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Proviso Probe

Friday, December 16, 2005

M06, Yarbrough, Welch & Moore

Rep. Karen Yarbrough wrote a letter published in the Forest Park Review explaining her case to be the Democratic Committeeman of Proviso Township. Eugene Moore is the incumbent committeeman.
I will not be moved by outsiders who only care about power and control. I am accountable to the residents of Proviso Township and constituents within the 7th representative district.

So I am asking for your support for my candidacy as Proviso Township Committeeman!

Let us send a clear message to the power brokers and say "no" to the Demo-hacks and "yes" to the Democrats!

What do you think of Yarbrough for committeeman?

Here's a theory about how Moore and Sen. Kimberly Lightford view Emanuel Christopher Welch.

To defend against heat-seeking missiles, fighter jets have flares that they can deploy to draw away the missiles. Navy ships have chaff they can launch to fool incoming missiles using radar. And submarines have noisemakers to confuse torpedoes.

Does Welch serve the same purpose for Moore and Lightford? Is Welch so obnoxious, confrontational and annoying that he keeps voters from learning about the less visible bad behavior by Moore (and Lightford)? Is Welch a flare/chaff/noisemaker?

BTW, Jeremiah Norris got another continuance this week. Do you think Moore and Welch have the clout to get continuances from Colin Simpson until after the March primary?

And an enterprising Proviso Probe reader wrote the adventures of Gorzo. It's pretty funny.

watching & waiting reported seeing a Welch for state rep sign in a Westchester currency exchange.


  • It warms my heart to see the Justice Department visit Proviso Probe. I have fun thinking what & whom they are interested in.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 11:40 AM, December 16, 2005  

  • In her Article, karen Fawns over Danny Davis, Does he also fawn over his activities with the Rev. Moon, in 2003, Rev. Moon appeared at a Moonie celebration at a Senate office Buliding, where he placed a crown of messiah upon Rev. Moons head

    according to Salon


    Here are some of the ideals that Moon believes in, I wonder if Danny adn Karen believe these things too

    Coming from Moon that made perfect sense, because he already believes all religions will come together -- under him. "The separation between religion and politics," he has observed on many occasions, "is what Satan likes most." His gospel: Jesus failed because he never attained worldly power. Moon will succeed, he says, by purifying our sex-corrupted culture, and that includes cleaning up gays ("dung-eating dogs," as he calls them) and American women ("a line of prostitutes"). Jews had better repent, too. (Moon claims that the Holocaust was payback for the crucifixion of Christ: "Through the principle of indemnity, Hitler killed 6 million Jews.") His solution is a world theocracy that will enforce proper sexual habits in order to bring about heaven on earth.

    and rhetoric like this

    The fact is that the Jewish people committed a grievous sin in rejecting the Lord, and the world is today committing a grievous sin in rejecting the Lord," he writes. "I will not water down what Father said to please liberal constituencies within his own church."

    or I wonder if God Fearing Karen is for this like Danny

    What, exactly, drew at least a dozen members of Congress to Moon's coronation? (By the Unification Church's estimate, 81 congressmen attended, although that number is probably high.) The event was the grand finale of Moon's coast-to-coast "tear down the cross" Moonification tour, intended to remove Christian crosses from almost 300 churches in poor neighborhoods -- the idea being that the cross was an obstacle to uniting religions under

    And then there was Rep. Danny K. Davis, D-Ill., the only congressman who has publicly expressed pride in the crowning ceremony, who praised Moon for bringing religious leaders together in his Ambassadors for Peace tours to Jerusalem and beyond. Davis, it was revealed this week in the Chicago Reader, took money from Moon-organized fundraisers, who also gave to a charity of his choice. Davis told an Anglican magazine that Moon's remarks were "similar to a baseball team owner telling team members that 'we are the greatest team on earth'" to get them fired up.

    Weldon, for one, had a long time to do that Google search. As far back as June 19, 2003, he's listed in a speech by Rep. Danny K. Davis on the floor of the House of Representatives honoring Moon: "Many of my colleagues will join me and the gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Weldon), co-chair, in giving tribute to some of the outstanding Americans from our districts," said Davis. "We are grateful to the founders of Ambassadors for Peace, the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung [Moon], for promoting the vision of world peace, and we commend them for their work."

    By Anonymous Is Karen Nuts, at 3:04 PM, December 17, 2005  

  • From Jeff Berkowitz's Blog


    The most disturbing thing is not that Davis expresses no regret over the coronation. It is not even that Danny Davis has now reached that tenure of an established Congressman where he can avoid sustained questioning from challenging journalists on

    “I’m not involved in any cult activities,” Davis said. In an interview with the Chicago Reader newspaper published last week, Davis said Moon’s organization “put together a little fundraiser one time and gave me a few thousand dollars.”

    By Anonymous Is Karen Nuts, at 3:08 PM, December 17, 2005  

  • DKD has got to be the most favorable, hard-working for-the-people Congressman in Congress. Even with the Moonie stuff, he'll crush his opponent.

    I've got nothing against Moon, to each his own religion but Dan's my man and has my vote!

    By Anonymous A fan of Dan's in Westchester, at 5:48 PM, December 17, 2005  

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