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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

GENERAL, Wednesday dump of local news

If you can't laugh at stupidity... you might be a curmudgeon. From the Forest Park Review (Seth Stern):
Early Monday morning at Circle Bowling Lanes, a woman was lying on the floor bleeding after falling through the bowling alley’s roof, while her brother’s leg dangled through a hole in the ceiling.

A Navy saying I still invoke is, Life's tough, tougher if you're stupid.

Broadview Village President Henry Vicenik may have lost his budget, but not his sense of entitlement. Vicenik likes the idea of homerule. So he spent an undetermined amount of village money polling the issue without getting approval of the board first. Trustee Robert Payne objected. See Suburban Life (Debrah Bonn) or Pioneer Press (David Pollard). I'll say it again, before Broadview should consider homerule it needs to replace incompetent personnel with competent and honest personnel.

Riverside/Brookfield Landmark (Bob Uphues) reports Judy Baar Topinka announced her campaign for governor today in Cicero. Klas Restaurant may be a nice ethnic eatery, but going to Cicero to announce seems dissonant with the anti-corruption theme I presume she'll be singing.

Riverside/Brookfield Landmark (Bob Uphues):
Brookfield voters in March may be asked to implement a separate local sales tax of between 0.5 and 1 percent to help the village fund ongoing road improvements.

Starting January 1, 2006 North Riverside bars will close at 3 AM. See Suburban Life (Gina Kenny).

Suburban Life has completed the move to North Riverside. Congrats.


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