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Proviso Probe

Friday, December 16, 2005

GOV, Proviso Township trustees meeting

Tuesday evening the trustees of Proviso Township met.

Emanuel Christopher Welch showed-up with fellow board member Reatha "Sue" Henry, the two band directors and Angela McDaniels.

Grady Rivers, the secretary of the Proviso board and a Welch for state rep supporter, greased the skids for Proviso Township to give money to District 209 for the bands to go to the Liberty Bowl. District 209 asked for $5,000 and the Proviso board offered up to $10,000, if it's needed.

The logic for Proviso Township paying for the trip is that since the township provides services to low income residents then it's OK for the township to subsidize the trip for low income residents. After all, the band will have "Proviso Township" in the name.

In the grand scheme of things, blowing $10,000 for a good cause isn't a huge problem. But let's cut through the bull. The event was yet another excuse for Welch to get his picture taken associated with some good PR. And I'm going to engage in psychic journalism and foretell that the picture will be in the D209 newsletter that gets delivered before the March primary.

The bigger fleecing of the taxpayers was hiring Tom Walsch, former Republican state senator, to be the Proviso Township lobbyist for $2,500 a month. Let's count all the ways this doesn't make sense.

Trustee Jesse Martinez made most of the good points.

1. There's no need identified.
2. Since the township has a surplus, if it needs something right now why not use the surplus to buy the needed stuff instead of hiring an unneeded lobbyist.

Trustee Don Sloan chimed in, “If all seniors took advantage of services available we’d be hard pressed to service them.”

So what? The statement is equally true after hiring Walsh.

Mike Manzo made the connection between Walsh doing Ron Serpico some favors in the past and Serpico and his allies contributing the lion's share of the money used to elect the township slate.

Trusttee Tim Gillian rebutted Martinez's point about there not being a need by saying, “We could use a bus. That’s a project. We need tools for the handyman program. That’s a project.”

Walsh said he was going to lean on Proviso's legislators to use their set asides to get stuff for the township.

Here's my questions for Gillian. Have you called the Proviso legislators and asked for a bus or tools? Did they say, "No, not until you send a Republican lobbyist"?

I'm just asking....


  • Tim Gillian and Don Sloan are political hacks for Melrose Park and Maywood! If you don't believe it, look at there numbers from the past Township election. Mr. Gillian lost in Forest Park, he came 8 out of 12 canididates, and Don Sloan came in 9 out 12 canididates in Westchester! These two bottom feeder canididates lost in there own Towns because they both have aweful reputations ! But to everyone's surprise they both won overall thanks to the numbers given to them in Melrose Park and in Maywood.
    Both of these individuals have let it be known in political circles that there " Ronnie's and Gene's guys"! It is amazing that such gutter style politics still exist in this day and age,with Radio,TV and the Internet, but yes , it is alive and well in Proviso, because Proviso has spineless people/polticians who represent us! Don Sloan, Tim Gillian,Chris Welch, are not an anomly, but a pattern of decit and corruption, which has destroyed Proviso Township, asnd there communities!
    Name one town in Proviso that has people actually trying to go there to buy a home and use there schools, and seek to raise there families in ? Hard one to find,is'nt it?
    Forest Park has no High School and is now being known through Cook County as a corrupt bastion for Melrose Park and Maywood!
    Westchester is falling apart, and Don Sloan is the number # 1 cause for that. His underhanded support for bad Govt. is driving down home prices not only in Westchester , but all of Proviso!
    Mr. Gillian and Mr. Sloan are synmnous with Corruption,Bad goverment,dishonesty, and could care less about spending our tax dollars! Sloan and Gillian believe that the voter has no right to question them, and they actually get offended when the reporters question these two lumnucks!

    By Anonymous SAD BUT TRUE, at 3:47 PM, December 16, 2005  

  • Tim Gillian sounds like John Stroger, when he can't back up his free spending excesses by hiring his buddies and paying them with our tax dollars! His comment that maybe he can lobby for a bus or tools are so insincere and so condesending, that he believes that the voters of Proviso and Forest Park can't see what a farce he is and what total disregard he has for our tax dollars and for us the people and voters of Forest Park and Proviso!
    Maybe the lobbysit can get him or find him a brain transpant or plumbing equipment to help him defacate through his anus and not his mouth!
    Thank you Tim Gillian or better said," little John Stroger" of Proviso !

    By Anonymous IRISH, at 10:09 PM, December 17, 2005  

  • I delete comments under "anonymous". Please post under a pseudonym. It enhances clarity of the discussion.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 11:56 AM, December 19, 2005  

  • I haver said it for over 30 years, there is absolutely NO reason for township government to exist in the parts of Illinois that are 100% urbanized. Their main functions were supposed to be to supply village type services in rural unincorporated areas such as non-county and non-village road maintenance. All that happens in the Chicago metro area is graft, corruption and loads of patronage in unneeded jobs and contracts. It does not matter be it Republican, Democrat, or the 13 Mayors controlling who gets elected, the average voter knows nothing about who is running or, after the election, what the township does or does not do!! Thirty years ago the Proviso League of Women Voters got the Proviso township budget reduced to zero (except for the Mental Health Commission funding) but it was reversed at a "second" townhall meeting. It gets frustrating to see all the blue collar and pinstripe patronage in Proviso. It does not exist in ALL school districts, toownship and township treasurers offices (or village halls). It does not exist in Maywood Village government (some wish it did) nor does it exist, or barely, in Elmwood Park School District 401, so it is NOT true that primarily working class citizens believe in or put up with the "crap" that goes on in Proviso H.S. District 209 and Proviso Township government and, a Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to all plus the blessings of Kwanza!!

    By Blogger Gary Woll, at 5:32 PM, December 23, 2005  

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