly explain neo-liberal economics is Adam Smith fundamentalism. It holds the invisible hand will fix everything.)
4. The GOP has successfully built an alliance of world government proponents and opponents.
5. There is no conflict between the Dems and GOP on neo-liberal economics because the elites of both parties are members of the faith.
6. The neo-liberals see the proper role of domestic politics as being food fights over social hot button issues while economic policy is set by un-elected elites.
7. "The Republican Party exists to consolidate wealth and power for the rich and powerful."
8. But the Democrats suck too.
9. It will probably take a hugely destructive war to fix the problems in our international government.

I'll go back to writing about Proviso Township now.


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