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Proviso Probe

Friday, December 16, 2005

BLOG, Koufax Awards are now open

The Koufax Awards are given by Wampum. The awards are a big deal in blogging circles. Award nominations are now open. Hat tip to Georgia10, of Rockefeller U.

I lobbied the awards committee to add categories recognizing state and local political coverage. It was combined into one category.
Best Coverage of State or Local Issues
This is a new category based on reader suggestions. It is intended to honor blogs with a focus on happenings in a single state or single locality. Which state or local blog provided the best coverage this year? When making nominations please include the state of locality of coverage as well as a link.

I would appreciate it, if a loyal Proviso Probe reader would nominate Proviso Probe for a Koufax Award.


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