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Thursday, December 01, 2005

ED, test scores tell grim story [D209]

I'm gonna skip the nuance and get to the money quote from Forest Park Review (Seth Stern):
The results are especially concerning in the vocabulary portion of the test, where in 2004 Proviso East 12th graders scored at a 3.8 grade level, and in math comprehension, where they scored at a 4.5 level. These scores place Proviso East students at the 2nd and 1st national percentile, respectively.

I'm sick of excuses from the Proviso High Schools leadership, apologists and whiners. Here's a quote from "Tired of Carl too":
Carl, Did you read the Forest Park Review today? How can Proviso High Schools prepare kids to test well when they have children reading, speaking and doing math at 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade levels Carl. The numbers don't lie.

OK. Let's examine Proviso High Schools' all purpose excuse. "The students come unprepared."

Even if the student come in at a low level of performance, we should still expect them to make four years worth of progress, or at least three years of progress in four years.

It's not like the drop-outs are coming back just to screw-up the averages for the standardized tests, right?

Subtract 3 from 3.8 and 4.5. Does it seem remotely possible the students are coming to high school with less than a first grade vocabulary on average? Does it seem remotely possible they are coming to high school with between first and second grade math comprehension skills?

If the students aren't making even two years of progress in their four years at Proviso East, parents and taxpayers don't just have a right to be pissed, they are the negligent if they aren't pissed and screaming for change.

Supporters of the status quo at Proviso High Schools seem to blame everyone else but themselves. Welch and his political allies keep diverting money to non-educational purposes and cronyism while blaming feeeder schools, aka "sender schools", parents and students.

First things first. The school board should do its job professionally. The administrators should do their jobs professionally. When the District 209 leadership gets its act together, maybe they will get some respect when they call for change by others. But if I was a parent getting nagged by the buffoons leading District 209, I'd tell them to get back to me when they get competent at their own jobs.

Even the parents that read at the sixth grade level can figure out that District 209 is led by people that care more about their political power, prestige and pensions than they do about the students they are charged with educating.


  • AMEN! AMEN!, It is incredible that the scores of the 12 graders at Proviso for vocabulary is so low and the math scores as well!At Leastr Welch , Libka,and the racist prinicipal at West , along with Adams , Matlock and Henry can boat to the voters that they made Proviso become 1st in the nation with the lowest test scores in the USA! If Welch, Matlock,Adams, and Henry had any Pride and Honor they should just resign for the disgraceful leadership and lack of expertise and the disaster they have put Proviso 209 into! Shame on Lightfoot , who as head of the Illinois senate committee on Education has not intervined to save the children at 209! Shame on Moore for continuing to rob 209 of avaible funds with his commissions from 209! Shame on any other politican who support Welch and these clowns! Mr. Welch is the most responsible for this catastrophe, but just as responsible should be Adams,Matlock,Henry and Moore! Mr. Welch has in 5 years destroyed the lives of at least 15,000 students who have left Proviso unprepared and when these children don't have jobs or are in jail, they should thank Welch and Moore for the raping of Proviso !!

    By Anonymous " Tired of Welch and Moore", at 3:04 PM, December 01, 2005  

  • Well what is going on at the schools that we the taxpayers pay for!!The only silver lining in this is that with "No Child Left Behind", the state will have to intervine and parents can take there children out of West and East and send them to Central!My , my ,my, what a major political screw up this is for Welch's corrupt crew! Imagine Moore and Welch explaining themselves to the plantation owners, " I'm sorry guys' I did not know this would cause such a problem"! " We can talk to our friends in Springfield and they won't intervine"' you'll see" , right Gene, we can talk to Lightfoot". But the boys won't listen and they will tell Welc hand Moore, "your time is up", we can find some other monkeys who could do the job and not screw it up", " cause of you two creeps, the feds are snooping into are business and the voters want to throw us out"! As the Owners laugh, they turn to Welch and Moore and kick them out into a loud, boisterous crowd of over 2,000 slaves and the Owners yell out to the crowd," We agree with you , these two (Moore ans Welch) are evil and corrupt, go ahead and do whatever you want to do to them, but remeber we , the owners are with you"! The crowd destroys Moore and Welch and the Owners continue profitting and all they had to do was get rid of plantation monkeys for two new ones!

    By Anonymous Shaft, at 3:59 PM, December 01, 2005  

  • Well, Well, Well,

    I get so tired of hearing Welch's bullshit every Tuesday night. The numbers don't lie! Welch with his compulsive lying self can't hide from this. I wonder what will be his platform now. He has destroyed the school sytems and now wants to destroy the state.
    We see you, Welch and guess what we are not voting for you in MARCH! How much money are you stealing from the schools this time to fund your campaign.
    CELL BLOCK WHAT? YOUR INMATE NUMBER IS 000209 WHAT? The communiity has declared WAR with you. I hope you are ready to rumble; it is about to be ONE!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:17 PM, December 01, 2005  

  • Welch is so pathetic, but what is more fascinating is that people who have never been politically aligned are teaming up to kick Welch out of Proviso Township. This has to be a momumental event. You have groups that never liked one another that are putting their differences aside to tackle Welch. No one likes the guy, but a few people that frequent the Tuesday night freak show on 5th avenue. The poeple that he thinks that like him are just using him, because they know that his DuPage Community College law degree means nothing. Welch looked so dumb at Yarbrough's and Davis' educational meeting on Tuesday. Hey, Welch I thought Davis was supporting you? Did your frat brother even say hello to you? I think you have just been played by 99% of the mayors and Davis. I guess your plantation politics don't work? But has it worked for Moore? Not really he needs a new suit and you could use a closet full of new suits, chunky butty. You need to look in the mirror and realize that you are still a balding, chunky older man that happens to be BLACK!

    Also, did you and the Proviso janitors wear coats and gloves on Tuesday? It was really cold to put your fake political junk on residents' cars. I took mines and lined my cat's litter with it. Can I have more because it really fit well in his litter box, especially when you take two and double it. Next time I will use it to pick up the goose dookie that comes out of your mouth every time you speak. Get a Tic-Tac and pass one on to Moore.
    You are so dumb to hand that stuff out. No one in that room is going to vote for you. All you did was just waste paper DUMMY!

    By Blogger Everybody-Really-Hates-Chris, at 6:52 PM, December 01, 2005  

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