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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

PO-PO, disgruntled Latinos meet with Deputy Police Chief Gary Montino [MP]

Yesterday I participated in a meeeting organized by Maria Hernandez about police brutality against Latino youths. The meeting was between Hernandez and her neighbors 700 block of 15th and 16th & Deputy Chief of Police Gary Montino and Officer Rogowski (sp?), the head of the tactical unit.

I have interviewed Hernandez and her neighbors a number of times now.

There are a few ways to cover the story.

1. Traditional journalism would try to present both sides, or be somewhat biased toward the people in power.
2. Some blogging is as snarky as possible.
3. I could be an advocate for Hernandez and her neighbors.

I decided to go with option #3. This means I won't be passing all damaging info about the Melrose Park Police Department as soon as I get it. I will try to gently, but forcefully persuade Melrose Park PD to treat Hernandez and her neighbors with respect.

I'm biasing the story in favor of my sources. So, in a way, I'm doing the same thing as all those shithead journalists that have been covering for the Bush administration. Hopefully, I have read the situation better and have picked the people behaving more ethically.

One nice thing about blogging is that if Melrose Park police officers disagree with how I see things, they can make the case that I'm wrong.

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