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Thursday, December 15, 2005

GENERAL, Loyola bigger, Maywood taxes too, train whistles n stuff

Loyola expanded. See Maywood Herald, Sun-Times (Jim Ritter) or Chicago Tribune (Crystal Yednak). Any local pols cash-in on this?

The Oak Leaves covered primary filings. Or you can get in from the horse's mouth (Illinois State Board of Elections). No one has filed to run against Sen. Lightford as of 2:40 PM Thursday.

Maywood is raising taxes. See Maywood Herald (David Pollard).
Loretta Robinson said the village has 22,000 registered cars and only 11,000 have Maywood stickers on them. She believes if the village would be more aggressive in enforcing the rules, there would be less of a need to raise taxes.

Why does Maywood allow residents to blow-off getting vehicle stickers? Is it part of a culture of "taking care of friends"?

The Maywood Show recently had middle school students discuss issues affecting their lives. See Maywood Herald (John Huston). Did anybody see it? How was it? Does The Maywood Show have a website I can link to?

Riverside/Brookfield Landmark (Bob Uphues) has a story on the efforts of Riverside, North Riverside and Berwyn trying to end the mandatory train whistles. I agree. Noise causes stress. The whistles diminish the quality of life for everyone and only benefit anyone in rare cases.


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