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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

GOV, township to pay for Liberty Bowl trip [D209]

On the agenda for Proviso Township this evening is paying for the Proviso Township High Schools band to go to the Liberty Bowl. First reported here.

The meeting is at 5:30 PM at 2131 Roosevelt in Broadview.

Is this a good use of taxpayer money? Why should Proviso Township pay for the trip instead of the school district?


  • District 209 has enough money to pay for the trip from the 40M bond issue., they included $$ for both East and West. It is only right that the township NOT pay in that it's focus is programs for seniors etc. Milking the taxpayers on every end these politicians do.

    On another note, why all the hoopla for sports and bands when many of the kids are challenged with being unprepared to meet the outside world? Misplaced priorities here!

    By Anonymous AB of Bellwood, at 2:48 PM, December 13, 2005  

  • This is another show of evidence that Chris Welch and his 209 majority have been fleecing the taxpayers and even worse the most vunerable of our population which is the children!!!
    Welch since hwe has been at the helm of 209 with a majority has recieved over 61 million dollars, which 40 million went to build the magnet school! That money was gotton by a backdoore referundum, and was supposed to be spent half on building and the other half on personel! Well to our surprise all 40 million went to the builder.
    Now the Proviso band needs 250 dollars each to go to the Liberty Bowl and Mr. Welch can't find how to pay for it! He found how to give Gene Moore 150,000 dollar commission for no work! He had the school pay for a Mayor 's lawsuit over 750,000 dollars! He pays a public relations firm over 15,000 to 30,000 dollars a month to dupilcate the same work for 209 and for himself! He raises 86,000 dollars to run for Proviso school board a non payiny postion from contractors,And worst of all he hires poltical cronies to all jobs, especially janitor jobs at 46,000 a year, while not hiring teachers or tutors for the children!
    Welch now has his clowns at the Township give taxpayers dollars to the school band , but yet refuses to aknowledge how did he spend 61 million dollars of our hard earn tax dollars, and refuses to pay for their trip from the general funds?
    What is it Welch,can't you handle money?
    Why should anyone trust you with our tax dollars?
    Where did all the money go?
    Can you account for the money and show the taxpayers the books?
    Why don't the children have any money to pay 250 dollars?
    How much money money did Gene Moore give?
    Why did you not throw the band a fundraiser? Why did you spring this up on the Township board at the last minute?
    Why don't you give your money from your Dec. 14 fundraiser to the Children, who have earned it?
    Are to to cheap to give them your earnings from your fundraiser, or was this pure poltical manipulation of the children on your part again?
    Worse of all, if the children at Proviaso cannot afford to pay 250 dollars each, why would you have done a 40 million backdoor referundum, nowing dam well that there parents will not be able to afford the increase tax hike from the empty magnet school?
    On Christmas day, how will you look to the lord,and whatwill you and Moore say, when Jesus asks you," Son, what have you done for me"; " because how you treat the poor is how you have treated me"!
    Welch and Moore and your gang of thives, Repent, Repent,Repent!

    By Anonymous DISGUSTED, at 7:47 PM, December 13, 2005  

  • Wow! Disgusted you sure have a lot of info. I share your pain but,
    I thought the bond was for 40m not 60m. Can you explain?

    By Anonymous AB of Bellwood, at 7:59 PM, December 13, 2005  

  • Hey, why did the Township Board, with Gillian and Sloan hire ex-state senator Tom Walsh republican, to be a full time lobbyist for the township at 2,500 dollars a month?
    What is Gillian up to?
    The State has a Democratic Governor, Democratic House and Senate, and thanks to the Republicans , when Walsh was there, they ran the State budget dry, and now the Democrats are trying to balance the budget, how can a lobbyist get state money when there is no money to be had?
    What plan does the Township have that they must pay a lobbyist that kind a money a month, for what?
    Would it not be wiser to have hired a Democratic lobbyist if you were looking for money from Springfield?
    What is Walsh's plans and how will he be evaluated on his job?
    Don't tell me , that Gillian will be evaluating him? That is a conflict of interest, and he has no qualifications for that!
    What is the matter with the township board, especially Gillian?
    Does Gilllian act the same way in Forest Park, just gives money away to poltical hacks and makes aweful decisions!
    Imagine if a CEO of a company would hire a lobbyist without a master plan and give him a salary without supervision? He would fired the next day!!
    Gillian and some of the board members seem to be like drunken sailors, spending our hard earn tax dollars to give away to there cronies!
    Look at there track record,
    1.Hire a Community liasion, who is supposed to tout township govt.?; I think the mayors know you exist!
    2.Hire a lobbyist,who has no set goal to lobby for in Springfield, and who happens to be a Republican when Springfield is dominated by Democrats! , I think if you were in real need to spend all that money you should have spoken with the democratcs and gotton a democrat lobbyist!
    3.Give money to Proviso Marching bands, while Proviso 209 and the gang of thieves give no money to there own children and the township board does not even ask how the money will be used, how much has been collected, and does not even ask to see the 209 account books before the spend our tax money! Why don't the township officials donate there 600 dollar checks they recieve for each meeting towards the trip, instead of using our taxes that are needed to help senior citizens get to their doctorsand help pay ther heating prices?
    By supporting to bring Tom Walsh into Proviso again, it shows that these township officials are in cohoots with Gene Moore, who always worked well with Walsh, who eventhough he was a republican, knew the "score", and makes me believe that Gillian is supporting , along with Calderone Eugene Moore and Chris Welch!
    I am dissapointed in Gillian because I know he knows better, but I guess he is afraid to do the right thing for his community!

    By Anonymous Forest Park, at 8:51 PM, December 13, 2005  

  • Forest Park sounds a lot like Mike Manzo. The man who lost his rug on the way into the meeting tonight. Come on Mike. Cut out the nonsense. Township government was meant to help people like the underprivileged children of Proviso. Why don't you go back to Oakbrook and stop trying to lobby the Mental Health board to be the Executive Director. What do you know about Mental Health other than the fact that you need to see a specialist?

    By Anonymous Exposing Mike, at 10:03 PM, December 13, 2005  

  • Gillian, yah, he's fleeced Forest Park alright. In his 1st four years as the finance trustee, the village almost went bankrupt, he blew through about $6 million in reserves and had to lay off workers then blamed it on the voters not passing the home rule referendum him and calderone tryed to pass. Lost 2-1. They even paid terry durkin, jim's brother, to try and Jame's Carvelle it through. Him and Tony Calderone brought Mickey "I got hives your honor" Segal into Forest park. Anyone see Segal crying on channel 7 news the other day. He was saying mean people did this to him. Whatever criminal.
    Anyway, this lobbyist thing, he brought Jack Kubik as a lobbyist into Forest Park also. Another Republican with no chance of getting democratic money out of Springfield. I think he was getting like 5 grand a month. Heard he took a job with Tom Cross and is probably doubling up. Gillian hired Kubik because him and Calderone had to dump Ronan when the Fed's lit the fire on him. They didn't give Al's campaign contributions back but oh well. The new trustee over in FP Steinback caught Gillian using his village issued american express card charging groceries in Florida at his condo. Yah, this guys a real steward of the taxpayers money.

    By Blogger watching & waiting, at 10:31 PM, December 13, 2005  

  • Gillian is a short drunk of a man, who is bitter and angry at the world! He believes in his mind, like all alcoholics, that people are against him! He states he is off the bottle, but he really is not, because they way he spends other people's money shows he is still drinking! What is it with short people in Forest Park, ! Both Gillian and Calderone think there smarter than the voters of Forest Park! How will you explain this to the voters? How will you tell Forest Parker's to continue supporting Gene Moore and Welch? Do you and Calderone do the same things in our Town? Like the song says"Short people can't be trusted"!

    By Anonymous O Connor from Forest Park, at 8:57 AM, December 14, 2005  

  • Can you believe Tim"the angry and druken dwarf" Gillian and what he did yesterday? This Dwarf of a man, both in size and brain power, hired a lobbyist for 2,500 dollars a month, eventhough the state has no money? What is he thinking? Gillian reminds me of the angry drunk dwarf from the Howard Stern show, who died from his abuse of alcohol!At least Hank the angry dwarf did not steal and lie to the people!
    Gillian and his other dwarf buddy,Calderone, also remind of the Snow White dwarfs who merrily skip and walk to Melrose Park and take Orders from Ron Serpico and to Maywood and take there orders from Gene Moore and Chris Welch!
    I wonder if are small minded dwarf will do next, will he ask for a Township credit card for his personal use in Disneyworld when he visits his other dwarfs and Snow White? Tell us Timmy, what other brillant ideas do you have to steal from the Taxpayers?
    Did not you agree to the 40 million back door referendum for 209? Did you not cause Forest Park, along with Tony"I'm from Melrose Park" Calderone to go into a budget deficit?Have you now decided to spend the budget surplus at the township with hirings of your cronies?, Let's see, you pushed to hire a second pair of Attorneys for the township, so now they have two attorneys on payroll!,You now have hired two liasions to the community, with job duties similar to what the board members and the board president should do, which is to make aware to the public the township offerings! You have hired a lobbyist, who could care less about Proviso, since he lost his Senate seat he immediately moved from Proviso( but he can't get a job in Western Springs, so he comes to steal more from Proviso with his buddies Gillian and Moore and Serpico). You give away money to Proviso Students( which nobody disagrees with), but after your good friends Chris Welch,Gene Moore, Anthony Bruno and Ron Serpico stole 61 million dollars from the school, and they have a 70 million dollar budget annually, you don't ask how the money will be spent and to see the books from 209 to see why they can't afford to pay for there students trips, and the Township only has a 3 million dollar budget annually and now we have to give the school, Welch Serpico,Moore and Bruno money!!!
    You angry,bitter and drunk dwarf, why don't you stop spending our tax dollars and go back to drinking, god knows how many pints of beer you can buy with the 600 dollars a month you get from the Township coffers for those 5 minute bi-monthly meetings you attend! Your disgusting, and I don't care if you are a dwarf and a drunken dwarf at that, just stop stealing, or be a Bigger man and resign!

    By Anonymous Yor giving short people a bad name, at 4:07 PM, December 14, 2005  


    By Anonymous MIKEY C.'S FUTURE CELLMATE, at 4:32 PM, December 14, 2005  

  • Are you people sick or what? Do you have nothing else to do than take pot shots at other people.

    You have a sick and demented mind.

    By Blogger Joe The Bone, at 11:48 PM, December 14, 2005  

  • Carl you should quit trying to be the internet police. Are you a reporter, investigator or just simply aloof with your life.

    Get a job, and for peets sake try to do something credible and worthy with your life

    By Blogger Joe The Bone, at 11:51 PM, December 14, 2005  

  • Joe, are you asking a serious question about editorial decisions?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 1:55 PM, December 15, 2005  

  • On an ordinary day,amiable dim-bulb Timmy Gillian wanders into many places: his den,the hardware store, the local pubs on Madison St.,Mayor Calderone's office and occasionally into the 7-11 store.For as long as anyone can remember in Forest Park,this dwarfy goof has schlepped along the road of life with neither purpose or reason.
    "I like to whistle sometimes when I'm going along," Gillian said."Or maybe hum a tune from the radio".
    Gillian added:"once I heard a meow outside by the dumpster by the bars on Madison St. It was a box of kitties.They(the bar owners)let me keep one.I named him Tony."
    In his 56 years,Gillian has plodded his way through high school,two homes,and a series of mindless jobs, along with getting elected as a Trustee in Forest Park and in Proviso Township. This easily distracted boob has left no lasting legacy,save for an occasional knocked over cup of beer, or an upset magazine rack!
    Gillian's aimless blunderings occasionally trigger major developments, such as spending all the surplus money Forest Park had and now giving fat contracts to Lobbyists and Proviso 209 school district officials so they can go on vacation!
    Gillian when questioned on his bubling votes to spend the hard earned tax dollars of Forest Park and the Township states," I was talking to Tony Calderone, along with Ronnie and Moore and Welch and they stated if I did not vote for spending the tax money they would kill my kittie cat."" I just could'nt let them do it".
    Gillian is now trying to take charge of his life, he stops going to those bars on Madison St., and is trying hard,but then he seems to forget all about it when tony his kittie purrs!

    By Anonymous Directionless, at 2:25 PM, December 15, 2005  

  • This letter is to Tim Gillian and the board members who voted this tuesday to create a Lobbyist postion at the Township and to give this person 2,500 dollars of the taxpayers money monthly!
    Dear Mr. Gillian,
    As you are not aware how bussiness works , and more imprtantly how Goverment works, you first need to give a reason for why a certain position is needed and what there functions will be and how to measure there efforts! Since it appears that nobody informed onew anothert of the creation of this position and not being posted, I truely believe this position is considered an illegal hiring!
    Your continued disdain for the taxpayers, the voters and the system of goverment that our Country, the USA stands for, makes me question your intentions. Not once do you explain your thinkingand show the people, the tax payers a cause and effect thinking on your part!
    Mr. Gillian, your track record as trustee in the Township and in Forest Park shows you to be poorly prepared to handle money and the responsibilty it takes to manage our hard earned tax dollars!
    Why don't you anwser your critics, and state the real reason you hired Tom Walsh for a lobbyist position?
    Why did you surprise everyone,the media, your board members and even yourself, by making such a ridiculous decision?
    Are you getting paid to hire him or are you getting an envelope stuffed with Dollars?
    Who made you boss of the Township?
    Who is giving you orders? Melrose Park or Maywood?
    What other goodies do have to give away?
    I now know why your name is always mentioned by the Feds when they talk about Forest Park corruption!

    By Anonymous SEEKING THE TRUTH FROM GILLIAN, at 4:28 PM, December 15, 2005  

  • Damn, this Tom guy sounds pitiful. I am glad EHCCO did not vote for him. We knew not to vote for Don Sloan, that pig, but the community is not given alot of information about Township positions.

    By Blogger Everybody-Hates-Chris, at 8:09 PM, December 15, 2005  

  • What the fuck is going on at the Township anyway? Tony Williams seems to be pissing away his political future by not having the balls to vote for the right thing. Sloan's on loan from Westcheszter to keep his pals well-feathered and who are the other gutless boobs? Damn, Proviso is such a mess with crooks, gutless wonders, corruptness and lame assholes who all want their palms greased. Everyone of these recently elected assholes need to go directly to jail!

    By Anonymous Geno's future cellmate, at 12:07 AM, December 16, 2005  

  • The fact is

    By Blogger Irish, at 8:34 AM, December 17, 2005  

  • Lets see if we can set the record straight.

    I am not sure where our readers get their facts but the blog has become a tool for false statements
    and bad journalism.

    Tom Walsh and the Republicans did not bankrupt the state.

    In fact, Blago has attempted to balance the State have been on the backs of the taxpayers. Blago passed a budget that underfunds our pension systems by $3.5 billion and will cost the state $40 billion over 40 years - costing every man, woman and child $3500 to pay back.

    Walsh was a state repesentative and senator for 10 years who represented the western suburbs. His experience, dedication to public service, and his work with the disabled community and local elected officials has earned respect on both sides of the aisle. There is money in Springfield that can be used to fund public projects such as infranstructure and community programs. It makes sense to hire a lobbyist to work for that grant money, represent the township interests, track legislation. Proviso Township is the third largest township in the State and there are over 100,000 residents.

    How did Kathy Ryan vote on this - yes and if she did not think it was good government - she would of voted no.

    Tim Gillian has been elected and reelected as the top vote getter in Forest Park. The residents have spoken regarding their approval of his record. He has turned around the finance department hiring professionals and investing in the community through Main Street. Look at the Forest Park Mall, Madison Street the Altenheim property, and Harlem Ave with Bed Bath and Beyond (Enough said). Their sales tax dollars have increased over the last six years and they have a surplus now.

    Mayor Popelka did not invest in Forest Park and allowed a surplus to build without a plan. She did not have a vision or any type of plan to move Forest Park forward.

    All you have to do is look at Madison Street, the economic development that has taken place, and the increase in home values. Mayor Calderone and Commissioner Gillian have moved that Village forward.

    Terry Durkin was not hired by the Village to pass Home Rule. The Village had to make a tough decision to lay off people because revenue was not keeping up general costs of insurance, personnel and infranstructure. Mayor Popelka did not make the tough decisions that needed to be made and failed to plan for the future (building an economic development base).

    Jack Kubik was not paid $5,000 by the Village of Forest but considerably less and brought in over $1 million in state and federal grants. I would be careful about attacking Jack Kubik - his record as a legislator and reputation in Springfield is well respected.

    We all know Manzo's lack of record when he served on the school board and his residency issues in Oak Brook. He is a political hack that should worry about his own home base as he will be busy trying to keep Peraica in office.

    I commend Gillian and Sloan as they have done very good job working to get the Township back on track. Sloan is a hard worker and has been dedicated to making Westchester a better place and will do the same for the township.

    Don't let the nay sayers with their lies deter progress.

    By Blogger Irish, at 9:33 AM, December 17, 2005  

  • People making comments don't generally purport to be engaged in journalism.

    Is there any statements I have made that are factually untrue?

    Expressing opinions you disagree with is not bad journalism. It's expressing opinions.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 1:46 PM, December 17, 2005  

  • Message to Irish, I know you truely don't believe anything you wrote and that you are forced to write it to keep your job! Mr. Walsh,was a State Senator who was appointed and was always backed by Lee Daniels,Governor Ryan, as well as John Stroger,Melrose Park and Maywood! All those individuals and villages are either being investigated by the FBI or are currently being tried in federal court for Corruption!
    Tom Walsh never did anything for his community! Never ever!!
    As a Republican Senator and as the Republican committeeman of Proviso he actively supported Democrat Wanda Sharp for Proviso Township President over Kathy Ryan a Republican from Westchester! Ms. Sharp was also at that time being indicted by the State's attorney for corruption, but Tom Walsh stil endorsed her! Why did he do that?
    Was he not appaled by her known corruption? Was he not a Republican and she a Democrat?
    He endorsed her because he was TOLD to by Melrose Park and Maywood! And as always he did was he was TOLD!
    Mr. Walsh also endorsed Serpico a Democrat for Cook County Commissioner over the Republican Tony Peraica! Why did he do that? Because he was told to by Melrose Park and Maywood!
    If you don't believe me see the newspaper of that time, where Walsh stood!
    Also as a legislator he did not pass any meaniful legislation, and was known in Springfield as a rubber stamp for Daniels and Pate Philips, who are both under federal investigation into corruption!
    Tom Walsh also blocked the creation of a Magnet School for Westchester because even though Mayor Sinde wanted it, and the people wanted it in Westchester, Melrose Park and Maywood did not, so as a good soldier for the corrupt polticians he helped , by himself block and destroy the chances of Westchester having a Magnet School built!
    Tom Walsh was so useless that the Republicans changed his senate district and made him run against another Republican! He faced off against a true Republican and a person who did not care to play corruption politics like Walsh and that Senator, creamed him in the lection! The Senator's name is Dan Cronin and that is a true Republicanand is above reproach, not like Walsh, who is known as gadfly poltically and an inmoral man, with no prinicipals other than, "What's in it for me".
    As for your comments that Kubic brought over 1 million dollars to Forest Park, for less than 5,000 dollars for lobbying, I guess Tom Walsh will bring in 6 million into the Township in 1 year, considering he is being paid, 2,500 dollars amonth or 30,000 dollars a year! Can Walsh guarentee this money? Will he give the money back to Proviso if he does not?
    Your comments on Gillian are totally wrong, Forest Park is broke, and Gillian has spent the taxpayers money like John Stroger does, by hiring cronies to uneccessay postions, such as you Mr. Walsh!!!
    Also Sloan is hated by you Mr. Walsh, he always hated you,but now both you two corrupters are goning to work together!He is working with you because both he and you are trying to chang zoning laws in Westchester to bring Adult entertainment to Westchester on Manhein Rd! Now that Mayor Sinde is not around to stop you, you two are teaming up to make money and and finally kill Westchester!
    Also why do you talk bad about Popelka? Dis you not always work with her? Walsh your so shallow and have no dignity!
    Finally, I as a true Irishman am ashamed to say, that you Tom Walsh are Irish! No Irish man would ever, ever take orders from a n Italian or a Black, because only us Irish can lead!
    Your a sell out Walsh, why don't you get off the taxpayers dole and find a job in the Private Sector? Why don't you get a real job, and do something with your life! Being fat,dumb and stupid is no way to go through life!
    You should support Republicans canididates, not work against them, ask Cronin and Peraica, they are true Republicans and ask them how much support you have shown the party and your canididates?

    By Anonymous REPLY TO "IRISH" AKA TOM WALSH, at 9:36 PM, December 17, 2005  

  • As everyone knows Tom Walsh is a hack of Ron Serpico. Period!
    Tom Walsh may state he is a republican but in actually is a Serpicoite and a Mooreite!
    You ask what is a Serpicoite and a Mooreite, that is a poltician who is created by Ronnie Serpico and Gene Moore, to vote and do what they say!
    In Proviso Paul Asparza, Dan Coglieniese, Don Sloan,Chris Welch,Dan Adams,Shirley Matlock,Sue Henry,Ron Anderson and the school board of District 88, and 89,along with Mike Corrigan and Tom Walsh are all Serpicoite's and Mooreite's! They all work to make Ronnie and Gene rich and to get some money themselves!
    Walsh's asking price is 2,500 dollars a month to pimp for Serpico and Moore!
    Serpico and Moore will support Walsh's pick for Republican committeeman Mike"MIKEY C" Corrigan, who is bought and sold for by Moore and Walsh!
    Tom Walsh has advocated for support for active busing of Maywood students to LaGrange Park so these students could have better schools and hopefully have more Maywood Democrats move into LaGrange Park so Walsh's and Corrigan's organizations could grow and they can continue to control LaGrange Park and there tax dollars at the village and school district!
    Tom Walsh even left LaGrange Park after he was trounced in a Republican Primary and quickly moved to Western Springs and even changed parishes, because he can't stand the middle class workers and families of LaGrange Park and Proviso!
    Tom Walsh is even working against republican elected officials in Proviso and in Lyons township, what is his problem? Does he think he is a poltical prince who can pick a choose who should represent us?
    Let's once and for all kick this welfare bumb out of our township and send him to work!
    He states he is a Republican, but he lives like a Democrat, he has always been on the Taxpayers roll, stealing from us, while telling us that Welfare should be cut!
    Mr. Walsh why don't you live what you profess and get a job in the private sector, or go lobby for McDonalds or Coke Cola?
    Tom Walsh is like those people who drive cadillacs and wear fur coats and use food stamps to pay for the groceries, let's make a" contract with Proviso", we will make Tom Walsh,Mike Corrigan,Don Sloan and Tim Gilian work for a living and we will promise to get them off the welfare rolls of Proviso taxpayers! We will get him a scholarship so he can take night classes and get an education so he can get a real job!

    By Anonymous CONTRACT WITH PROVISO, at 10:43 PM, December 17, 2005  

  • Hey Yanez, Cut the Racist Shit Out NOW

    It's really getting old

    By Anonymous Cut the Crap, at 10:52 PM, December 18, 2005  

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